Giveaway: MAC Chomographic Pencil “Hi-Def Cyan”

One of my favorites things to do in Summer is fancy up my waterlines with a pop of color. The color I gravitate towards the most has to be blue. The brighter, the better. When running some blue across my waterlines, the one I like to use most is MAC’s Chromagraphic Pencil in Hi-Def Cyan. It’s intense, easy to apply and lasts like a rock.

And what to do when you absolutely love a product? That’s right, share the love! One lucky viewer will win this beauty. Want a chance of winning? Quickly click for more!

Here are all the deets one more time:
▶︎ To participate, leave a comment below. You can tell me anything, but I like things to be original and funny. So I’ll leave that up to you. Work it!
▶︎ You have to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Not subscribed yet? Click here
▶︎ Giveaway is open international
▶︎ Ends June 30th 2014

Good luck, and may the best comment win!

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180 Responses to Giveaway: MAC Chomographic Pencil “Hi-Def Cyan”

  1. Aaah, that kind of blue is my favourite.

  2. Sharity Verstegen says:

    I don’t need to leave an funny comment because I’m awesome. This would totally rock a make-up look when the Netherlands are going to beat Chile’s ass!

  3. Javiera says:

    As my country is playing with yours, i enter the giveaway ahaha NEDvsCHI

  4. Nicole Abbott says:

    So one time a nun and a priest walk into a bar…..

  5. Nikki says:

    Whoa! Deze kleur is echt gaaf!
    Als Nederland verder komt met het WK is dit ook een leuk accent voor op mijn ogen!
    (En rood natuurlijk).

  6. Carla says:

    I need to win because you know… I’m Spanish and you kicked our asses in the World Cup. A bit of bright blue on my waterline surely can kick the sadness away! Or in worst case scenario, maybe hide a bit the tears. :P

  7. Lisanne says:

    Ik ben jarig op 3 juli… leuk verjaardags cadeautje? ;)

  8. Lisette says:

    you asked for funny. Funny is what you’ll get.
    Why does the cosmetics girl walk funny?
    … her lips stick.

    *badum tsss*

  9. Nicole says:

    I just love your videos <3 you are so funny and i would love to meet you :)

  10. Emma-Lee says:

    I once had a dream about my future baby having a verbal argument with a mountain bike.

  11. Erin Epps says:

    Purple is my favorite color and as blue makes up half it’s coloring I thought it my duty to enter the giveaway. Besides much like you, whe it’s a pretty color, I rarely let people see me blue…I say that I’ve never seen a vid with you down in the dumps. Take care from the USA. -love, Erin.

  12. Manon van der Plas says:

    Blue, blue , blue, beautiful eyes , we get by you ! A very nice pencil, perfect in my eyes. X

  13. Joyce says:

    ik wil graag een smurf zijn

  14. indira says:

    I love doing a crazy wing with bright colors on my eyes and that makes me feel so confident because people look at me thinking that I am crazy for doing that, but this will be my first time using blue eyeliner I usually use flouresent yellow, green and pink. I want to look even more different with that blue.

  15. Anne says:

    It’s so Blue-tiful! :)

  16. Joyce says:

    Ik wil graag eeen smurf zijn enn ik wil de blauwe lucht van telletubbiess zijn :o

  17. beautyding says:

    Jaa, superleuk. Als ik een blauw oogpotlood zie moet ik gauw denken aan zo’n hele foute 80’s look, maar dat hoeft niet ;) Het lijkt me leuk om meer met kleur te spelen, en om dit potlood te gebruiken op de waterlijn in de zomer of als gekleurde mascara. Veel succes Nikkie!

  18. sanne says:

    Ik ben al vier dagen enorm ziek en het enige wat ik kan verdragen zoom
    Is jouw filmpjes kijken. Je hebt me door de dagen heen gesleept. En ik zou natuurlijk graag dit potlood willen winnen, om ASAP (as sassy as possible) erbij te lopen deze zomer.
    Love you! <3

  19. mari says:

    Oooh I love that color its my favorite shade of blue.
    So we’re suppose to leave a funny comment to enter?….. Hmm

  20. Dusica says:

    Oh my gosh, so much pressure, can’t say anything funny! :P

  21. sanne says:

    En zou je er misschien een look mee willen maken?

