Chanel “Harmonie du Soir” Quadra Eyeshadow – Review & Swatches

A couple of days ago I already showed you my new obsession: Chanel’s limited edition “Malice” nail polish. A smoldering sexy dark burgundy with ruby red shimmer.

But when I bought “Malice” I just couldn’t pass on Chanel’s new eyeshadow quad called “Harmonie du Soir”. A beautiful palette filled with the perfect shades for Fall and Winter.

I love the color combination Chanel went for with this quad. However why, Chanel, was there not one matte shade in this? This quad would’ve been perfection with it!

The colors in this quad are beautiful and compliment one another beautifully.
I do feel like pigmentation with the gold and especially light pink are not 100% there.
When swatched with fingers you’re like: “WOW! This is going to be amazing!”
But once applied to the eyes with a brush all I could think was: “Muhhhehhheeeeh :(“

I think if you put a more sticky base underneath (think: NYX Jumbo Pencil “Milk”)
the gold and light pink will really pop. But come on, we’re talking Chanel here!
You shouldn’t have to get another product to make it work.

Here’s a little look I created with this palette:

I definitely like the outcome, but I missed a matte shade in this.

For this look I also used another product from the Holiday collection: Chanel’s Long Lasting Eyeliner in “Grenat”($30,00 USD) – A beautiful deep burgundy/red that really stays on for hours. I swatched it on my hand at the Chanel counter and the morning after it was still on!

So, What’s the verdict?
I’m kinda torn up between loving and really disliking this. I love the color combination, the shimmery texture of these shadows and the wealthy feel this quad has.

I just wish Chanel added a matte shade to this. I also feel like the light pink could be much more pigmented. As I said: I don’t feel like with a brand as Chanel you need something to make colors pop. This quad retails for $65,00 USD – So I feel like everything should be A+

Chanel is available at Nordstrom, and Dutch Department Stores.

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9 Responses to Chanel “Harmonie du Soir” Quadra Eyeshadow – Review & Swatches

  1. I love the colour of the eye pencil :) Gorgeous! The palette wouldnt be my favourite, I only love the third colour, but that one is really pretty! :) Thanks for the review, it was useful! :)

  2. Van says:

    Like you said, we’re talking Chanel here. Thats how I feel too. But still I’d buy it. I guess thats just what I’m going to do this week. Very nice look you created! Love the burgundy color!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    Like the review:)

  4. Nina says:

    Zo mooi maar ook zo duur :( goed review!

  5. sara says:

    OMG so pretty! I think it’s a shame you don’t have that much comments and stuff on your blog, you have a nice writestyle or however you say that :)

  6. marissa says:

    Love the burgundy eyeshadow and the eyeliner. There is a cute limited edition liquid eyeliner version of this colour from Kate cosmetics, the cheaper, younger line of the Japanese cosmetics brand Kanebo. That eyeliner also lasts for ages xx

  7. Margherita says:

    I’d so like to get that palette, but I already have one by Chanel and the pigmentation you get from the shadows is not worth the money. I feel like I’ll try to get a decent dupe for that :) btw, that look is wonderful

  8. Ida Persson says:

    Guerlain 2012 Holiday collection looks like it has a similar palette but with some matte shades. If I could I would buy it right this second but I live in sweden so I’m sort of doomed.

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