Quick GIVEAWAY + Life’s struggles LOL!

For a list of all the rules + to enter the giveaway, Click More!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

– You must be a subscriber to my channel (duh!)
– Giveaway Ends at midnight January 26th 2013
– Winners will be announced on my Facebook page here
– Good luck, be nice and I love you :)

– For extra entries (chances of winning) you can:

* Follow me on Twitter
* Like my Facebook fan page
* Leave a blogpost comment :)

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1,546 Responses to Quick GIVEAWAY + Life’s struggles LOL!

  1. Kimber says:

    Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance is so awesome.

  2. boldslips says:

    I love your video :)

  3. Your giveaway is amazing. Your tutorials are so informative and funny at the same time. Love them

  4. jennifer says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! <3

  5. Cinmi says:

    Thanks for the giveway and I love you too :)

  6. Caitllyn says:

    I’m so excited for this giveaway!

  7. Aisling Philip says:

    Thanks for doing this it seems damn good

  8. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    I absolutely flipped out when I saw the giveaway announcement video! Thank you so much for the opportunity :)

  9. YAY! Such a lovely giveaway :) Thank you! X

  10. Adele says:

    Beautiful make up!!!

  11. Ashley says:

    Please don’t feel like a “dickhead” for not posting vids reently- the time and effort you put into your videos is such a crazy amount and I am always on the edge of my seat for a new video from you no matter how long or short I have to wait!
    And thank you for wanting to give something to your subbies :)
    Get well soon <3

  12. Veronique Tumini says:

    Veel beterschap lieve lieve Nikkie <3

  13. iBeatrycze says:

    Love it! ;) I cant wait. :P

  14. Steffi says:

    You even look gorgeous when you are sick :D
    Get well soon! xo

  15. Federica says:

    Awww Thank You soooooo much for this giveway!

  16. Clarey says:

    Thank you for doing this lovely giveaway when you’re on your deathbed! Get well soon sweetie!

  17. Annie-Rose Francis says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Phoebe R says:

    Your the best nikkie! i absolutely love you!!

  19. Kate says:

    You’re the best Nikkie!

  20. Mika says:

    Hope you feel better soon and thank you for the give away !!

  21. Veronique Tumini says:

    Geweldige Giveaway trouwens :o Lady gaga ruikt zoooooooooo lekker <3

  22. tut says:

    hi nikkie!
    i abslutly LOVE all you do! i hope you get well soon <3
    and also, thank you for doing the giveaway international, i realy hope to win :)

  23. Sophie says:

    Thank you so much for this giveaway Nikkie! It’s so nice of you, especially as you’re not very well. Hope you get better soon and hope you don’t get any drama from this giveaway! :)

  24. marissa says:

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Always nice to have the chance to win something xx

  25. Susan West says:

    Oh I am sick too and this made me almost well,thats how excited I am,lol!

  26. valentina says:

    Thanks for the opportunities!!!!

  27. Krissi says:

    I’m all kinds of excited about Make up studio shine stuff. Looks fancy =)

  28. Anneleen says:

    Nice giveaway! Love the fact that you are giving away a Lady Gaga perfume! I hope this giveaway turns out good for you, because you deserve that!

  29. Emilija Guzauskaite says:

    ugh man the lady gaga perfume smells like a dream!

  30. Sanne says:

    Heel veel beterschap Nikkie!!
    Je kunt beter een paar dagen extra in bed liggen en uitzieken, dan half ziek weer beginnen met filmpjes maken en je nog een paar dagen extra ziek voelen.
    Dus rust goed uit :D

    xx Sanne

  31. Sanne says:

    so sweet of you Nikki, I really like your videos and your article in Fashionista every month ghehe :D
    you’re great!

  32. Marta Morales López says:

    Great prizes. That lady gaga perfume is so misterious and magic I want to try it!. Get well soon girl ^.^ I miss u!

  33. Arielis says:

    I’m a huge fan so I am definitely excited about this giveaway. I never win anything so I happy about this giveaway. Love you Nikkie.

  34. Victoria says:

    Thank you for this you’re amazing :)

  35. Jessica says:

    So excited, thank you for doing this!! Get well soon!

  36. Flounder says:

    Hey Nikki! Im a relatively new subscriber and I love your sense of humor :) Thanks for the giveaway and hope you’re feeling better!

  37. Emily says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  38. Heather says:

    Just letting you know this is not a death threat. LOL….. Hope you get better soon… Still love you if you take some time. Wondering when you’ll do another Ke$ha tutorial with her new stuff out.

  39. Nathalie says:

    Super leuk dat je een giveaway doet! En veel beterschap!

  40. Muriel says:

    Feel better soon! Thanks for taking the time to do this giveaway while being sick! You’re awesome! xx

  41. Olivia says:

    I’m so excited!! Get well soon Nikkie!

