Review: Lioele Skinfix Powder Pact -Oil-Control Type-

I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about Lioele lately. It’s literally been everywhere on YouTube!
And of course, knowing me, When there’s a lot of buzz around a product, I have to have it.
Lioele’s Skinfix Powder has been one of those buzzing products.

As always let’s start off with the packaging of this cutie:

Lioele’s Skinfix Powder comes in a – in my opinion– quite cheap plastic case.
It’s cute cheap plastic, but still cheap. It feels weak, and I wouldn’t want to drop this.. That would be the end of it.
However, I do love the pink chrome, and it kind of gives me ”Little Girl Makeup” vibes. I like that. It’s cute!

Now one thing that I loved about this packaging is the way Lioele likes to store their powder puffs.
Normally brands just throw the puff in there, and call it a day.
Not with Lioele. They invented this special plastic ”holder” that keeps it locked from the powder itself. Genius!

Let’s talk a little more about the powder itself.
I personally have combination skin, and my T-Zone gets shiny after about 3-4 hours.
That’s why I bought the Oil Control Type of this powder. It comes in two: Moisture Type & Oil Control Type.

I’m also very, very fair (MAC NC 15 – even lighter in Winter). And most foundations and powders are too dark/orange for me.
Knowing this brand is Asian you kind of expect light skin to be Lioele’s forte.
I decided to go for #21 ”Blooming Ivory” which is their lightest shade of this powder.

Now believe it or not, This powder was actually quite yellow and dark-ish on me.
Nothing drastic, but I could definitely tell. I don’t think anyone else around me noticed.

Pigmentation of this powder is light to medium coverage. It just sets your foundation in a soft, pretty way.

Now for the big question you’re all waiting for (let’s just pretend a lot of people are reading this! LOL)
Does it actually control the oil on your face? Answer: Meh…. Sort of, in a way..

As I said my face likes to grease around after like 3-4 hours. With this powder it might have been after 4-5 hours.
So the effect of this powder is nothing drastic.

So, What’s the verdict?
I like this powder. It does what a powder is supposed to do. It mattens down your face and makes you look less shiny.
The packaging is something completely personal. It looks –and feels– quite cheap, so that might turn you off.
Oil control wise, I’m not really sold on that yet either.

This powder might grow on me.. This often happens with me and products I don’t like at first.
But for now I’d say it’s just a cute powder that holds your shine down more for like an hour or so ..

Lioele Skinfix Powder Pact is available at Pretty and Cute and prices range from $20-$30

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28 Responses to Review: Lioele Skinfix Powder Pact -Oil-Control Type-

  1. Laura says:

    Wauw wat een mooie foto’s! Ziet er heel fijn uit, al helemaal door de dekking :) Hebbuuuh!

  2. androgynes says:

    tbh the powder doesn’t seem to be worth the price at all… then i would even consider buying a mac powder

  3. Nina says:

    Can you recommend any powder pact that is great for long hours oil control? I have got extremely oily skin and i can’t find the perfect one :(

    Thanks for the review it’s great ! :)

  4. Marre says:

    That little plastic holder is so genius! Is it better to set the powder with a blush or the puff?

    • Nikkie says:

      The puff will make it go on much more heavy/pigmented.
      It’s all up to you and what you want to achieve! If you want a lot of coverage, use the puff. Want a light dust all over? Use a brush : ) x

  5. Lisa says:

    Leuke blogpost! Van mij mag je dit weet vaker doen hoor! ;)

  6. Linh says:

    Ik benieuwd naar de producten van lioele .. Is pretty and cute een goeie website om te bestellen ? Vooral verzenden naar BE/NL ? Extra taksen betalen ? Of waar heb jij deze poeder gekocht ?

    • Nikkie says:

      Pretty and Cute is een fijne site! Af en toe een beetje onduidelijk maar verzenden naar NL/BE gaat prima. Ik heb ongeveer een weekje op mijn pakketje moeten wachten : ) x

  7. Lies says:

    Wat maak je toch prachtige foto’s Nikkie!
    Ik gebruik liever geen poeder, ik heb zo’n droge huid dat dat er eigenlijk nooit mooi uit ziet.


  8. jana says:

    More reviews, please!
    I read all of your blog entries and really enjoy it! <3

  9. shirt_off says:

    More reviews, please! I read all of your blog entries and realy enjoy it!

  10. Jacky says:

    Een comment opdat je door gaat met je reviews! Want ik lees ze graag :) Ook al lurk ik als een master ;)

  11. Elize says:

    Please do more reviews, you’re not only funny in video’s, even you’re blogposts are funny! For a powder which is not even great, the price is way too high, in my opinion.

    Thanks for the great post Nikkie!


  12. sara says:

    Nice review, i think i would bit tuis poeder If it isn’t too expensive..

  13. Chi says:

    Thanks for the honest opinion!!

  14. mersoo says:

    Oh, in korean is just abOut 10$ @.@
    Even in my country, vietnam, it’s about 15$ or so
    It cost sooôo much in us
    Maybe you should try maybelline dream matte powder, they are the same thing, in us just about 5-7$
    And i think the maybelline one control oil a little better

  15. Janice says:

    I’ve been using this powder pact for a few months now, I gotta agree that it doesn’t blow me away. Does it’s job as a powder, super cute but not sturdy packaging (the closure got so much looser! But the packaging won’t open until I press it). Prefer applying it with a brush, the sponge is really thin and makes my skin looks a bit cakey. I may repurchase it because of the price (about 20 USD in my country) as its really hard to find good quality and cheap cosmetics. :|

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  19. maria says:

    i love how u just changed ur opinion about this haha, love the cinderella princess packaging!!

  20. Danii says:

    I KNEW I LIKED YOU NIKKI! We’re both super fair (while I haven’t been matched by MAC, I know most foundation is too dark even if its the lighter shade!), have combination skin and fall for the cutesy packaging of Asian products.XD I’m personally using NYX’s Stay Matte powder in the lightest shade, SM01 Ivory, which is actually matches nicely, along with SKIN79 Hot Pink BB. The powder isn’t amazing at oil control but I atleast don’t see oil for maybe an hour or two after I’ve finished my makeup and left the house. And SKIN79 BB, a Korean company, matches perfectly.

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