Haul: When nothing fits, You buy more.

Ordering clothes online is a risky business. All things fit you perfectly like a glove one time, make you look like a whale trapped in clothes the other. Ordering clothes online can be heartwarming but also very, very depressing. This week ordering clothes online has been nothing but a failure for me. From the eight items I ordered last time at ROMWE, exactly zero items actually fit. Yes, that’s right…. zero.

I had no other choice but to return all of my goods, and of course, order some new stuffs..

* To view the back of every piece, go over the picture with your cursor *

Studded “Scared Simpson” Blue Dress – ($55.30 USD) → Available Here
When I first saw this dress from far away I wasn’t really sure what my eyeballs actually were seeing. “Tennis balls?” I wondered.  But after zooming in and seeing the glory of Bart and Lisa Simpson screaming I just fell in love. I can’t wait for the numerous amounts of events where this dress will be my icebreaker.

Pleated Yellow Dress- ($94.99 USD) → Available Here
Why this yellow piece of goodness was priced $94.99 dollars is a mystery to me, but since I returned all of my previous items, I thought: “Why the hell not?”. What sucked me right in was the gorgeous gold-chrome belt. Definitely a dress I can see myself rocking a lot of times this Summer. If it does actually fit, that is.

Studded Metallic Plate Black T-shirt- ($41.99 USD) → Available Here
This has my name written all over it: Black? ✓ Gold studs? ✓ Gold spikes? ✓
I just love everything about this piece and let me hereby pray to the Gods of Clothing that this baby fits me. I know it’s a t-shirt so it might be a disaster, but please Gods, please..

Super Man Spider-Man Print Leggings- ($19.99 USD) → Available Here
Not gonna lie, I cried a little on the inside after not being able to fit into the Cartoon Beauty Print Leggings I showed you last time. That’s why I’m praying to the Gods of Clothing once more, because oh my, I just need superhero/comic type of leggings in my life.

And that’s all I ordered this time. Hopefully this time everything does fit.
What are your favorite items? + Are your online clothing adventures heartwarming or depressing?

ROMWE clothing is available at ROMWE.com

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18 Responses to Haul: When nothing fits, You buy more.

  1. sanne says:

    Sooooo awesome

  2. Llucinxo says:

    Die gele jurk, wauw wat een eyecatcher is dat zeg! Prachtig. De rest zie ik mijzelf niet dragen, daar heb ik jouw zelfverzekerdheid niet voor :D xxx

  3. martina says:

    prachtig die gele jurk!

  4. Eline says:

    Doe mij maar dat shirt met die studs erop! Hopelijk past alles dit keer wel :)

  5. Inge says:

    Love their leggings!! Deze is ook weer super vet! Vind het alleen zo lastig combineren. Rokje vind ik te zonde van de print en een gewoon tshirt … tsja, ik weet het niet. Misschien gewoon maar een keer bestellen en combineren met wat ik heb

  6. Chloë says:

    Aaahhh die justice league legging moet ik hebben.

  7. Hanne says:

    Funny title! I hope those items fit you :)

  8. Jaimie says:

    Hahah, love de ‘scared simpsons’ dress!

  9. Tess says:

    Haha wat een leuke kleding allemaal!

  10. Rianne says:

    Bij mij past het 9 van de 10 keer niet als ik online bestel. Het verschilt ook weer per merk of het klein of groot valt… zéér frustrerend.

  11. Vita says:

    I ordered 3 items form Romwe, 2 were too small, and the last item was sent 2 sizes smaller than I ordered, but ironically fit the best, and was the only thing i kept.

  12. Natascha says:

    Usualy depressing :-( I love everything I see on the Romwe site but they just don’t cater to bigger sized people. It makes me sad. I’d love some cartoon leggings and those dresses are always fabulous. But nothing fits :-( Oh well I can only hope I’ll find an alternative website/store that does offer bigger sizes.

  13. Rachelle says:

    Zou je een ootd willen maken? :)

  14. Camilla says:

    Leuk! Jammer dat de rest niet paste..
    Waarom eigenlijk niet? Vielen ze te groot of te klein?

  15. Sylvia says:

    Seems like it was Haul or Nothing! Good luck this time! =D

  16. Lauren says:

    Nikkie, have you tried http://www.modcloth.com ?

    I love their stuff, and they’re very good at providing the sizing details of every piece of clothing.

  17. Nyozeka says:

    I know how you feel… I mean, it’s almost always the same story for me: the clothes are too big or too small… But when I ordered something on Romwe, I took the size M, even if my real size is S-XS, because you should think that it’s an asian brand (everything is reaaally small). And it worked! But I rather order only shoes anyway :-)

  18. Daralyn says:

    wish i could rock those!! real sweet pattern!

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