  42. Kasie says:

    I loooove you, girl! :) Hopefully you will get healthy again, because we want more of your fantastic make-up Looks!! :)

  43. Joanne Green says:

    Awww, poor you, you can tell you’ve been really poorly. Thanks for doing this giveaway – I did have a look at your mom’s website at shine as it looks beautiful but umm’d and ahhh’d at whether I could splash out so soon after Christmas so it’s fab you’re giving people a chance to try one out. Hope you’re feeling better soon – your videos always make me want to play more with my make-up :-) Thank you xxx Jo

  44. alejandra says:

    yesss i’m so excited!!! thanks Nikkie

  45. Carmen says:

    Heehee Nikkie,

    Ik heb alles gedaan wat je moest doen plus alle extra´s want ik volgde je al langer op twitter :)
    ik wil even kwijt dat ik dol ben op je tutorials, maar ook jou als persoon. Je hebt een van de meest geweldige persoonlijkheden. Je bent altijd zo enthousiast, hebt zoveel humor en hebt al zoveel bereikt in je leven ondanks dat je nog zo jong bent. Vond het ook zo leuk je te zien in mijn maatschappijleer boek!
    Keep going on!



  46. Jerneja says:

    Thank you for the giveaway Nikkie. Hope you get better soon xx sending you lots of hugs and kisses from Slovenia xoxo

  47. Zuzana C says:

    Thanks for the giveaway and get well soon! :)

  48. evelien says:

    feel better!

  49. MiezeeKatz says:

    Thanks for doing this, hope you get well soon! xoxo :3

  50. Kadijah says:

    Thanks so much for this giveaway! love youu !

  51. Janna Christou says:

    Nice giveway!!! :)

  52. sara cafofo says:

    super excited love your videos keep up with the good work

  53. Jess says:

    Great giveaway! Thank you Nikkie :)

  54. Lisa says:

    Bonjour Nikkie,
    A giveaway, why not ! And no drama if I don’t win… I prefer the glitters, so, good luck everyone !
    Best regards from France.

  55. Leah says:

    I hope you’ll get better soon. :)! I need your videos :D

  56. Daphne says:

    Awh, I’m so sorry to hear that you don’t feel well! Get better soon Nikkie! __<

    Anyway good luck to everyone and thank you for doing this give away! I hope you feel better soon! xoxo

  57. Fenne says:

    Loving your video’s and i am loving the giveaway! :)

  58. Jessica says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! I just love your channel!

  59. Natascha says:

    So nice you want to give something to us . I hope you feel better soon! Lot’s of health karma to you xxxx

  60. Martine says:

    Al is het een korte give away hij is wel leuk!!

    Heeel veel beterschap!!

  61. Omg, i’m so excited for this giveaway! Hope i win!
    I really love you Nikkie and i will never stop watching your videos! :*

  62. meegan whitford says:

    I would love to win any of the items I dont have either. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  63. Amina says:

    thanks a bunch for the giveaway <3

  64. Claudia says:

    I love Lady Gaga’s FAME perfume! I’m excited for the give away :D

  65. Ofiri says:

    I love you so much and I want to thank you so much for this giveaway and your personallity always lights me up with happinnes and I found out that everytime I watch your videos I litterly LOL! LOVE YOU!!! <3

  66. Samantha says:

    You’re sick? When I’m sick I look like a drowned puppy! You look sooo good when you’re sick!(especially compared to me!) You aren’t doing a lot of giveaways, but when you do one you pick really good things to win!

  67. Esmee says:

    Dankjewel voor deze giveaway en ik hoop dat je snel beter wordt!

  68. fantasticviv says:

    I love your tutorials! I watch and use them alot, you’re a real inspiration. Get well soon!

  69. Cristine says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  70. Ehlana says:

    Don’t feel sorry Nicky, you’re awesome.

  71. Kiki says:

    Fantastisch hoe je je verontschuldigd tegenover je fans, wij dus, ik dus! :D Zorg maar eerst en vooral dat je snel weer beter bent, gezondheid boven alles! Jeeeuj! Geweldig ook dat je deze giveaway doet. Natuurlijk wil ik dit super-duper graag ^^. Maar ik wens je echt van harte veel beterschap en nog veel nikkietutorialfilmpjes (ofcourse!!!!) :D


  72. Eve says:

    Thank you Nikkie and we all Love you!<3:****

  73. bosbes says:

    Ik comment eigenlijk nooit op je blog omdat ik meestal enkel via youtube kijk! Aangezien ik al heel lang subscriber ben zie ik het daar elke keer direct als er een nieuw filmpje is. Leuke giveaway!

