Review & Swatches: Illamasqua Glamore Lipsticks ∙ Luster & Glissade

“True glamour never dies. It evolves”. That’s the key inspiration Illamasqua focused on for their new Glamore collection. A collection that takes ordinary glamour, to the next level by taking chances. Illamasqua is not simply releasing standard, true Reds and soft dusty Pinks, but an in your face neon-like Pink and a smokey, intense Berry. With Luster and Glissade this Spring is in for a glamorous treat…

IllamasquaLip04 IllamasquaLip02
As always the Illamasqua lipsticks come in a sleek, square-shaped, shiny Black case. It’s very classic, yet still edgy and new. I love Illamasqua’s packaging, and I love that it’s different from the masses.

IllamasquaLip05 IllamasquaLip03 IllamasquaLip07 IllamasquaLip08
Let’s start off with my favorite of the two, Luster: A super, vivid cool-toned Pink that almost has a Purple-y feel to it. It’s bright, in your face and awesome. Can’t help but say it reminds me of Chanel’s Diva a lot. I’d say Diva is a little less Purple and more matte. Luster definitely has a creamier finish with more shine.

Luster is richly pigmented and applies like butter. It has a nice shine and feels comfortable on the lips. I wouldn’t say it’s very hydrating, but it isn’t drying either. I can get about 3-4 hours of wear out of this, when blotted and re-applied. I like that as this wears off, you’re left with a fun, hot Pink stain. Gah, Luster is amazing, very edgy and totally on trend.

IllamasquaLip06 IllamasquaLip09
This right here is Glissade: An intense, bright Berry color. Oh how I wish I could’ve used this for my Disney’s Frozen Elsa Tutorial! It’s so sophisticated, and fun, without blowing up in other people’s faces.

Glissade is no exception when it comes to pigmentation and appliance. These lipsticks glide on a like a dream. Formula-wise it’s very similar to Luster as it’s not really hydrating the lips, but not drying either. If you blot and re-apply this lipstick I think you can get about 3-4 hours of wear out of it. Glissade is very nice!

So, What’s the verdict?
These lippies are fantabulous. They’re super pigmented, very easy to use and sure to make some heads turn with an edgy color like Luster. Illamasqua always has a way of surprising me with new colors, finishes and formulas. I’m super excited for Glamore to launch!


Illamasqua Glamore will launch February 27th 2014 and will be available at – The lipsticks retail for $26.77/€19,68.

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21 Responses to Review & Swatches: Illamasqua Glamore Lipsticks ∙ Luster & Glissade

  1. Eline says:

    I love Glissade, amazing color!!

  2. Sheling says:

    Wauw zien er mooi uit! :D Glissade is echt prachtig!! Zowiezo mooi hoe jij je lippen stift :) Zo clean!

  3. Myrna says:

    Wow ze zijn allebei prachtig!

    • Tamilanmadu says:

      Absolutely stunning! The whole new coelictlon is gorgeous! I’m totally in love with that lipstick, and the Rimmel lip pencil is SUCH a perfect match! I’m even more tempted to pick up the Throb coelictlon now.Thank you for sharing! :)Love Britt xxx

  4. Marissa says:

    Ik vind beiden heel mooi, maar die laatste is echt prachtig! Ik vind het echt een kleur die bijna nooit ziet.

  5. Lucinda says:

    The colour of both is amazing. I really like both, and the price is not that bad either.

  6. MAYA says:


  7. Bertine says:

    wow geweldige kleuren, vooral die licht roze<3

  8. Daniela says:

    Those lip colors are to die for! gorgeous! I love the pink one!‎

  9. Maaike says:

    Wauw wat een prachtige kleuren!

  10. Linda says:

    OMG the colors! Love them! Think i love Luster the most! :D

  11. Joni says:

    Glissade vind ik echt prachtig!

  12. Dana says:

    Ze zijn echt geweldig en vooral de laatste! *hearteyes*

  13. A Boswell says:

    I love Illamasqua!! These lipsticks look so amazing!!

  14. Sara says:

    Ik zag ze ook al voorbij komen bij Vera (Vera Camilla) en ik vind ze onwijs mooi. Helaas is de licht roze niet helemaal mijn ding, maar ik vind de pigmentatie onwijs mooi. Glissade daarentegen. Woah. Wat een prachtkleur. Ik zou hem graag zelf kopen, maar hij is mij iets te duur. Oh well. Ik zou ze graag eens op mijn lippen hebben, maar dan als ze in de sale zijn haha :)

    Fijne avond allemaal!

    Liefs, Sara.

  15. Silke says:

    Amazing colours & as always, your lipswatches are spot on!

  16. oh waaaauw beide zijn Prachtiggg

  17. Tanja says:

    I love Glissade, it’s so beautiful and as you said sophisticated. Your lips look perfect in these post, you do lips amazing and I love the video you made on doing them just like that :)

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