  22. My cat is secretly a ninja. At night while we sleep, she gets dressed up in a black suit, grabs her nunchucks and sneaks out. She stops crime in its path and even has something similar to Batman’s Bat-Symbol…only hers is a symbol of a duck. We have no idea why.

    I know this for a fact because my cousin’s nephew’s teacher told me she saw her on the streets one night viciously attacking a group of wannabe burglars at an ice cream parlor. FACT!

  23. Iris Visser says:

    Een grappige reactie… Hmmm… Ik zou mezelf alleen maar voor ‘lul’ zetten omdat ik zo onorgineel ben, haha! Maar ik doe mee! Liefs’ Iris

  24. Robert Art says:

    Het lijkt me echt een mooi potlood Nikkie!
    Ik heb het zelf nog nooit gebruikt maar als jij zegt dat die goed op de waterlijn blijft dan is het zo.
    Normaal doe ik nooit mee aan een give away omdat ik in mijn HELE leven (wat nog maar bijna 18 jaar is) nog NOOIT iets heb gewonnen..
    Isn’t that a sad story…
    Maar goed ga veder met je youtube filmpjes! Want ik kijk ze te graag :$.
    Je doet het zo leuk en je karakter komt goed over in je filmpjes, And that my dear is a gift!

    Love and kisses from one of the dutchiess!

    Robert xoxo

    Ps ik wil echt dat potlood! leuk voor een festival of voor men master class volgend jaar xd.

  25. Maike says:

    Chile the fuck out, we got this!

    In het thema Nl-chili (:

    • Maike says:

      P.s. Volgensmij is mijn email op youtube anders dan hier omdat mijn oude email is gehackt. Mijn account op youtube heeft hetzelfde adres maar dan .com op het eind in plaats van .nl … Het account heet APPELxSIENTJE en ik heb ooit geprobeerd om dat adres te veranderen maar ik weet niet of dat toen is gelukt… Ik hoop niet dat dat voor problemen zorgt… Maar dat zien we dan wel weer…
      Groetn oet twente (;

  26. Ik vind jou echt de tofste beauty guru ever en als jij wat weg geeft dan moet het wel fabulous zijn !!
    Ik zou deze heel graag willen winnen ! Veel plezier met alle leuke comments lezen haha!

  27. Elle says:

    I already subscribed to your channel, I absolutely loooove your tutorials. I think you’re talented as hell and on top of that, you’re also very funny, I just love watching your video’s because you don’t try to look ‘perfect’ on camera, like many beautybloggers do, but you’re just yourself and I love that. Stay who you are and keep up the good work! And… GIVE ME THAT PENCIL. No seriously, I absolutely want it haha. It’d be my first MAC product, wouldn’t you feel honored because of that? Hahah, just kidding. Still hope that I’ll win, but right now there’s nothing more I can do except waiting. :)

    Xx Elle ;)

  28. Justyna says:

    I just need that pencil to make my eyes more beautiful :-D I got a pair of brown bambi eyes, a perfect match :-)

    Love your humor!

    Have a nice day! :-)

  29. Gaby Bos says:

    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    Brown is the colour

    Of elephant poo.

    This poem is a little lame but thats ok!

    Lots of love Gaby

  30. Jen Mulvey says:

    I love cyan (pronounce see an :S) cyan in makeup, its great to cyan the summer again along with cyan this in my post box, is it too dorky a comment yet? oh dear

  31. Andrea Almagro Arenillas says:

    My summer will be grey because I’m going to spend it studying in my room but winning this pencil would turn it from grey to blue :D

  32. Nhu says:

    You have pretty blue eyes!

  33. Veronica says:

    When its comes to cat eyes there is nothing better than a blue wing!

  34. Marisa Pollock says:

    Roses are red violets are blue, and so is this pencil!

  35. Charleen Garcia says:

    This color is gorgeous I’ve been feeling the blues for summer. Definitely obsessing on royal blue. That blue would make a beautiful combination.