  74. elisha says:

    i am very excited about this giveaway, thankyou so much for the chance xxx

  75. Emmalee says:

    Aah, wat idioot dat ‘t de vorige keren zo rottig is gegaan. Is dat bij andere bloggers/youtubers ook zo? Die hoor je er nooit over. ( hoewel, je ziet bij MissLipgloss ook soms comments voorbij vliegen over winacties… )

    Nouja, wie weet werkt dit! :) Succes!

  76. melissa___V says:

    Ik vind het een heel leuk idee dat je een give- away wil doen, zeker wanneer de vorige give- away je zo tegenviel. Hopelijk ben je snel terug beter! Maak je maar geen zorgen over het feit dat je afgelopen week geen videos hebt geüpload, echte fans blijven geduldig wachten! Or at least I will be :) :p

    Groetjes! x

  77. Lotte says:

    Beterschap Nikkie! <3 :)

  78. Gabrielle Baker says:

    Thankyou so much for the giveaway Nikkie :)


  79. Katerina Gkomes says:

    Hey Nikkie !!! I’m excited for the giveaway because for some reason I thought that you would stop filming for ever and I freaked out !! I hope you get better because , youtube really misses a great guru like you ! Greetings from Greece !!!

  80. Elideth lópez says:

    I’m just happy to see your videos, you are so funny!!!! totally awesome!

  81. minisushi says:

    You don’t need giveaway for loyal fans,you are amazing and so funny x)
    Bisous ^^

  82. Vera says:

    Hi Nikkie, thanks for the giveaway! I was looking forward to your video! I hope you get well soon! :)

  83. Cindy T says:

    Well, I’d be happy to even get a dust bunny from you, but I’ve wanted the Lady Gaga perfume for so long, so thanks for the opportunity! Get well, your health is more important than Youtube, so don’t feel bad!

  84. Julie says:

    This is the first giveaway of my life so I guess I’m pretty excited :D Thank you so much and feel better soon!

  85. selin says:

    Hey Nikkie,Thank for your giveaway!

  86. Lea Giselle says:

    thanks for the giveaway!

  87. salome trouve says:

    thank you for the giveaway! i hope you are going to be better really soon!!!!!
    xxx from france

  88. Aida says:

    I love you gurl :) You are so gorgeous, beautiful and talented. Your so hilarious :)

  89. Ana M. says:

    Hey Nikkie! First I wanna say that you get healthy as soon as possible because I really miss your videos and your humor that nakes ne always laugh :D second I don’t know what to say haha it would be fun to win something (it would be the first time in my life xD) anyways, can’t wait for your new videos! Lots of love ^^

  90. Elianne says:

    I’m so ecxited for this giveaway! I Love your video’s!

  91. Britt says:

    OMG I want that Lady Gaga perfume so bad

  92. sssssssim says:

    I don’t even really want the perfume. It’s not my type of scent. But I’d love the Shine. :)

  93. Mariska says:


  94. Dayana says:

    Ahh! I hope i win <33 Thank you for this give away<3 i hope you feel better!

  95. Tanja says:

    Je bent fantastisch!

  96. jasmine perez says:

    i am super excited…. u are an inspiration… love u nikkie

  97. Sherry says:

    “apperance, style, or the way he or she presents themselves.”

  98. Anna Larissa says:

    Holy Moly! That give away is awesome!

  99. Sofie says:

    Awesome give away! And I hope you fell better soon!

  100. No need to feel sorry!! Iedereen is deze winter al een keer goed ziek geweest! Wens je veel beterschap :)

  101. Gioia says:

    I’m so sorry you were sick :s but I’m happy you are kinda feeling ok now :D
    ps. that makeup studio stuff is GORGEOUS

  102. Annemie says:

    It’s so sad when people start complaining about not winning …. The chance of winning is super small, because you have SO many followers. If they don’t understand that …. well .. too bad for them. Thanx for the giveaway :D

  103. Yanina says:

    Dank je wel, Nikkie! Ik houd van jej! Ik begin leer Nederlands omdat jej bent een Nederlander.
    Sorry, I know, my dutch sucks, but I really started to learn it because I really love your videos, your works, your personality. Thank you for the giveaway.

  104. Jelena says:

    Love you Nikkie :-)))

  105. Anne-Rose says:

    Beterschap, ziek maar goed uit!
    En wat een leuke giveaways. :)

  106. Mariana says:

    very excited for the giveaway! thank you nikki! :)

  107. Анастасия says:

    Recover! Enter me!

  108. Laura says:

    I hope this giveaway goes a lot smoother for you this time!

  109. merespartan says:

    Nikiiiiiiiieeeeee thank you for the giveaway c: !! ima so excited :D! hope i win :3 lol

  110. Jamie says:

    I LOVE your videos so much and I’m so excited you’re doing a giveaway!

