Vlog: New Background Lights, Leaving my Agency and More!

For a list of really nothing much, Click More!

★★★ I’ll upload the tutorial for the makeup look I’m wearing in this video, next Tuesday! ★★★




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9 Responses to Vlog: New Background Lights, Leaving my Agency and More!

  1. Julianne says:

    This Video is really cool, funny and entertaining & and like your idea of making more Vlogs like this one :)
    You work really hard and you deserve all this, plus you’re just a super lovely person. I really appreciate that you tell us things from your life. I hope you don’t regret your decision to leave the agency, even if I don’t know why you left and I wish you strength right now (you lokk a bit sad in the video at the part you’re talking bout that). Well, I talk too much so just stay the way you are right now you’re an incredible person :)) xx

  2. Marloes says:

    Wauw! Ik vind je nieuwe achtergrond heel mooi. Id lekker licht zo zeg! Ik ben ook altijd weg van de mooie lichte achtergronden van Shannon!

  3. Marion says:

    Vind het er erg mooi uitzien, mooi licht en helder. Aandacht ligt nu meer op je look. Verder erg leuk filmpje.

  4. Dionne says:

    Je achtergrond is mooi met die lichtjes! Leuke vlog!

  5. Joëlle says:

    Je kijkt zo verdrietig zodra je verteld over B-acadamy en je Agency! Zo jammer, maar met jouw talent zal het zeker goed komen. Heb het idee dat je even rust nodig hebt, even niets.
    Succes de komende tijd!

  6. emma says:

    Hi Nikkie,
    First of all, I just want to say that I love all your videos sooo much, I think you are an amazing make up artist and I have learned so much from your videos!
    I do want to warn you, beceause I have not seen the full chloe morello video yet, just half of it (the lip injections one) but I have seen one from lauren curtis who is one of my favorite youtubers, and she had those new lip injections to. The thing is that she was quite negative about that new way of filling your lips, and I just want to tell you that you should really really really be becarefull with things like botox and new ways to fill your lips, beceause you are so beautifull and it would be really sad if the operation or cosmetic surgery would fail or something like that and you would come out less beautifull. Ofcourse it is totally your up to you wether you do take those lip injections or not and I totally respect that, but please be careful with things like that.

    By the way….. I’m dutch and I have no idea why I’m talking English right now..

    Groetjes Emma

  7. Nathalie Blais says:


    I have received notifications of those two videos. I didn’t watch them because I really have no interest in lookbooks and Candles videos are not my favorites either. So maybe it is the subject of the videos that turned some of your faithful viewers’ away. :( Anything makeup and hair? I’ll be there!

  8. Jennifer says:

    hey Nikkie,

    Je videos zijn echt geweldig, en je achtergrond ziet er super mooi uit! Het laat je echt stralen (: Ik wil je veel sterkte wensen met alles! Je hebt echt talent, en het komt vast allemaal goed.

  9. Sarah says:

    I have watched this video 5 times just admiring how absolutely beautiful you look! You are so gorgeous, and I adore all of your videos. You are simply flawless.

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