  36. Marny says:

    Why is the ocean blue? Because all the fishies go blueb, blueb, blueb! (EH. I suck at funny)

  37. Marith says:

    Met deze ooglook zullen alle zeemeermannen voor me vallen. Oogpotlood aanbrengen, een paar keer zwoel met mijn ogen knipper en klaar! Ik zal de koningin van de zee zijn.
    Moet je eens zien,
    wat hier al ligt,
    Zoiets is toch een geweldig gezicht.
    Vind je mij dan niet een kind,
    Een meisje dat alles heeft.
    Zoveel gevonden hier in de zee
    Als je hier rondkijkt,
    dan krijg je het idee
    Het meisje dat dit heeft vergaard,
    tja die heeft alles wel
    Al die spulletjes vind ik zo prachtig,
    ik bewonder ze iedere keer
    Wil je een dittemedat?
    Ik heb er tachtig.
    Het maakt niet uit,
    het heeft geen zin,
    ik wil meeeer….

    IK wil dit oogpotlood!

    xx love you nikkie

  38. Elin Anna says:

    poop :)

  39. If I don’t gain a chance to win this pencil… I might die. You know as a make up artist, I just must have this product. I’ve been wanting this shade for the longest and I can’t find it anywhere! Thank you!

  40. GIRL! Do you think you could make another modern pin up tutorial? Pleasseeeee and btw that blue is magnificent

  41. Sanne Broekmans says:

    Ik houd veel van make-up en volg daarom ook beautyblogs dus ik kwam jou ook tegen, het begon met je youtube channel wat ik super leuk vind en toen naar je site. Ik vind je altijd erg vrolijk en spontaan en ik houd ervan om je Engels te horen praten want ik hoor toch ook wel een beetje dat je Nederlands bent maar omdat je zo goed Engels praat klink het erg goed.
    Je hebt ook altijd erg leuke tutorials met vaak veel kleur, zelf draag ik naar school subtiele make-up maar als ik thuis ben houd ik ervan om te experimenteren met make-up en kleur. Dit potlood komt dan ook erg goed van pas want dan kan ik me in bijv. een leuke mermaid style opmaken. Blijf zo doorgaan je doet het goed!


  42. Gabby Reyes says:

    Keep calm and send me the pencil

  43. Fiona says:

    Okay make it funny, maybe a joke

    Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?
    Orange who?
    Orange you going let me win :) ?

    Love the blue wing look they made with it btw!! X

  44. I love having a light makeup with a fun color on the waterline but I use mainly purple cause I have green eyes

  45. Sofie says:

    Hii Nikkie,

    Funny? You want funny… I cannot be funny under pressure! I can tell you that I love make-up, your tutorials, coloured eye liner and MAC! So basically, this would be perfect for me! The colour is unique and different than anything I have ever seen in my life. Okay, something funny then… I can’t escape it, can I? I am the clumsiest person in the world, so let’s focus on that. It is not one huge thing, but a lot of little things. For example, recently I figured out that I sing when I am walking down the street. Also a thing that happens to me more and more, is that I start laughing for no particular reason. And I am alone. And I am in a public area. I know, it isn’t that funny, if you read it. But I am sure that you would find it funny if you were there! Promise!!!

  46. Ana Merlot says:

    I’m that one person at parties who everyone lookt at as soon they smell a fart. Why do they think it was me who farted? Well…let’s just say ot’s a life style :)

    Oh my chilli is done, gotta get them beans girl!


  47. Eve G says:

    Ahhh I need something in the sort of beautiful bright, but still kinda 60’s blue in my life

  48. Kylene Unger says:

    hey nikkie what do you call a cow with no legs??

    ground beef bhahaha

  49. Lara says:

    I’ll turn 18 soon, the perfect color for a birthday party!

  50. Megan says:

    I’m not very funny, but I do enjoy long walks on the beach, eating burritos, watching reality tv, and buying makeup I can’t afford… so at least there’s that?

