FEOTM: Makeup Studio Super Frost ‘Bright Bronze’

In Favorite Eyeshadow of the Moment I will show you eyeshadows I’m currently obsessed with.
Today I am going to show you Makeup Studio’s Super Frost eyeshadow in ‘Bright Bronze’

It all started last Saturday..

Bright Bronze is a beautiful color to make any look, look glamorous, rich and shiny.
The super frost particles in this shadow make it look super shiny, once applied to the eyes.

Last Saturday when I was in Backstage, Annechien (the store manager) was wearing a beautiful combo with
this ‘Bright Bronze’ eyeshadow on the lid, some Dark Brown on the outer V and Huge Bambie Lashes.

It looked absolutely stunning on her! After staring at it for hours I couldn’t take it any longer.
”ANNECHIEN, WHAT IS ON YOUR EYES?!” – And that is when I discovered this jewel.

Bright Bronze isn’t really one of those ”BAM!” colors on photo’s. But once you’re wearing it,
I promise, you keep looking at it in the mirror. It looks so glamorous!
I can really appreciate colors like thise. ”Mehh” in the pot. ”WAUW” on the eyes.

My mom loves this shadow so much aswell. So I decided to do a look on her with this eyeshadow on her lids.
Mom looked absolutely gorgeous. I swear to God, this shadow makes any look glam-our-us.

What I used: ‘Bright Bronze’ on her lids, blended up into the crease.
Some M.A.C Cork and Embark eyeshadow in the Outer V and lower lashline.
Makeup Studio ‘Ivory Gold’ Lumiere Eyeshadow as a higlighter and 2 coats of mascara!

(Look at her being all glammed up ^.^)
Bright Bronze – Super Frost Eyeshadow is available at my mom’s webshop.
The eyeshadow retails for €8,90 in a refill form.

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