Get To Know Me ⋆ The Secret Diary of a YouTuber TAG!

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Always wanted to know at what point I think I will stop YouTube? Who my YouTube crush is? And, what my secret to a successful YouTube channel is? Today, I’m answering all the burning questions from The Secret Diary of a YouTuber TAG! Hope you enjoy!

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1. How long have you been on YouTube?
2. At what point do you think you will stop?
3. The best thing?
4. The worst thing?
5. How many thumbnail options do you usually take?
6. YouTuber crush?
7. Who’s on your collab wish list?
8. What are you wearing on your bottom half?
9. How long until you actually click “record”?
10. How do you feel about the YouTube community/culture?
11. What’s your secret to a successful channel?
12. Who do you tag?

» Desi Perkins
» Chrisspy
» Shaaanxo
» Emma Pickles
» Claire Marshall
» MannyMua

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