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Best Beauty Looks at the 2014 Met Gala

Monday May 5th was D-Day for Hollywood and its gorgeous people as it was the night of the 2014 Met Gala hosted at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Or, the Oscars of fashion, as most like to call it. For 2014 the stars were challenged to come out with their best “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” inspired look. Curious to see who were my favorites? Click for more!

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2014’s 10 Best A/W Fashion Week Beauty Looks

New York, London, Milan & Paris: The fashion capitols of the world. The cities where only a couple of weeks ago hundreds of models, tons of hair and makeup artists, photographers and designers got to let their creativity flow. That’s right: 2014’s Autumn/Winter fashion week.

This Fall’s Ready-to-Wear, the big trends were skin, lots and lots of skin. Soft washes of color and long doll-like lashes. Today we’re taking a peek at the 10 best —in my opinion— beauty looks at the 2014 Autumn/Winter fashion weeks…
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Haul: On Film Days we wear White!

Recently I’ve discovered something of grave importance, when it comes to filming my videos. As you know, I take my lighting set-up and color balancing really serious. And for some odd reason, sometimes, a video would look like a total, un-color-balanced mess. It would happen every now and then, and I couldn’t figure out what was causing it. Until I saw that in all those un-color-balanced mess videos, I did not wear White.

I quickly decided to spend the night searching for the cutest White pieces on my beloved, clothing-heaven: ASOS…
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Primark Haul! ♡

For a list of all products I’m wearing this video, Click More!
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Haul: Summer be Gone, Fall get your ass over here!

Summer is on its way out and I’m happily waving it goodbye at Mother Nature Airport. Goodbye flowy, floral dresses. Quick and easy Summer makeup routines and above all: Sweat. Boy, will I not miss those gallons of sweat one bit.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Summer. But my heart is longing for Eyeliner, Smokey Eyes, Leather, Dark Vampy nail polishes and scented candles filling my room with the most amazing odors.

A couple of days ago I did some browsing on always-wonderful ASOS and couldn’t help but get some exciting Fall pieces..
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Haul: When nothing fits, You buy more.

Ordering clothes online is a risky business. All things fit you perfectly like a glove one time, make you look like a whale trapped in clothes the other. Ordering clothes online can be heartwarming but also very, very depressing. This week ordering clothes online has been nothing but a failure for me. From the eight items I ordered last time at ROMWE, exactly zero items actually fit. Yes, that’s right…. zero.

I had no other choice but to return all of my goods, and of course, order some new stuffs..
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