  51. femketje says:

    zat net helemaal klaar in oranje outfit en BAMMES, weer gewonnen :D

  52. Emma says:

    Hmm.. Blauwe oogpotloden zijn wel wat ’80s en barbie-achtig. Maar al het goede komt natuurlijk uit het tijdperk van de glimmende leggings en het grote haar. Zonder al die dingen wisten we nu niet hoe we volume kunnen creëren in onze lokken ;)
    I would love to win!

  53. Samantha says:

    Well, you know Nikkie?
    This pencil is already talking to my eyes. It’s saying this:

    Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.
    Never gonna run around and desert you.
    Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye.
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

    Well it’s true cause I know MAC’s pencils won’t run around and stay all day, won’t hurt my sensitive eyes, won’t make me cry and the colour is so pigmented and that’s not an lie!

  54. Cynthia says:

    I’m blue ..da ba de..da ba die..da ba de da ba die.. or I will be if I get that blue liner lol damn it now I have that song stuck in my head

  55. fanny says:

    Sencilla,callada, tierna cual lirio azul me vere cuanto este lapiz use en mi look :P jajajajaja en verdad me encanta, my english is very bad, my comments is spanish.

  56. My very first makeup product was a blue eyeliner from walmart! when i was a kid, my mother didnt want me wearing makeup, but i went to walmart, got it anyway, and every day when she dropped me off at school id run to the bathroom and put that blue eyeliner on my waterline until I used up the entire pencil! to this day, i love blue eyeliner/lipliner.

  57. chelsea says:

    Ooh that would so match the blue eye shadow to create the perfect eye dazzle!!! Yay I love this giveaway”:3

  58. Chloë Brouwer says:

    Wait… this is a pencil for the lips, right?
    Who would do such a color on the eyes when you can put it on your lips,
    or even eyebrows. Such a waist to put it in obvious places ;)
    I would probably use it as a bellybutton liner!

  59. Bianca Rogoveanu says:

    Count me in !

  60. Annkathrin says:

    You are definitly the best youtuber I came across! You werde One of the First youtubers I Watched beginning in 2009 :) you are only a half Year oder than I am but you already achieved so much – i wish You will reach all your Goals (:

    Gretes from Germany <3

  61. Mira Foster says:

    My phrase of the week…
    I’d like to rub it all over my body!

  62. Simone says:

    Ik moet naar summer school :( dus geen summertime happiness but summertime sadness. Maar deze fantastische blauwe oogpotlood zal die grijze stofwaas van mijn schoolboeken omtoveren in een mooie blauwe waas vol happy times.

    Ik vind hem echt geweldig

  63. yesenia aguilar says:

    This is a outstanding gorgeous fabulous blue eye pencil you could wear it with anything with this skyblue who wouldn’t sing the blue’s :-) :-) :-)

  64. Nissah says:

    Superduperdepuper amazeballss mooi! Laat mij denken aan de mooie stranden @ mijn dushi eiland Korsou!! Ik zou hier een mooie look mee kunnen creëren voor op mijn makeup-page (op FB). :-)

  65. Martina says:

    Roses are red,
    this pencil is cyan
    and so are the tears in the chileans’ eyes


  66. Judy says:

    Heee nikkie!
    Ik ben net begonnen met wat klusjes als visagist en ik zou hier later ook dolgraag mee door willen gaan. Ik kijk ook ieder filmpje van je en leer daar ook super veel van! Dit potlood zou perfect bij mijn makeup passen en past ook goed bij veel oogkleuren en is ook super vrolijk voor deze zomer!
    Nou nog even een grapje: waarom kan harry niet lopen? Harry is een steen :’)
    Heeel veel groetjes judy

  67. Celena says:

    I am in love with all of your tutorials!!! I think that you are one of the best beauty gurus/makeup artists on YouTube.
    I would LOVE to have this color because I have been looking for a blue liner to make my brown eyes pop.

  68. Nawal says:

    I love this colour so much and it will look great in summer. U can’t wait to
    Try this and look beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway. YOU ARE THE BEST

  69. Nawal says:

    OMG i am loving this new colour its so beautiful and fresh colour and will look great in summer time. I can’t wait to try this. THANKS for this awesome GIVEAWAY.

