Ask Around: Are You Brave Enough to Wear Extreme Makeup Outside?

Check out the tutorial for this look here.

Any viewer of my YouTube channel sees in just seconds that extreme makeup looks are something I can’t get enough of doing. From a Colorful Skull to a Glowing Princess, Lady Gaga Look. When it comes to my videos, I rather challenge myself by experimenting with bold colors, unique textures and unusual color combinations, than go for the usual pretty shimmery taupe shade.

But do I have the balls to wear it outside the house?

It’s simple. I do. Usually recording, editing and finishing up one complete video takes up an entire day. You wake up with it and you go to bed with it, I always say. But on some days when I actually do have time to go out, I go out in full extreme makeup glory. And loving it.

Now, this doesn’t mean my everyday-face is extreme, colorful and crazy. In fact, on a day-to-day basis I either don’t wear any makeup at all, or I go for my soft daytime smokey eyes.

How about you? Are you brave enough to wear bold makeup looks outside the house? What is the boldest you would go? Where is the limit? Share in the comments below!

❥ Nikkie

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34 Responses to Ask Around: Are You Brave Enough to Wear Extreme Makeup Outside?

  1. Balls are weak. You don’t need ’em. ;)

    And yes, I wear bright colours often. I’ve worn blue and black lip out regularly. I’ve no issues.

  2. Charlie says:

    I do, I love wearing bold looks and experimenting, it’s just so much fun. But just like you on a day to day basis I tend to wear more subtle looks or nothing at all. But, if I get the time I like to go full out.

  3. Alice says:

    Absolutely! Sporting a bold eye or lip is so fun!

  4. Ziggy Lo says:

    I guess it depends on where you go and what kind of people you’re around. I’m in law school and around academics all the time, so very bold makeup is ‘distracting’…but, if I go out at night, I have no qualms with painting my entire face. Generally, most people could get away with wearing bold bright lips any time of the day, but will probably need to tone down everything else on the face to make the look ‘wearable’. I’m into bold lips – anything purple or orange, with cat liner and thick brows.

  5. Lisette says:

    It’s not a matter of being brave or not. Bold looks are just not my style. Also, I work in business environment, so that type of make-up would be frowned upon and would make me not be taken seriously. I love it on others, but it’s just not for me.

  6. nenacecilia says:

    Absoluut! Al doe ik het niet zo vaak. Maar ik heb nu het palet van Urban Decay Electric gekocht en ik ben al een paar keer in die kleuren naar buiten gegaan. Tuurlijk!

  7. @AngiGer says:

    Indeed, sometimes doing my makeup in the morning I’m thinking “Yeah, people gonna stare”! But I’m okay with that) I can’t live without art on a daily basis and wearing a colorful “mask” is a part of it. It’s ArtPop baby! )

  8. Corinne says:

    Tsja, het ligt er wel aan. In de lente/zomer ben ik sneller geneigd fellere kleurtjes te kiezen. In de herfst/winter is het dan vaker een beetje smokey of neutraler. En het ligt er ook aan wat ik die dag moet doen op mijn werk. Heb ik meetings buiten de deur met mensen die ik nog niet ken, dan houd ik het vaker iets rustiger. Maar ik houd van allebei even veel. Ik vind de afwisseling juist zo leuk. En voor feestjes/verjaardagen/stappen enzovoorts pak ik helemaal uit :)

  9. Sometimes I like to experiment a bit with make-up and pretty much put every bold color on that I can find. Rainbow glory. I also wear colored/circle lenses sometimes, so there are plenty of times when I don’t go out “natural”.

  10. Liselot says:

    Hell yes! I actually love a bold look from time to time, although I’m not the best in making them. Practice makes perfect, right? So I just keep trying and even when it’s not exactly what I was going for, I am still rocking it, even outside.

  11. Georgia says:

    I try to wear the bold looks I create that I post on my Instagram, sometimes I get a little too scared if I’m just going to the shops, but I push myself to because I’m proud of how it looks. The craziest look I’ve worn recently outside of the house is a dark purple smokey eye with a neon purple pigment under my lower lash line and I got a few compliments which made me feel more comfortable!
    I absolutely love all the looks you create and feel so much more inspired to try more ‘daring’ looks than ‘pretty, girly’ looks if that makes sense.

    :) xox

  12. I do it all of the time! I frequent bold lips, liner, and definitely the eyes! For me it’s never as dramatic as the normal people see it, because it’s common face for me ;)

  13. Blushdaisies says:

    I absolutely go out in extreme makeup! I love experimenting with different looks and being creative every single day! I am a makeup artist as well, and my face is my walking, talking billboard. So having a “crazy” or different makeup look gets people talking to me, and it’s the perfect way to network. No shame in a little self promotion. It’s important not to take ourselves too seriously and always have fun :)

  14. Kim says:

    I absolutely love wearing bold makeup out! I go to school in blue eyebrows, black lips, super contour and all. I get looks all the time but I love the reaction. And attention, I’ll admit it. I’m only 14, so I think it’s fun and I may as well have fun while I can.

  15. Irene Figueroa says:

    Out of all of my friends I am the one that wears the boldest looks. I LOVE COLOR! I HATE neutral looks. I love to look on You Tube for new looks to try out and new makeup artists to follow. I started following you around 5 years ago and it’s been so awesome to learn from you and watch you grow. I think you are beautiful and funny. Thank You for teaching me and helping me realize that I am pretty in my own way

  16. Marny says:

    I just wear bright lips. Green, lilac, red, blue.. doesnt matter to me, I like it.

