Got me sum new shadessssz!


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a Couple of months ago, I watched my Internet-Mommie ‘Nikkie20Six‘ on Youtube, and she was wearing INSANELY cool Sun Glasses! After 10 seconds of seeing them on her, I immediately wanted to buy some for myself, lol!

I had to know where she got them from!!!! Luckily enough, Nikkie told us after 30 seconds!!
You have to imagine the PAIN I was going through for that remaining 20 seconds!!!! LOL

These AMAZING Shades, are from Bubu Chulo
Bubu is an amazing makeup artist and jewerly-maker!

He has awesome blingers on his site, and as soon as I saw his work… It was love at first sight.

Obviously I decided to get some shades first.. And now the best thing is…. THEY ARE CUSTOM MADE!!!
If you send Bubu an email with all your wishes, he will try to keep the shades in your style.

I always wanted ‘GaGa-with a lil flavour of Nikkie mixed into it-Pink with Diamonds Shades’!!!! LOL ^^
And now I finally have them!! They are PERFECT, Just the way I like it <3

These babies cost $50.. But depending on how much work goes into them, the price depends from $45-$70 :)

SO I want you guys to check his site out, it’s SO worth taking a look…. TRUST ME!
I put in some great pics at the bottom, for you to see more of his work :)

Smooches! x Nikkie


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