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Nikkie in the media

…And all of a sudden, you’re Rihanna’s Twitter header!


“I would like to thank my mother, boyfriend, friends, and family. Oh, and let’s not forget MAC’s 231 brush!”. Even though I’ve already spent way too many tweets and an Instagram post on it. I wanted to let you guys know that today, out of nowhere, Rihanna decided to make my lips her Twitter header! Not only that, she also tweeted photos of my lips to promote the new MAC Viva Glam Rihanna 2 set—in-depth review here.

I literally cried. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but she did. And I’m floored. Thank you Rihanna, thank you so much!

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My first magazine special! What an amazing honor to be teaming up with Fashionista Magazine for this mind blowing collaboration. Thank you all so much for always supporting me. You truly mean the world and more to me. I hope you’ll enjoy Make-up by NikkieTutorials just as much as I do!

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I Can Make You a Supermodel!

↑ Makeup & Hair by Nikkie de Jager
Tonight’s the night. The night I’ve been waiting for since October. Tonight the TV show I was head-makeup artist for will start airing here in the Netherlands. And it’s called: I Can Make You a Supermodel!

In I Can Make You a Supermodel, American modeling agent Paul Fisher and his team look for new supermodels here, in the Netherlands! In a nutshell: Every week Paul and his team visit a different town and look for 4-7 girls to transform into high-fashion models. Paul will then try to make one of them an actual working model in high-fashion as well. Now here’s where I come in: I do all of the girls their makeup!

Tonight’s episode is the pilot that was shot back in 2012, so I wasn’t a part of the team yet. Episodes 2 and 3 will have photoshoots without hair and makeup, so you won’t be seeing me there either. But from episode 4 ’till the end, you can see me do makeup on all the girls! – If they don’t cut too much of the makeup sessions out, that is, of course.

It was such an amazing experience, and I can’t wait for you to see all the girls. So please all tune in on RTL5 at 21:30 every Tuesday night! – And yes, I’ll be doing some tutorials on some of the looks I did :)

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De Kamer van Brabant

Last week I got invited to Omroep Brabant‘s own talk show called De Kamer van Brabant. Omroep Brabant is the local TV station/network of the South of Holland. Along with 4 other amazing people from the south of Holland I got interviewed by host Merlijn Passier about my YouTube career and how I got started. I had a lot of fun and if any of my Dutch followers missed it, you can check out the entire episode below!

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Fashionista Magazine’s “Blogazine”

As some of you might know I have a monthly Beauty Tutorial column in Dutch teen magazine Fashionista. Now, that already is super duper amazing, But then Fashionista’s “BLOGazine” happened.

Fashionista Magazine comes out with an extra Summer Special once a year, every year. Last year they dedicated it to the always gorgeous Whitney Port, but this year they went all out and came with “The Bloggers Bible”.

And yours truly got mentioned five(!) times..
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Milka Crispello High-Tea

Na een hectische week lesgeven op B Academy, Amsterdam, Werken voor een TV-Programma waar als ik zeg “Wanna be on Top?” je waarschijnlijk wel begrijpt wat ik bedoel en Chef de Cabine zijn voor de KABK Fashion Show in Den Haag was mijn lichaam even toe aan een verwenmomentje. And what does a girl want when she is in need of a verwenmoment? Juist, Chocolade.

Vorige week nodigde Chocolate-Heaven Milka mij uit voor een “Crispello” high-tea samen met lieve bloggers Annic van ILoveFashionNews, Serena van BeautyLab + haar stagiaires & Larissa van KittehsCupcakes. Dat niet alleen, ook mocht ik de makeup van alle dames doen voor de video die we die dag opnamen.

Vandaag een verslagje van de Milka “Crispello” High Tea + welke make-up look ik de dames gaf..
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