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Ask Around: What’s Your Favorite Weekend Look?

Check out the tutorials for these looks here, here and here.

As I was dabbing some Urban Decay Naked 3 — Trick onto my lids, I was wondering: What were you wearing this weekend? Better yet, what is your most favorite look to wear on the weekends?

Me? I’m all about that soft smokey eyes with a dash of shimmer on the lids and nude lips craze. Or a good winged liner! — that usually gives me good weekend vibes… if I’m actually wearing makeup, that is. Yup, that’s right! On weekends, I’m like: Nope. Not happening — Bye makeup, Hello fresh face!

How about you? What’s your favorite weekend look? Do you go all out and choose smokey and intense, or is a soft winged eyeliner more your thing? Share in the comments below!

❥ Nikkie

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Ask Around: Are You Team Pencil, Liquid or Gel?

Check out the tutorial for this look here.

I want to know what team you are on when it comes to eyeliner! Some like to create their feline flicks using a liquid, others go for gel. And then there’s that group that ditches the word “wing” in its entirety and go for that smudged in pencil-y look (no worries, I get you!).

I love using eyeliners. To me they all fit different purposes: Pencils work great as a base and for sketching out a daring cut crease. Liquids can really give you that perfect winged line and with gels the possibilities are simply endless. No really, you can use it for so many things.

But which team are you on, girl? I think when it comes down to it, I’m #TeamLiquid.

Buuut, that doesn’t mean I don’t love using my pencils and gels though. In fact, here are my top five favorite liners right now…

  1. Catrice Liquid Liner “Dating Joe Black” (liquid) — One of the deepest black liners you’ll ever run into. Heavenly matte and has an awesome staying power, too. Best thing about it is, is that’s super duper affordable!
  2. Sigma Gel Eye Liner “Wicked” (gel) — Sigma only recently came out with this gem. But let me tell you, it truly is, like the name implies, wicked. Intensely pigmented and very easy to use! Plus, they come in a bunch of other fun colors too!
  3. Essence Long-Lasting Eye Pencil “Black Fever” (pencil) — For the price, these are dominating my pencil eyeliner world. Their color payoff and staying power are something rarely seen for long-lasting pencils at their price point!
  4. Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kôhl Liner “Raven” (pencil) — I see this as Essence’s Long-Lasting Pencil’s older, more experienced brother. It is more intense and smooth than the Essence one, and I lope the always sharp concept. But because this has a heftier retail price, it lands just a spot below Essence’s Black Fever.
  5. Illamasqua Precision Ink “Abyss” (liquid) — Before Catrice’s Dating Joe Black came in my life, this was my liquid liner staple for months! It stays on like a champ and has a pretty glossy finish to it.
How about you? Are you #TeamPencil, #TeamLiquid or #TeamGel? What are your favorite eyeliners to use?  Share in the comments below!

❥ Nikkie

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Ask Around: When It Comes to Lips… Nude or Color?

Check out the tutorial for this look here.

When it comes to lipstick, the possibilities are endless. Nowadays there are so many shades, textures and finishes on the market, there’s a perfect match for everybody! But often I get asked:

When it comes to lips, are you going for nude or color?

Although I may love busting out the craziest, brightest colors for my videos. On a daily basis I’m a nude at heart. A MAC Lipstick in “Hue” at heart to be exact. No really, in my opinion that’s the most flattering nude for almost all skin tones!

What also contributes to my love for nude lips, is that my natural lip color is very, very pigmented. It’s like I’m wearing a softly blotted, red lipstick day in, day out. So whenever I get the option to go for a lighter feel, I’m more than happy to see my mouth dressed in nude for a bit.

How about you? Are you a nude or colored lip lover? What is your favorite nude lipstick? And what is your favorite colored lipstick? Share in the comments below!

❥ Nikkie

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Ask Around: Are You Brave Enough to Wear Extreme Makeup Outside?

Check out the tutorial for this look here.

Any viewer of my YouTube channel sees in just seconds that extreme makeup looks are something I can’t get enough of doing. From a Colorful Skull to a Glowing Princess, Lady Gaga Look. When it comes to my videos, I rather challenge myself by experimenting with bold colors, unique textures and unusual color combinations, than go for the usual pretty shimmery taupe shade.

But do I have the balls to wear it outside the house?

It’s simple. I do. Usually recording, editing and finishing up one complete video takes up an entire day. You wake up with it and you go to bed with it, I always say. But on some days when I actually do have time to go out, I go out in full extreme makeup glory. And loving it.

Now, this doesn’t mean my everyday-face is extreme, colorful and crazy. In fact, on a day-to-day basis I either don’t wear any makeup at all, or I go for my soft daytime smokey eyes.

How about you? Are you brave enough to wear bold makeup looks outside the house? What is the boldest you would go? Where is the limit? Share in the comments below!

❥ Nikkie

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