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Rewind Wednesday: How Sandy Gold Changed My Life

Every YouTuber has their story. Some started their channel because they always wanted to share their passion. Some started it to goof around a bit, but for some it happened accidentally.

As I had the flu back in 2008 and couldn’t do anything else but watch TV and sip on some tea, I killed my time watching a “The Hills” weekend break on MTV. After just two episodes I fell in love with Lauren & Heidi‘s style, especially their makeup.

I climbed out of my bed, searched for “The Hills Makeup” and there she was, the woman that would change my entire (makeup) life..
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Rewind Wednesday: Sarah Victor’s “Grapes & Blueberries”

For today’s Rewind Wednesday we’re taking a trip down memory lane, back to good old 2009. The year where my YouTube channel still was a little puppy, I just started to learn that bright colors are one big ball of fun. And the year I was obsessed with an amazing lady called: Sarah Victor..
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Rewind Wednesday: My 2011 Makeup Collection

Today I’d like to introduce something new to As you all know I’ve always loved watching YouTube videos, tutorials and any other fun content. Hah, it’s why I started my own channel!

This morning I woke up (insert zombie mode, as I went to bed at 4:15 AM) and for some reason I stumbled upon my 2011 Makeup Collection video. Before I knew it 8:55 minutes had passed and it had taken me all the way back to 2011. All I could think of was 2011 and its adventures, its memories.

That’s why I thought it’d be fun to post a video from the past, every Wednesday, and call it Rewind Wednesday! Not just videos from my channel, but videos that made an impact on me. Videos that really meant something to me, videos I learned from.
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