REVIEW: L’Oréal Paris Glam Highlights


Time and time again, I caught myself thinking: “How awesome would it be, if I could highlight my hair at home. No hair-nightmares attached. Simply stroking some heavenly bleach through these locks, and call it a fabulous day”.

I was over the moon when I saw L’Oréal Paris finally came with the solution! The Préférence Glam Highlights are here to make your hair Hollywood ready in just a couple of easy steps! Highlights for dummies! Let’s take a closer look, shall we?…


First, I want to take this moment to appreciate mama-to-be, Blake Lively’s stunning visuals for this campaign. Uhm, hello perfect hair and makeup!

LorealHighlights01 hop

I’m using the L’Oréal Paris Préférence Glam Highlights (€16,99 EUR) in N°2 today. The perfect match for blondes. There’s also a perfect match for brunettes, the N°4. Not gonna lie, I was a little bit worried N°2 wouldn’t be strong enough for my light blonde hair, but it worked beautifully. You’ll see in a bit, don’t worry!

In the kit you’ll find…


Left: Lightening Cream. This helps giving the hair a beautiful, healthy reflection. Middle: This pot is going to be your cauldron. All magic potions go in here. Right: Some good ol’ bleach!


This is your applicator. It has been divided into three sections. It’s designed especially for giving the hair that flawless highlighted finish. It has longer bristles on the sides, for irregular, naturally mixed highlights. And shorter bristles on the middle to guarantee smooth distribution of product. The brush is very easy to work with, and sits nicely in your hand. I really liked working with it!


You’ll also find some Préférence shampoo to re-charge the hair after highlighting it. This also locks in the highlights, giving them a radiant finish.


Of course, there also is a manual. Hallelujah, haha, where would we be without a manual, right! I recommend reading this entirely before starting your highlighting process, in order to prevent any errors.


And last but not least, gloves! I strongly suggest using gloves as your skin may be sensitive to the bleach. Unfortunately the gloves L’Oréal provided were way too small for my Godzilla hands, so I opted for the gloves I have in my professional kit.

Time for the golden hour! I read the manual carefully before starting, and followed the steps. I mixed my magic potion and started coloring…

LorealHighlights11 LorealHighlights12

Applying the mixture with the applicator is easy-peasy. Here are some tips to remember:

    Always hold the applicator vertical.

  • Make sure the applicator has an even amount of product on all three sides before brushing through the hair.

  • For every new lock of hair you want to highlight, re-apply the product to the applicator.

  • For a natural effect, start about 1 to 3 cm away from your roots and brush the applicator through softly at the top of your head. The closer to the ends, the more pressure you use. This makes for perfect highlighting application.

As I said before, I was afraid N°2 wouldn’t make much of a difference on my light blonde hair, but it absolutely did. After leaving it in for about 60 minutes (L’Oréal recommends 25-45) I was left with beautifully, soft, highlighted hair. I just left it in a little longer to make sure it would work on my light blonde hair…



I think the new L’Oréal Paris Préférence Glam Highlights are absolutely fantastic. Blake Lively screams perfection in the visuals, which already makes you want to play with this kit. I found mixing the products was super easy and quick to do. Application wise, the brush really helped distributing the product evenly. It really made the whole process that bit more fun and easy. I wish for the future L’Oreal will come out with more colors, especially geared for us super-light-blondes.


Have you ever had highlights in your hair? Would you try the new Glam Highlights? Tell me down in the comments!

❥ Nikkie

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