Zoya Nail Polish ‘Roxy’

I thought Zoya’s Tiffany was the bomb.com, but this lady right here has me going crazy!
Roxy is one of the most beautiful polishes I’ve ever seen.

Roxy is a beautiful red-purple base loaded with amazing, jaw dropping, bright purple-magenta glitter.
This is a must have for girls who love their glittery, shiny nails.
I can stare at mani’s like this for hours, just because of that beautiful, bright glitter.

Above: a kind of blurry photo to show you that beautiful glitter.
This is hands down one of the most gorgeous polishes ever. If you are a glitter freak like me, You’ll love this!

Application with this Zoya polish was, ofcouse, fun-fun-fun! *Rebecca Black Background music*
With only 2 coats (some 3) Roxy was applied in no time!
I do recommend appyling a top coat over this to really make the mani shine, and to smoothen everything out.

Roxy retails for $8 and is avilable at Zoya.com & Nail Care Club for Europe.

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19 Responses to Zoya Nail Polish ‘Roxy’

  1. Sharony says:

    Super mooie kleur <3

  2. Cynthiiaa says:

    Wauw, amazing color!

  3. heeel mooi kleurtje zeg

  4. Lauren says:


  5. AmyGrace says:

    What a stunner. ♥ And your picture look great!

  6. Anna says:

    ik ga de hele collectie bestellen ben ik bang..

  7. Julie says:

    Supermooi D:

  8. Jackie says:

    Oké, *zwijmel-zwijmel* ik denk dat ik de gehele collectie ervan ga bestellen.. nee ik denk het niet ik weet het gewoon zeker.. *zwijmel-zwijmel*

  9. Nicole says:

    super mooi lakje!

  10. Lana says:

    Een absolute look-a-like van DA nailpolish glam&glitter nr. 105!!!

  11. Judith says:

    Klein beetje misschien, ik heb die van de DA ook en die is donkerder :)

  12. Myrn says:

    i’m in love :O

  13. Maite says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this polish :D I bought some and I’m addicted to the brand now haha! You should try Faye it’s gorgeous.

  14. Marly says:

    Wow supermooi! Die van de DA is iets aubergine kleuriger en deze is meer rood, maar verder zijn ze hetzelfde!

  15. Lissa says:

    Prachtige kleur!

  16. victoria says:

    omg hij is geweldig ! ik hou er van ! Deze ga ik voor mn b-day vragen !

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