  111. Tinisha Watson says:

    I would love to try the shine effects or perfume….I love your tutorials.

  112. Thamy says:

    You’re just awesome :)

  113. Deborah Mercer says:

    So exciting Nikkie! I feel your pain, I feel so sorry for youtubers who get a lot of grief with fans getting insane over giveaways. I’m easy, if I don’t win I won’t hate you! :) You’re still an amazing make up artist, I aspire to be as amazing as you one day :)

    I’d love the Jewel Effects Shine! :) I love you!

  114. Mieke says:

    super gaaf dat je een ‘giveaway’ doet! makeup studio jewel effects in ‘shine’ is zóó verschrikkelijk mooi!!

  115. elena says:

    thanks for giveaway!!!!!

  116. Ximena Diez says:

    Thanks for this giveaway!!!

  117. Ehssty says:

    Get well soon!

  118. Claudia says:

    This is so exciting!!!

  119. Rachael says:

    I don’t know how you do it, but you still look gorgeous even though you’re ill and thanks for the awesome giveaway xx

  120. Jill says:

    Love you Nikkie! <3

  121. Myrte says:

    Geweldig, ik doe mee!
    & beterschap Nikkie! xxx

  122. Pauline says:

    Hey Nikkie,

    Allereerst wil ik eventjes zeggen dat jij écht Nederlands’ trots bent op YouTube-gebied,
    en dit meen ik echt, niet slijmerig bedoelt. Je programma bij Jong was ook echt super inspirerend en je bent echt een super toffe meid!
    En het is logisch dat je er moe van wordt als er altijd zeurpieten zijn die bij give aways gaan lopen stoken.

    Liefs, Pauline

  123. Kim says:

    you da bomb! thanks!!! xoxo

  124. Netta says:

    Yayy excited for this giveaway!!

  125. Jessica says:

    Thank you so much!!! i hope this raffle goes fine and people dont get mad!!!!!!!! xoxo

  126. Guusje says:

    Hi Nikkie !

    I love your videos <3!
    Your makeup is always so professional and pretty :3
    Hope you feel better very soon. And what a nice giveaway, awesome products.


  127. Julia says:

    Ooh la la! The Lady Gaga perfume is fancy! I’d like that ;)

  128. Laura says:

    Super leuk dat je het toch nog een keer wil proberen met giveaways! Get well soon! xxx

  129. Samantha says:

    Beterschap Nikkie ! I missed you :(

  130. Ellya says:

    Get well soon, Nikkie :)

  131. Marta says:

    I love you, girl! :D Hopefully you will get healthy again, because we want more of your fantastic make-up Looks!! :)

  132. Heidi says:

    I am pretty flippin excited about this fantabulous giveaway! I’m glad you discovered RC, I use it a lot on my blog for giveaways and it keeps peeps from cheating, love that. Hope you feel better, I know how you feel.

  133. Stephanie Alexis says:

    I’ve missed you. Feel better and thanks for the giveaway.

  134. birgit says:

    I dont understand that people act so stupid when youre giving away something like seriously, i’m really thankfull that you do this giveaway!!!
    Xoxo from the Netherlands!

  135. Efin Koshka says:

    I’m entering :)

  136. Anja says:

    so excited

  137. Tessa says:

    super leuk dat je een giveaway doet! ik hoop dat er deze keer geen drama word gemaakt haha. ik doe mee! :) xx

  138. Selina says:

    Aww Nikkie! I hope you feel better soon!
    Thank you so much for this giveaway, you truly are a selfless and amazing person.
    I’m in awe of your talent and I’ve been a subscriber for such a long time.
    Again, I really hope you feel better <3

  139. MichelleWyatt says:

    Yay thanks for the giveaway!

  140. Maryam says:

    yay I love giveaways Hope you get batter son honey :)

  141. Sophie says:

    Thanks for trying out a giveaway again! I’ve always loved yours! Will you ever come over to the Douglas in Utrecht and be guest make-up artist at the MAC station? :D I would love to meet you in real life!

  142. Mandy says:

    Ik heb altijd al de jewel effects gewilt vooral omdat ik ze in jouw filmpjes altijd zo goed vind staan! En de Lady gaga parfum ruikt ook heerlijk (weet k van mensen om me heen en natuurlijk het testertje). Het zijn echt super dingen die je weg geeft. Als je jouw overal volgt dan vind je de dingen die je weggeeft ook leuk (vooral omdat je altijd zo overtuigend er over praat). Ik hoooop dat k win, maar zo niet dan is het jammer ik gun het andere mensen ook. En heel veel BETERSCHAP ! xoxo

  143. Kaitlin says:

    I absolutely love your make up tutorials and often try them out after I watch them. You are gorgeous and have such a wonderful personality :)

  144. iris says:

    get well soon Nikkie :)))))))

  145. Elona Osmani says:

    Hey Niki, I like movies you see I’m amazed, I always go with your movies And am glad you do another GIVEAWAY a speedy recovery and good luck<<33333

  146. Emmie says:

    i love your videos!