  70. Merlin Borghuis says:

    leuke winactie! de.klsur is.ook echt super mooi. leuk om te combinren op de eaterlijn of als eyeliner bij een gelle look :)

  71. I been subscribed to ur channel for a while and ur tutorials are badass.

  72. Greta says:

    Hi Nikki, please consider to give me this pencil so I can draw a fucking giant Smurf all over my lid.

  73. Elena T says:

    That’s a nice giveaway and the reason you did it is so cool!
    This time I did enjoy watching some of the World Cup football games and I loved that the results were so unpredictable in some cases. That’s really cool when small teams win and the favorites go home! LOL!

  74. Lorena C says:

    So there was a dog nd a chicken and the dog likes the chicken and……. They lived happily ever after the end

  75. Debbie says:

    Woohoo! With this pencil I won’t have to hit myself anymore.. That would be awesome =)

  76. Taru Väänänen says:

    Yay! Go netherlandssss=) I dont have anything funny to say ! lol ! Have a great day and regards from Finland <3

  77. Joëlle says:

    Altijd wanneer ik onder druk sta klap ik dicht! Ik wil zo graag iets grappigs zeggen maar het enige wat ik kan bedenken is deze zielige tekst over hoe niet grappig ik ben… Misschien interesseert dit verhaaltje je wel:

    Op school volg ik als keuze vak Spaans, we moesten een presentatie geven over ons idool en al hoewel iedereen beyonce of een bekende voetballer had gekozen ging ik voor DE NikkieTutorials. Uiteindelijk ben ik erg lang bezig geweest met filmpjes van vroeger terug kijken en je tv debuut bij de wereld draait door te bewonderen, zo lang zelfs dat toen ik aan mijn presentatie begon ik merkte dat ik het woord ‘make-up’ niet wist in het Spaans en ‘make-up artist’ was al helemaal een uitdaging. Na een kwartier ongemakkelijk stotterend half Nederlands, een kwart Engels en een kwart Spaans proberen te spreken was ik eindelijk klaar. De lerares keek me geamuseerd aan en zei later dat ze het een best leuke presentatie vond omdat ik blijkbaar erg overdreven stond te zwaaien met mijn armen en heftige hand gebaren te maken. Ze vond wel dat ik veel Nederlandse zinnen gebruikte, ze vertelde namelijk dat ik meedere keren ‘mijn god’ en ‘oh wat erg!’ Had geroepen door mijn presentatie heen. Uiteindelijk kreeg ik als nog een 6 dus Nikkie, je hebt indirect mij aan mijn diploma geholpen! Bedankt ;)

    Xx Joëlle

  78. Noelia García Fuentes says:

    OH GOD, I WANT IT! I’m spanish, so i don’t have to say much more to win! coz ya know, ole ole, gazpacho y toros (H)

  79. Original makes me think I have to make you a macaroni necklace to win this giveaway.. so if by any chance I win there’s a macaroni necklace with your name on it coming your way! (or am I trying to bribe you now?)

  80. Trina says:

    Hey girl hey! Lol. Just thought you should know that I say “oh gaaaaaaaaaad…. No” just like you when a product sucks! Thanks ;)

  81. Tjardi says:

    Hallo Nikkie!
    Ik ben al een tijdje bezig met het aanleggen van een ware MAC cosmetics-verzameling, maar mijn karige loontje vindt deze verslaving niet goed op dit moment! Net nu ik wat oogpotloden wilde aanschaffen….
    Kan jij mij misschien vooruit helpen?

  82. AsyaLu says:

    Trying to be original I’m gonna answer your question: when I love a product I wear it every single day, no matter what =) once I bought this palette and I loved it so much that I wore the shadows every day for like a week, the problem was those were pretty dark brown and sparkly shadows so I could only create a smokey eye look, and I usually only wear a little mascara: it was fun going putting all this make up on for no reason =) maybe you didn’t care but I wanted to share this, love your videos, you look so REAL and you always come out with so amazing looks, they’re such an inspiration! I hope to win, I love that blue for summer (plus it would look super good with my brown eyes) **

  83. Acid Paprika says:

    Is Kruidvat as messy and crapholey in NED as it is in Belgium? I swear I’ll travel to NED on my next visit and inspect.
    Otherwise, I can’t be funny under pressure, situational comedy is most funny. Like Chandler says: I’m not so good with the advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?

