And the winners are..

*cough, cough* Let’s do this the America’s Next Top Model way, shall we?

Will the 9,217 of you, please step forward.. 9,217 beautiful people stand before me..
But I only have 4 highly photoshopped winner photos in my hands. I’ll only call 4 names, and the people that I do not call must immediately not get mad, don’t start a fight, and go easy on me..

NikkieTutorials’ Quick Giveaway winners are..

The winners of the Makeup Studio Jewel Effects in “Shine”:

And the Lady Gaga Black Fluid Perfume “Fame” goes to:

All winners have been contacted by email and have to reply in the next 48 hours.
If I do not get any replies from them, a new winner will be picked. If this is the case, all updates/new winners will be on my Facebook page. Not here on the blog.

Thank you all so much for participating in this very easy giveaway.
If you did not win, no need to be sad or angry. If people can behave in the comments,
I’m gonna plan on doing more of these in the future, so be nice ;)

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