  147. Rosacarota says:


  148. Carmen says:

    Thank you soo much, you don’t need to feel quilty at all, we all love you <3

  149. Sarah Henson says:

    Super excited for the giveaway! Thank you so much for your generosity and I hope you’re feeling better love :) xoxo

  150. Spirit says:

    Hope you feel better. Thanks for the opportunity to win, and hope you have a better experience. <3

  151. I’m superliciously excited I love lady gaga and the shadow oh my it’s so gorgeous!! Thank you nikkie feel better! Hugs❤

  152. Laurena says:

    Girl I know the feeling! I broke my ankle a week ago today (trying on a pair of shoes!) I’ve had to have surgery, but I’ve done nothing but watch youtube! I hope you start to feel better soon! xoxo

  153. courtney basrai says:

    Im so excited! :)) thank you sosososo much for doing this!

  154. konstantina kampouroglou says:

    Ok! So now is the time to try my luck :P
    Get well soon Nikkie! Great giveaway

  155. Grace says:

    Get better. you are the best. Thank you for the giveaway. x

  156. irismindori says:


  157. ellen starkey says:

    thank you for the giveaway

  158. Melissa says:

    Feel better soon!

  159. Peta Hall says:

    I am very impressed that you are so considerate and sweet to crawl out of your sick-bed and host this giveaway! Love your work x

  160. Sandra Costilla says:

    I am very excited for this giveaway, hope you get better and thank you for the giveaway.

  161. jenni martinez says:

    I’m extremely excited (: I love all the giveaways.

  162. Sophia says:


  163. Daniela says:

    Thank you so much for the giveaway and for the video!!!!!!!! I hope you feel better!!!! Love you!!!

  164. hilda fernandez says:

    i cant contain my excitement!!! :O

  165. Loes says:

    You’re the best! Beterschap <3

  166. Hanna says:

    Welcome back bro! Hugs from sweden!

  167. marianka says:

    Entered! You’re amazing

  168. Sophie says:

    I really love the Lady Gaga Perfume :)

  169. Amber says:

    So excited for this giveaway!!!! I have wanted lady gaga’s perfume for a while now!

  170. Teniola says:

    Thank you so much for this giveaway

  171. says:

    Beterschap Nikkie! :)

  172. Daaanielle says:

    I’m still planning on visiting the new Make Up Studio store in Eindhoven to buy that Jewel Effect stuff, but haven’t had the time yet. It would be great if I’d win it!

  173. Anniek Brouwer says:

    thanks for all your makeup tips and tutorials !

  174. Alina says:

    I’ve never used makeup studio before. Ur so good at what u do Nikki’s and I hope this giveaway goes well so u can do more of them :)

  175. dee says:

    Excited about this awesome give away. Cool stuff.

  176. robin van rhoon says:

    Hi Nikkie,

    ik doe meeeeeeeee!!!
    Hopelijk heb ik het geluk :)
    En beterschap!

    Liefs Ro

  177. Veerle says:


    Jammer dat je je zo slecht voelt. Ik was laatst ook ziek. Ik hoop dat je snel weer beter wordt. Ook super leuk dat je een giveaway doet! En ik vind dat je best dure dingen weggeeft.

    Liefs, Veerle
    PS Ik vind je altijd erg grappig in je filmpjes!

  178. Glad you’ll be able to participate, I live in Brazil. Always watch your videos. They are awesome! Congratulations!

  179. Lotte says:

    What a lovely giveaway, but you don’t need to feel guilty for being sick. Get better soon!

  180. Rosa Theuns says:

    Looovvveeee the jewel effect! En hou ook van jou! Super veel beterschapp xx

  181. Ines says:

    Hey nikkie!
    I’m a fan of yours for quite some time now and I really enjoy your videos, you are just amazing and I wanna thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all.
    Ines xx
    PS.: GET WELL SOON! :))

  182. Randi says:

    you are awesome nikkie!
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    Hope you feel better soon!!

  183. Sheree Ko says:

    Love this quick giveaway!! you should do it more often! thanks!

  184. Tasha Holden says:

    Aww! I hope you feel better!

    I’m super excited about your raffle. I’ve never heard of rafflecopter. I signed up using my facebook!

    PS Your glasses are adorable!

    Big E-Hugs for feel better! :)


  185. Sandy Luna says:

    Hi Nikkie, I just want to say thank you so much for this giveaway and for being so sweet.

  186. Danique says:

    Wauw! This is awesome!

