Nominated for a Holland Beauty Award 2013!

*needs a minute to breath*
The Holland Beauty Awards always have been a huge event here in The Netherlands.
All kinds of fan-freakin-tastic products get nominated but in the end, only the ultimate jewels win the prize of being a “Holland Beauty Award“.

This year the Holland Beauty Awards decided to add a new category:
“Best Beautyblogger of the Year

..And in complete and utter shock, I’m here to tell you that I have been nominated(!!)

Words can not describe how much this means to me. I’m speechless.

Of course it would mean the world (and more) to me if you’d vote for me.
It’s easy: You start off by casting your vote for different beauty categories.
Think: Hair, makeup, perfume and all other kinds of beauty products.

And then the last category to vote for is the “Best Beautyblogger of the Year”
It would mean so much if you’d vote for me in that category.

Voting closes March 8th 2013. And I believe you can only vote once.
Thank you so much for your support, I love you all :)

(If you’re English or just don’t understand Dutch, please try Google Translator)


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