I Can Make You a Supermodel!

↑ Makeup & Hair by Nikkie de Jager
Tonight’s the night. The night I’ve been waiting for since October. Tonight the TV show I was head-makeup artist for will start airing here in the Netherlands. And it’s called: I Can Make You a Supermodel!

In I Can Make You a Supermodel, American modeling agent Paul Fisher and his team look for new supermodels here, in the Netherlands! In a nutshell: Every week Paul and his team visit a different town and look for 4-7 girls to transform into high-fashion models. Paul will then try to make one of them an actual working model in high-fashion as well. Now here’s where I come in: I do all of the girls their makeup!

Tonight’s episode is the pilot that was shot back in 2012, so I wasn’t a part of the team yet. Episodes 2 and 3 will have photoshoots without hair and makeup, so you won’t be seeing me there either. But from episode 4 ’till the end, you can see me do makeup on all the girls! – If they don’t cut too much of the makeup sessions out, that is, of course.

It was such an amazing experience, and I can’t wait for you to see all the girls. So please all tune in on RTL5 at 21:30 every Tuesday night! – And yes, I’ll be doing some tutorials on some of the looks I did :)

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