Review: Make Up For Ever ”Full Cover” Waterproof Concealer

Concealer.. Somehow my search for the perfect one never ends.
I’ve tried about everything, and some came pretty close to being perfect, yet, never have I found ”The One”.
So, I decided to purchase Make Up For Ever’s ”Full Cover” Waterproof Concealer.

As always, Starting off with the packaging.
This is absolutely fine. You know, It’s a concealer. I didn’t expect it to have rhinestones and  pop glitter in the air.
It’s a basic squeeze tube that’s nice and hygienic. I like!

On to the actual product!
I must say, wow, this bad boy really is a full coverage concealer! It hides blemishes in just a few dabs and you only need the
tiniest amount of product. Trust me, I hate it when people say that, But you really do just need a tiny bit of it.

Now, I was mainly interested in this concealer because it is waterproof.
I often see my concealer creasing in the fine lines under my eyes.
I thought: Waterproof = Not Moving = No creased concealer = Perfectly concealed dark circles the entire day.
We’ll get back to that later in this review.

When making the swatch on the picture I noticed it drying really quick, once blended in.

For some this might dry a little too quick. You have to be fast with this concealer.
Since it’s a waterproof concealer, it tends to have a drier finish –when blended in– than the non-waterproof concealers.
Not everyone might like that.

On the picture above I used about 2 coats of the concealer (#3) and I did NOT use powder to set it.
As you can see it sets into the skin in a quite dry finish. Again, some people really won’t like that.

As for the concealer creasing in the fine lines: It did. But not as fast as all the other concealers I tried.
Normal concealers take about an hour to crease on me, This one did after about 3,5 hours.

Overall: It’s a good concealer. It conceals well and lasts for hours.
I must say that the waterproof ingredients in it make it look dry, quite a bit.
And when applied to other areas on the face, it tends to look cakey and thick.

Would I buy this again?Hmm, Meh, Maybe?
It’s super expensive for a concealer, and I’m not really sure about this yet. Maybe it’ll grow on me..
But for now, I’d have to say No. It’s too thick-cakey looking and dry for me.
Maybe this will become my holy grail in the summer?

MUFE ”Full Cover” Waterproof Concealer is available at Sephora.
Retail Price: $30 – €29,50 

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