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New in Portfolio: Sterrenmeisjes ☆

Sweat was dripping down my back when photographer, friend and web designer of, Bianca Toeps sent me the moodboard for Fashionmilk‘s 5th photoshoot. “I want Purple glitter hair!” she blurted out. “Hell NO!” I thought.

I had just mastered how to do fashionable waves at WE R Agency, I wasn’t ready for Purple, nor glitter! Nonetheless, I couldn’t say no to this amazing opportunity. An opportunity to finally put all my hard work at WE R to good use. An opportunity to for once in my life make Purple glitter hair.

I’m absolutely in love with the outcome and I hope you will love it too…
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Makeup Breakdown: Test Shoot for Curvy Girl Melissa Koole

-I want you all to meet my long lost twin sister- Let me introduce you to new curvy girl in town, Melissa Koole. Once a promising new face in the “normal” model industry, but after having trouble maintaining the fashion sample sizes, Melissa decided to take a break for a while and come back as a curvy goddess. And none other than myself got the opportunity to do Melissa’s hair and makeup for her first photoshoot as a curvy girl..
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Backstage with Andrej Pejic

For the last few days I’ve been feeling like that little dude in the car, on his way home from the dentist. Utterly and totally confused he asks: “Is this the real life?”. Man, I’m not sure what real life is anymore. It all started in the very beginning of October, as I told you guys about before. But never, ever did I see this one coming..

My booker over at Colourfool Agency gave me a call: “Nik, you’re working with Andrej Pejic this Sunday”
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Makeup Breakdown: Alice Vink Test Shoot

↑ Model: Alice Vink @ Max Models
Fifteen year old starting model Alice Vink is a new face at Dutch model management: Max Models. (Check for an exclusive interview with this stunning new face!)

A couple of weeks ago I got contacted to do a stunning test-shoot with Alice, and with non other than dream team: Toeps for photography, Suze Kuit for our styling, and of course yours truly for makeup and hair.
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New in Portfolio/Makeup Breakdown: Fashionmilk 4.0 – New Neons!

One of my yearly highlights in my makeup career are the always wonderful photoshoots. With an amazing team we always try to create the most fun shoots for starting models, who are ready to take over the fashion world.

After the great response to “The Class of 2012” last Fall, we thought it was time for another theme. This Spring we transformed our models into New Neons..
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New in Portfolio: “Pink Punk”

Elsemiek Smilde @ Elite Model Management Amsterdam
I’ve been waiting a very long time to show you this shoot in my New in Portfolio segment.
A shoot that’s very near and dear to my heart as it features a theme called: Punk.
I love the style called punk. Everything about it just so edgy, fashion forward and ah <3

Punk themed photoshoots have been around for ages in the fashion industry.
However, somehow most of them always end up being black & white.

We decided to change things up a bit, and make it… Pink.
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