  187. Salma says:

    Yaay love you Nikki <3

  188. Loes says:

    heej, i really love your video’s! And I am super exited to see more :) xox

  189. Sabrina says:

    I love you so much :D
    you are my favorite youtuber on earth :D
    i was also ill and i watched like 5 days old videos of you and i felt everytime better when you made some jokes :D

  190. Roelien says:

    Heel veel beterschap! en je bent geweldig! :)

  191. Emily says:


  192. Zainab says:

    soo excited about this giveway!!! you are my fave blogger/youtube guru absolutly love u and ur work nikkie ur so amazingly talented!! xx

  193. Andrea says:

    Thx for this giveaway! I like then Lady Gaga’s perfume but im interesting to try the makeup item!!!

  194. Anke says:

    Hope you’ll feel better soon !

  195. Sophie says:

    The prizes are awesome. I don’t know how anybody could be unimpressed by these. :) Thanks Nikkie. Get well soon. xx

  196. chenling says:

    Thanks for the giveaway
    hope you get well soon

  197. Katherine Burton says:

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway! I hope you’re feeling better! :-)

  198. Roos (Holland) says:

    Nice, this is so great Nikki!

    Get well soon! I miss you! haha

  199. Allissa B. says:

    Whoaaaa Shine! Nice nice nice Nikkie (:
    En uiteraard beterschapjes gewenst!

  200. Paulina says:

    Thank you for the giveaway Nikkie, you are my favorite guru and I don’t say this for the giveaway lol

  201. Abigail Saly says:

    Ahh!! I’m super excited! I’d really love to win one of the Makeup Studio Jewel Effects!! It looks like an amazing and must have product!! Thank you soooo so so much for being awesome and giving away such awesome stuff! I love watching your videos because I love your sense of humor haha! Keep up the good work and hopefully this giveaway doesn’t bring you any drama!! <3

  202. Jasmijn says:

    Amazing that you’re doing this for all your subs.
    Love you <3

  203. ludi says:

    omgomg!!! NIKKIIIIII im sooooo excited for this giveaway!! i want you to know that i recreated one of your looks… ill have to tag u in the video.. but omg!! your such an inpiration to me… ps. your beautiful
    love, ludi

  204. Julia Engström says:

    I’M SO EXITED!!!

  205. Eva says:

    Ik doe ook mee!

  206. Aleksandra says:

    Hiiiya :) :p x

  207. Esther says:

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    Dit schrijf ik niet om te winnen, neem dat van mij aan. Maar ik moest gewoon kwijt hoe bijzonder je bent. Ik geniet van elk filmpje en ga zo door!

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    ps. enige tips voor beginnende youtubers?


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    Also, I love Lady Gaga, and the bottle is gorgeous (as is the fragrance, of course).

    Love your videos! So glad you’re putting your faith in giveaways for one last time at least ;) And get well soon! xx

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    xx Ilse

    PS: Ik ben Nederlands maar ik had gewoon zin om in het Engels te reageren. Waarom zet ik dit in de reactie.

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    Hugs from Canada

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    For suuuuuure I’m gonna be a part of this giveaway <3

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    Noone better start dramma this time >: /
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    Nikkie, I love your job, and i follow you on every single media u have! haha (not on twitter, because i don’t have one, so…)
    Love u, and loved your gesture in doing a giveway as a way to reward your fans for the lack of videos!!!! U’re the best.

  380. Elisabeth says:

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    Lekker uitzieken ;)

  381. Marije says:

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  386. Patricia says:

    Ik wil winnennnnn :)

  387. Andrea A. says:

    Being sick for a week and you still have time and energy to do this for us, you’re such an amazing girl!!! Hope you feeling well soon, love from your fans! :)

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  389. Sarah says:

    I love your videos!

  390. Freya says:

    Hey you wonderfull girl! I’m soooo happy you are doing this giveaway. Im from Denmak and we don’t have any of the brands you always talk about. And I do not have any money for stuff like makeup and perfume because of my illness. I have to buy a lot of medicin and that takes up all my money. :( But I loooove watching your channel and dream about all the makeup and stuff. Thank you for being you! <3

  391. Chell says:

    hai Nikkie, your video are inspired me to do more creative make up
    also because of you i still want to go make up school hoping i’ll be as good as you one day
    you are younger than me but you are so successful and inspiring!

  392. Catalina R. says:

    So excited bout this! i hope you get better nikki :) thanks for doing this giveaway , greetings from Chile :D

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  395. This is a great giveaway and the fame perfume smells sooooo good !

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    Hi! Thank you so much for the giveaway, you really didn’t have to considering your bad experiences with them, but again, thank you so much! :)

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    hope you feel better soon!
    awesome give away (:

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    Ga zo door, super leuk wat je doet!


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    I’m really happy that you’re doing the giveaway !
    Greetings from France !

