Preview: Harry Potter ‘Slytherin’ Makeup Tutorial

One of the things I want to do on this site is show you guys previews of my tutorials.
When I film a tutorial, I go all the way for it, and when I’m finished I ALWAYS want to share the look immediately..
Too bad I have to edit an entire video first, to show you guys something LOL ^^

So from now on, whenever I’ve filmed a look the first preview of it, will be right here!

Today I filmed my second installment of my Harry Potter House Inspired Series ft. Vintageortacky.
Me and Cora decided that I’d be the bad girl and Cora the gooood!

Yes, that’s right! I am Slytherin this time around.

I LOVED filming this tutorial, I got completely in the mood of the bad people Slytherin has in its House.
While applying my makeup I kept thinking about CutiePatootie Voldermort, Always-Happy-Bellatrix and all the Death Eaters.

SO, Enough of me blabbing… Behold……NIKKIE’S SLYTHERIN LOOK! *drops microphone* ‘shit.’

HAH! *evil face*

Ofcourse I’m not showing you the entire thing yet, so here’s just a B&W :’)
This is also my default Twitter Picture, BTW!

I hope you like it, and ofcourse check out the tutorial once it goes Live.

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