  17. Sarah says:

    Hmmm ik vind het wel leuk om felle lipstick te dragen, maar daar houdt het dan wel op haha. Maar ik oefen thuis ook bijna nooit met felle looks, dat is gewoon omdat ik er niet zo goed in ben en omdat ik neutraal wat leuker vind.

  18. Nicol Dobric says:

    I love bold looks :) i wear black, blue or green lipstick in the middle of the day without any problem :) white or bright blue eyeliner, colorfull lashes, neon colours…i love it all :)

  19. Iris says:

    It depends on how I feel that day. Mostly my dramatic looks are for hanging out, but like I said, it depends on my mood. Love you,Nikkie!

  20. Joëlle says:

    Nope. The brightest I’ve worn was a metallic blue line underneath my eye. Just not my thing. I dó love bright colors in the clothes I wear. Guess the combination isn’t really my thing. Just soft on the face, BOOM in ya face on my body.

  21. Kamila says:

    I wear bold makeup sometimes. Not necessarily colourful, since 99% of my wardrobe is black but my hair henna red, and not all colours go well with that (and with my pale ass freckled skin). But I think the boldest I went (excluding bellydace stage makeup, lol) was with a heavy dark smokey eye and a black lip, all paired up with a lace steel-bone underbust corset. I got some looks, but hey, who cares? :D besides normal life, in stage makeup you pretty much always look like a drag queen, so there you go ;)

  22. Ketie says:

    I’v been watching you for a while and you’re a true babe! With a really talent and creative edge to make up. You also not afraid to kick it up a notch with a comment or two and you keep it real.
    Extrem makeup look? I think that depends on what do you consider “extreme when it come to your own face… I can go for an extreme smokey eye with a twist here and there, bold eyeliner shape or a bold lip color. But for some reason the colors will always stay in the brown, black and berry colors as well as navy blues but never bright colors like greens or any neons.. for some reason I just can get it to work on my face…
    Hey here is a thought.. every time I look at your posts and videos your make up is lovely but also the hair.. you should do more hair demos too because it looks great and you seems to have the touch for this too.

    xoxo from California,

  23. Cynthiiaa says:

    Hell yeah! Ik draag ook gewoon heftige combo’s naar buiten toe. Zet zoals jij het zegt, je staat ermee op en gaat er mee slapen. :) Sowieso krijg ik last van mijn huid als ik mij meerdere keren op een dag opmaak. Daarnaast ben ik het wel gewend om ermee rond te lopen, alhoewel ik wel de special effect mkeup verwijder. ;’)

  24. YES! I love to experiment with makeup on a day to day basis. Even though I usually pick one feature to emphasize and keep the rest neutral

  25. Beau says:

    Ja, ik hou er echt van om felle lipstick te dragen! Over de kleur rood ben ik alleen nog niet zo zeker.

  26. Sealsex says:

    Well, I guess it depends on what one would consider “Extreme makeup”.
    I don’t really do bright neon colors, glitter or crazy-coloured liners. It’s just not my cup of tea.
    I’m more for the quite graphic, contrast-heavy makeup.

    I’m extremely pale (think NC15= ompa-lompa orange) With black hair, and I tend to go for a gray-ish contour, stark wihte hightlight and crisp, bold eyebrows.
    To that i usually wear either a really neutral, cool-toned, soft smokey-eye with a dark lip (Nightmoth+Rebel lipstick from mac), or something like a really bold, deep dark teal and camel-coloured eye with a pale nude lip.

    I don’t know if I would call the makeup “extreme” per se, but either way, it usually ends up looking somewhat extreme due to the rest of my appearance. :P

  27. Loving that blue & red look – wish mine turned out that lush! I’m on the fence about bright makeup outside.. I’ll definitely be rocking some wacky eyeliner but I rarely go for full on, all over face wacky. On a night out I go all out on the colour though! xx

  28. Cassie says:

    I used to be afraid to wear bolder looks outside of the house, but now I really don’t care what people think. I like going out shopping and having bright blue lipstick on. I like wearing bright eyeshadow, too! Nobody should be afraid to wear what they want.

  29. Julie says:

    The boldest look I wear outside is a brown winged eyeliner, not so bold hahaha.

  30. Veerle says:

    If I wear darker/bolder colours, it’s always one or the other, bold eye make up and nude lips, or a strong lip colour and natural eyes. I know that are kind off the make up rules and i’m not very daring with that, but it’s just what I feel most comfortable with, though I never were heavy make up to school or work, :P

    I Love your channel and blog Nikkie, keep up the great work! xo

  31. Alice says:

    Hey Nikkie!!
    I love your extreme makeup looks!!! I think they’re real show stoppers for theme parties and i would totally rock them! I sing in a band so when i’m on stage I take the opportunity to do some more extreme makeup! And your pinup look I want to try to reproduce, it is similar to some every day liner I wear!!! I love bright colors and since i wear glasses I want to make my eyes pop with more color!

  32. Danielle says:

    For me im training as a makeup artist so im always playing around with new looks, but I must say I usally shy away from going out with my bright makeup as I suffer from really bad allergies so after being outside for like 20 minutes, (mostly in the summer) my face is one big mess with makeup running down it, making it very hard to go out and show off my different makeup looks:(

  33. I wear quite a lot of strong lips and so on out in public but I’m a bit…. shy (?) when it come´s to shadows even though I’m definitly more brave in that department than most of my friends are. I’m not too keen on bright colours though, but I´m working on it.

  34. Cee says:

    Yes, I wear bright colored and bold makeup when I feek like n normal makeuo on other days.

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