Makeup Through the Ages Collab ∙ Which Era did I get?

I eat, sleep and breathe YouTube. I wake up with it —flawless—, and go to bed with it. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that when Sharon —Sharon Farrell on YouTube— asked me to be a part of a huge upcoming collab, I immediately said yes!

This collab is going to be all about makeup through the ages. And today was the day Sharon would hook us up to our era. To find out which era myself and all the other YouTubers got, quickly press play on the video above!

WOOHOO! 80’s baby! I already had a feeling I was going to get this one. I’m so excited!

✕ Sharon Farrell → Click for Channel
✕ Chloe Morello → Click for Channel
✕ Shaaanxo → Click for Channel
✕ Letzmakeup → Click for Channel
✕ VintageorTacky → Click for Channel
✕ Jeanfrancoiscd → Click for Channel
✕ Karima McKimmie → Click for Channel

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