How dying my hair for a Tutorial, Became a tragedy.

“Wreck-It Ralph”, one of my all-time favorite movies to watch. Everything about this movie makes me so darn happy. Especially this little girl here: Vanellope von Schweetz.
I watched the movie again, a couple of weeks ago and decided it was about time to finally film a “Sugar-Rush Land Inspired” makeup tutorial.

One of my most brilliant ideas ever(not) was to go back to pink hair for this tutorial..

So my idea for this tutorial was to go all out. I first wanted to do a Kevin Murphy dip-dye, but that quickly felt unfinished. Wigs aren’t really my forte, so I rapidly decided to make an appointment at my hair salon, and go back to the oh-so-wonderfull pink hair, I once rocked.

I arrive at my hair salon, do my usual Dutch three-kiss greetings and explain them I want to go back to the pink hair they once gave me before. Although this time I asked it to be a little bit more “baby pink” instead of “lilac-y, lavender”. “No Problem!” I immediately got as a response. Oh gosh, how I was excited. I would have this amazing baby pink hair, which would be A⁺ for my Sugar-Rush Land tutorial.

One of the hair stylists start working on my roots. Usual procedure thus far. Forty minutes later I’m left with perfectly, bleached, quite damaged roots. Again, usual procedure thus far. But this is where it all went down. My stylist tells me: “Be right back, gonna make your mixture. Let’s add a little magenta, to make it more pink”..

Now in the back of my mind alarm bells started going off, wait, what?… MAGENTA?
Wasn’t magenta based on red? Wasn’t red going to go very, very bright on my light hair?
I decided to ignore the alarm bells and relax for once in a while. Trust people, Nikkie..

My stylist starts putting the color in and all is fine. She rinses it out and she quietly tells me: “You know pink dye washes out extremely fast right?” … Why is she telling me this? What happened? – We walk to the nearest mirror and there it was…. Nikkie on Amanda Bynes crack.

What. The. Actual. Fudge. – This isn’t baby pink? This isn’t soft, cute and edgy but very wearable at the same time. THIS IS COTTON CANDY. My stylist styles my hair with some curls, and in the mean time I’m trying to fight back the tears.

Don’t get me wrong, I love bright colored hair, I get amazed by it.. But not on myself!

In the most depressed mood ever I walk to my car, feeling like Lady Gaga chased by paparazzi. I close my door and just start screaming. No really, I screamed.

As I think of numerous ways of purchasing multiple wigs on Ebay, I get home and leave my mom in utter shock, haha, you should’ve seen her face.

I walk to our shower and start washing my hair up to 7 times. My scalp no longer excisted, and the pink didn’t really get any lighter..

↑ Just look at all that pain in my eyes, haha!
I decided to call my hair stylist, and ask for her to fix it. I went back to the salon, and my stylist quickly went back in with some bleach to make it all lighter.

My scalp felt like hell at this point, but it had to be done! After blow drying the whole thing and pampering me a bit, at last I finally had the soft baby pink, peachy hair I asked for..

Conclusion of this whole story: When you hear alarm bells in the back of your head, YOU LISTEN TO THEM! – I still think my hair is a little too bright, but for the Sugar-Rush tutorial it’ll be great. In the mean time I can’t wait for this to become a bit lighter.

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