Pupa #03 Dèco Diamond Eyeshadow – The ultimate MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish dupe?

My love for the M.A.C Extra Dimension Skinfinishes has always been a well known fact.
But every product has its flaws. With these babies: They’re limited edition. And knowing M.A.C that won’t change any time soon. Yeah M.A.C get on it!

That’s why when I was browsing through some drugstores here in the Netherlands with my mom my jaw literally dropped. Four PUPA Dèco Diamond eyeshadows. All shining bright like a diamond. Shine bright like a diam….. Okay, I’ll stop.

These four beauties literally made me stop and stare. And #03 looked very familiar…

Before we compare PUPA’s 03 Rose Diamond Dèco Eyeshadow to M.A.C’s Extra Dimension Skinfinish in “Superb” first let’s take a closer look at the PUPA shadow alone.

Let’s start calling this child “Rose Diamond” from now on, shall we?

Rose Diamond comes in a beautiful off-white box with cutesy, dainty gold dots.
The eyeshadow itself is packaged in a semi big faux-gold, plastic case. Which, in my opinion is too big. It needs a lot of room to store, And sometimes that can be a little annoying.

But really, who’s complaining when the product itself is SO gorgeous?

Will you look at that! Rose Diamond is absolutely stunning! It’s pigmented, you can use it wet and did I mention that it is utterly stunning already? I get instant Hollywood Glam vibes from this. Yum!

But how does it compare to M.A.C’s Extra Dimension Skinfinish in “Superb”?

(TOP: PUPA 03 Rose Diamond Dèco Eyeshadow
BOTTOM: M.A.C Extra Dimension Skinfinish “Superb”)

Yeah, pretty awesome huh?
These two are almost identical. The only difference I could find was: “Rose Diamond” is a little bit more pigmented than “Superb” is. Which, duh.. It’s an eyeshadow.
But if you want the exact same effect as “Superb” just use a light hand when applying it.

There’s another difference! “Rose Diamond” retails for €15,50 EUR / $19,98 USD
and M.A.C’s Extra Dimension Skinfinish “Superb” for €27,50 EUR / $29,00 USD.
“Superb” does contain 9g/0.31 US OZ though, whereas “Rose Diamond” contains 3,5g/.124 US OZ.

Price and amount of product wise you can’t really choose between the two.
However I’m pretty sure all of the M.A.C Extra Dimension Skin Finishes are sold out.
So you kinda have to choose for “Rose Diamond” at this point.

PUPA is available at selected Dutch Drug Stores and Pupa-Makeup.nl

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