Pre-Review: Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Serum

In my recently uploaded November Hits & Oh God NO’s I briefly talked about the Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Serum. This wonder serum promises to make short, straight and horrible lashes a long, fluttery Bambi dream in just 12 weeks. As someone with the most atrocious lashes ever, after hearing of this magic serum’s existence, I knew I had to try it!

Revitalash says any visible changes won’t be seen until 4-5 weeks of using the product, but after 3,5 weeks of usage I wanted to share my experiences so far…

As said before, Revitalash promises to transform short lashes into a long and luscious dream after 12 weeks of using the wonder serum. I started using the serum about 3,5 weeks ago now and I’d like to share some experiences.

Revitalash’s PR was kind enough to send me a 1.0 ml sample size of their magic serum, but the smallest available serum comes in a 2.0 ml tube (€74,95). Revitalash advices to use the serum once per day. If you follow this advice, a tube of 2.0 ml could last you up to 3 months. Once the 12 weeks are over, you have to “maintain” your lashes by applying the serum every other day. If you stop using the serum entirely after 12 weeks they’ll go back to their short, sad self. I use the serum on my top lashes only, so perhaps it’ll last a little longer.

The applicator is a small, thin classic liquid eyeliner applicator. It’s actually quite nice and easy to work with. I apply the serum directly onto the roots of my lashes and a little bit above that as well. I like to apply the serum every night, right before bed time. Applying the serum takes about a minute and dries in about a minute or 2.

As I said, Revitalash says you’ll see visible results within 4-5 weeks of usage, so I don’t have any “after” pictures yet, but here are my horrible, short lashes before using the serum:

Yeah, I told you: Short and horrible…
Okay, here for my experiences so far: I’m really liking using this serum so far. It’s quick, easy and believe it or not… this stuff actually works. Last Sunday I had my end-shoot for WE R Agency and wore nothing but mascara. First thing people said when I walked in was: “Holy shit. Your lashes really are longer!!”. All this time I thought I’d been suffering from a placebo-effect. But apparently other people could tell as well!

So, yes after 3,5 weeks of using, you can see some difference already. What I noticed as well is that after 2 weeks of usage my lashes became “stronger”. They held curl from a lash curler much easier and noticed them actually staying curled for the rest of the day -and not drop after a couple of hours-.

I’ll happily continue using this wonder serum and as always, I’ll keep you in the loop!

Revitalash Holland is searching for Dutch Beauty Bloggers and Makeup Artists to try their serum. Want a chance of trying out this product? You can sign up on and follow Revitalash on there. Revitalash will make a selection out of  their followers on there. Hurry up though, this chance ends on the 31st of December!

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12 Responses to Pre-Review: Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Serum

  1. Eigenlijk heb ik alleen nog maar waanzinnig goede resultaten gezien door gebruik van Revitalash. Ik vind het alleen jammer dat je het continu bij moet houden want het is niet echt een goedkoop product!

  2. Ik lees altijd zulke goede resultaten over dit serum! Toch kan ik het op de een of andere manier niet zomaar aannemen zonder zelf te proberen. Ben super benieuwd! Misschien toch eens proberen :).

  3. Eline says:

    bedankt voor de tip ik heb me even aangemeld bij de website!

  4. martina says:

    bij mijn werkte dit super!

  5. Daniela says:

    Ive used this before and hoped it would help but my lashes didnt grow any longer. Unfortuantely I couldnt see a difference. Maybe I had it in my head that my lashes were too short eventhough they werent :D

  6. Dionne says:

    Wat een handige tip!

  7. Danique says:

    Ik verkoop dit serum. Ik gebruik het zelf ook en ben helemaal razend erover. Kan nooit meer zonder!

  8. Anita H. says:

    Zo duur is het eigenlijk helemaal niet. Het spul is zeer zuinig in gebruik. Ik kan het aanraden!

  9. Marcelina says:

    Het is niet echt wonderspul, omdat er volgens mij verdund glaucoommedicijn in zit (vandaar dat het ook op de verpakking staat). De meeste glaucoommedicijnen zijn drukverlagend en hebben als bijwerking haargroei en verkleuring. Ze worden toegediend als druppels in het oog, mijn moeder heeft glaucoom en heeft nu langere wimpers, maar ze heeft ook ineens haar in de ooghoek etc.

    Ik kan me herinneren dat het trouwens wel in minimale hoeveelheden was, dus het zou verder niks voor een gezond oog moeten doen.

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  11. Lorena says:

    Can you please do an update on this product?! I’ve been wanting to get it but still unsure of how well it really works

    Thankyou so much ♡

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