I Can Make You a Supermodel!

↑ Makeup & Hair by Nikkie de Jager
Tonight’s the night. The night I’ve been waiting for since October. Tonight the TV show I was head-makeup artist for will start airing here in the Netherlands. And it’s called: I Can Make You a Supermodel!

In I Can Make You a Supermodel, American modeling agent Paul Fisher and his team look for new supermodels here, in the Netherlands! In a nutshell: Every week Paul and his team visit a different town and look for 4-7 girls to transform into high-fashion models. Paul will then try to make one of them an actual working model in high-fashion as well. Now here’s where I come in: I do all of the girls their makeup!

Tonight’s episode is the pilot that was shot back in 2012, so I wasn’t a part of the team yet. Episodes 2 and 3 will have photoshoots without hair and makeup, so you won’t be seeing me there either. But from episode 4 ’till the end, you can see me do makeup on all the girls! – If they don’t cut too much of the makeup sessions out, that is, of course.

It was such an amazing experience, and I can’t wait for you to see all the girls. So please all tune in on RTL5 at 21:30 every Tuesday night! – And yes, I’ll be doing some tutorials on some of the looks I did :)

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12 Responses to I Can Make You a Supermodel!

  1. Jenny says:

    So happy for you. congratulations!!

  2. Cecilia Britos says:

    Hi Nikkie! Is there a link to whatch online? How can i see it? i´m from Argentina! I love youuu!!!!! <3 <3

  3. Amy says:

    wat onwijs leuk.! ik ga kijken xx

  4. Dorine says:

    Wat gaaf! Helaas kan ik op dinsdagavond nooit tv-kijken, maar volgens mij kan je dan wel via RTLXL alles terugzien, toch?

  5. Anke Bremen says:

    Ik wilde het al gaan kijken maar nu zeker :) ben echt benieuwd :)

  6. Lucinda says:

    Zo stoer van je Nikkie, echt waar. Kan niet wachten tot aflevering 4 om je in actie te zien. Wat is de pilot al lang geleden opgenomen trouwens. Ben heel benieuwd, ik hou wel van zulke programma’s.

  7. Toeps says:

    For all the foreign fans that want to watch: usually they post links to uploads on the RTVgames-board.

  8. Sheling says:

    Jaaa! Ik vond het echt een superleuk programma! Maar veel mensen vonden het fake of overdreven, maarja, het is typisch Amerikaans. Maar ik vond het echt heel leuk! Ook zeker omdat beide meisjes gewoon doorgebroken waren in de modellen wereld! :D

  9. Loes says:

    Ik zit nu te kijken.
    wauw wat ee prachtige make up

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