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    Lots of love from Argentina :)


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    That’s so exciting!
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    i am a dutchie too
    je bent en superwomen
    alle liefdee voor jou

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  445. Kayleigh says:

    Hoi Nikkie!
    ik volg je nu al een hele tijd op youtube en ben jaloers op je kundigheid van make-up! Tevens ben je ook wel een beetje een voorbeeld voor me aangezien je zomaar nieuwe dingen aandurft: nieuwe, maar niet echt mainstream haarkleuren (denk aan het roze haar en de colourbugs). Iets wat ik zelf supergraag wil, maar altijd weer bang voor ben dat het bij mij verkeerd uitvalt. Anyways, bij deze wilde ik je even complimenteren haha!

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    If I don’t win, I won’t be upset LOL!

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    although you say it’s not much.. it is extremely generous and kind of you <3.
    Get better soon.

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    PS hope you don’t feel like a dying frog much longer.

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    I’m very excited about this giveaway, that you bother and spend Your time and money to do such a thing. :)
    I really like Your videos, they’re always in such a good quality, hepful and fun to watch because of Your awesome personality!!! :)
    Greetings from Latvia! :) Have a wonderfull day, Nick! :))

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    Greetings from Italy :D

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    neem een warm bad of warme douche met schuimende en lekker ruikende producten.
    Drink koffie/thee/warme choco tot je dr bij neervalt. (oke, ietsje daarvoor stoppen is aangeraden :) )
    kijk naar producten die glitters bevatten (nagels lakken, met glitter, helpt ook)
    neem rust
    en kom weer terug als je je beter voelt!
    veel liefs!

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    You are cute and funny as always, even though now you are sick. Thank you for the giveaway! I wish everybody good luck!

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    It’s really amazing that you give such amazing stuff away!
    I’ve always been a fan of your videos,since your video with Mascha i immediantly subscribed,and since i’ve always watched it!
    And btw,i hope you get better soon!
    Lots of love,Julie xoxo

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    thanks for this giveaway =]

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    Anda Z.

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    ik wil super graag een van deze prijzen winnen! Ik heb alles ingevuld wat de raftlekopter zei!
    ik hoop dat je snel weer beter bent, zodat we kunnen genieten van je filmpjes! en zo kan ik ook nog een beetje engels leren!
    Heel veel succes en beterschap!
    Liefs nicole

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    Thank you so much Nikkie, I hope you’re better now! And no drama this time!

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    Get well soon <3
    i love your video's (:
    and the giveaway!.

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  509. Pernille says:

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    The Lady Gaga Perfume is tha bomb!!!

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  511. Roz says:

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  512. Sofia says:

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  513. Marissa D says:

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  514. tiffany steele says:

    You are so sweet to take the time to host a giveaway while you are sick. Btw you look really good for being sick, I’m sick too and I look like crap lol. :)

  515. Marta says:

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    I did everything you said to enter the giveaway!

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  529. Mayke says:

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  530. Giselle says:

    i know that you are doing this give away and its sweet of you but i dont really care because i am so happy everytime you post a video and look foward to all of them hope you feel better<3

  531. RANI Y says:

    I hope you get better soon! I hope we all start feeling better x.x”
    Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I really love your videos, and totally understand that you don’t like the drama.
    Love u!

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    Ik vind echt niet dat je giveaways moet geven!! Ik heb al genoeg aan je advies en je tutorials! Toch vond ik het super dat je (terwijl je ziek bent) toch nog iets weg wilt geven..
    Je bent een groot voorbeel voor vele mensen en dat zul je altijd blijven!
    Xoxo laura

  540. Lisanne says:

    Veel beterschap Nikkie!! Heel erg leuk dat je een giveaway doet!

  541. Jessica says:

    I’m very excited about this giveaway because out of all the beauty gurus on yt I feel that I relate to you the most, and I look up to you.

  542. Seonaid says:

    So super excited! Feel better :)
    S xx

  543. Andressa says:

    I really wanna win the Lady Gaga erfume becouse,here in Brazil is almost impossible to get!

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    Get well soon.

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    hope your better soon!!xx

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    Ik hoop echt dat je heel snel weer beter wordt Nikkie!
    Toen ik laatst ziek was heb ik ook jouw filmpjes gekeken en dat vrolijkt me altijd weer op, hihi!
    Je bent echt een groot voorbeeld voor mij!
    Liefs en heel veel beterschap!xx

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    Love NikkieTutorials! She’s so real and relatable <3

  554. sandra says:

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    (so I heared)

  557. Karima says:

    You are AMAZING!

    When i was in the hospital i had a doc,
    and she looked like you. I told her,
    and we watched your videos together :)

    Im very exited about the giveaway :)

  558. Aarica says:

    Thank you so much for deciding to giveaway these amazing products.
    I hope that you feel better soon, always worry about your health before us. We will be here waiting until your feeling well again.

    PS I love The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills too so addicting lol

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    Hopen dat je snel weer beter bent!

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    Get well soon!

  563. Simonida says:

    Heey Nikki,
    veel beterschap! Echt vervelend die koorts en griep.
    Hoop dat je snel beter wordt en dat je iemand super blij kan maken met de giveaway(s)!
    Ik heb nog een vraagje, met boekingen, doe je dat dan alleen voor bruiloften en/of grote feesten? Of doe je ook iets voor gala’s?
    Nogmaals veel beterschap!

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    get well nikkie :)

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  568. Raquel says:

    You are so amazing, to have a european do these videos really help a lot, because most of the beauty gurus I like are from the US and a lot of their products are hard to find in Portugal, so you have been such a huge relief to find someone who is so talented and humble and has the greatest tips on products and makeup and fashion overall. So thank you so much for the time you take, it’s so important, you inspire me and I love you.

  569. Natalie says:

    this is so great of you, I’m so excited!

    I hope you get better soon, I miss your vids <3

  570. Angela says:

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  571. Tanja says:

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  573. Dinara says:

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  574. Sophie says:

    hoi ik doe het even in het Nederlands want mijn Engels praten en luisteren gaat goed, maar schrijven… hihi. Ik vind het echt een mega leuke giveaway, vooral de parfum heb ik al zo vaak in mijn handen gehad maar toch maar niet gedaan haha :)

  575. Ashley Muche says:

    SO EXCITED!!!!! Thank you for this giveaway! I really hope you feel better soon. I was sick for over a month, not fun at all.

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  578. michelle says:

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    Great giveaway, thanks.

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  582. Elena Toader says:

    you are one of my favorite beauty gurus and I really love all your looks you share with your followers! And it would mean the world to me, if I will be the lucky winner!
    If not, then there’s no problem, I still like you and love your videos!

  583. N.Sh says:

    Get well soon and thanks for the giveaway!

  584. Danielle says:

    aw baby, I hope you get well soon, I’m a Brazilian fan! ;)) ur looks rock!

  585. Kay says:

    Don’t feel bad, just recover :) thx for the giveaway, I adore you and your channel.

  586. Germa says:

    Hoi Nikkie,
    Leuke winactie! Ben heel benieuwd naar de jeweleffect van MUS.
    Veel beterschap! liefs, Germa

  587. sanna says:

    i hope this give away goes better than your previous ones! :)

  588. Charline says:

    Get well soon! I love your videos, you make me smile most of the time I watch them :)

  589. Rebeka says:

    Thanks Nikkie!! :*

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    superleuk! en de producten zijn ook super leuk!
    whoohoo :)

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    I am very excited! You are by far my favorite makeup guru of all time. I just feel like you are so real, fun and sweet and that’s how I imagine you are in your everyday life :) Get better soon!

  594. Caroline says:

    Totally excited about this giveaway :) <3 you Nikki

  595. Anexia says:

    I hope this giveaway will be less stressful than the last ones :D thanks for doing it anyway ;)

  596. isabelle says:

    beterschap nikkie, leuke give away vooral de gedachte dat je de moeite hebt genomen om ze echt zelf te kopen is echt heel lief <3 heb fame al en hij ruikt echt geweldig dus zoals je zei een back-up is altijd goed :) live you nikkie, kan niet wachten tot de volgende tutorial!
    ps. ik zit ook al heel de week ziek thuis gossip girl te kijken :)

  597. Cristal Torales says:

    ahhhhh I know my chances are way low , but I don’t mind *fingers crossed
    l♡ve u nikkie

  598. Flopje says:

    Ahw, so nice that you do want to do a give away because you feel sorry of posting no video’s :) I hope this all goes well and there are coming more give aways:) I hope you’re better soon!

    PS: I really want to try the Lady Gaga perfume!!!

  599. Esmée says:

    I think you’re super talented and I love watching your videos.
    Hope you get well soon!

    kusjes uit Eindhoven!

  600. natacha lust says:

    thanks so much for the giveaway, you are awesome

  601. A.C says:

    Beterschap, superlief dat je dit doet! Natuurlijk niet nodig, want we blijven toch wel fan ;-)


  602. JoyL says:

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  604. Jasmine says:

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  605. Ara says:

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    Haha! Sorry for this kinda long text but I REAALLLYYYY want to win this so bad!!! So I hope you pick me and that you have a nice day!

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    Thank you Nikkie and we love you!

    Saint Louis, Missouri in USA

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    Beterschap en Liefs,

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    Liefs & veel beterschap.

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    Als ik hem niet win, dan ga ik hem zeker bestellen bij het Cosmeticahuis!

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    So once again, thank you!


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