  84. You know what is funny?
    Me trying to win this pencil and trying to remember a joke I heard like an hour ago, and I cannot, so I will just have faint in my luck :)

  85. giulia says:

    I’m sorry this comment isn’t funny, but just wanted to let u know that I’m addicted to your videos, you’re so genuinely funny and sweet and one of the best makeup gurus on youtube :)! Kisses from Italy!

    Ps: can’t wait for your monthly hits and “oh god no”, mainly to hear your voice when you say it hahaha :)

  86. Kylie Luteraan says:

    HUP holland HUP! We cooked chile in 90 minutes. ;)

    I love this colour though! I’d love to use this for my “HUP Oranje” makeup!

    Also, sometimes I feel like you are my best friend. Tall girl problems? The struggle is real.
    Pasty pale? Your suggestions for heroine and Loreal True Match with some pro long wear concealer saved my face. (I guess I could call you a… HEROINE *ba dum tiss*)
    Glorious. When nikkietutorials tells you a product is great on her, YOU BUY IT.

    Dag! Kylie x

  87. veronika says:

    i’m really not good at this, let’s just hope i’m better at lining my eyes ;)

  88. Victoria says:

    A bright blue eyeliner would probably accentuate my bright pink and purple hair perfectly. Summer is no time to subtle!

  89. Mieke says:

    Hold it! I’m ur girl!
    My man likes bikes just like yours does so if you love this pencil I am sure I will too :-D
    Thx for making me smile with your videos!

  90. Luna says:

    I’m a Dutch Bookblogger and for now, I’m totally addicted here… I see a MAC product and I can’t stop smiling right now… I love it and I want to participate with this challenge! I share it!

    My English is a completely mess, but your know what: I give it a try ;)

  91. nijah says:

    I’m blue da ba dee da ba die…

  92. alexandria says:

    Hey girl! That eyeliner is fab! ;)

  93. Amy VL says:

    Today I had this “studiekeuzecheck-dag” at Erasmus Uni Rotterdam, and it was a blast. Well, at first I got into the wrong train with my sleepy head, and found out after my day at the university I lost my public transportation card (“Oh crap. I lost my OV, I… lost my soul!”). I had a blast and met super nice people! So, when I was done orienting at the university I naturally went shopping and got my makeup applied at yes, the mac counter at the Bijenkorf. I felt suuuuuperpuuurty. And that was my day! Hope you had a great Monday as well. (• ◡•)

  94. Pernille says:

    Since we’re all girls here, i think we can agree on this:
    PMS jokes aren’t funny. Period..

    That was my attempt at being funny..
    Kinda lame, i know, but it’s hard to translate jokes into english and still have them be funny! :)
    But i really love that blue color! I haven’t seen anything that looks like it in the drugstores and i don’t really have the kind of money to go around buying MAC cosmetics..

  95. Colleen Boudreau says:

    What do you call a bear without teeth?
    A gummie bear! :)

  96. Ellen says:

    Ik ben grappiger in het echt

  97. Agustina Gaudio says:

    I’ve been loving the pop of colour trend since it started, but my mum seems to hate it. So whenever I go to buy makeup she simply tells me she hates it, and She won’t let me buy a blue, or a green or a purple… So if I win this, I can just tell her “it’s not my fault mum! Nikkie loves me and she gave me this drop-that gorgeous liner!”

  98. Kelsey Niehaus says:

    If I’m lucky enough to win this, I’ll be singing away “I’m Blue da ba di da ba di” ;) loyal YouTube subscriber @Kelsey_Niehaus

  99. alexis says:

    I just love blue eyeliner lately and would love to get it, just cyan!

  100. Carmen says:

    Girl, my cat was fighting yesterday with a bird and the bird was actually winning! I’m an awful cat trainer :( Will you make me happy again giving me that eye pencil? Maybe my cat can wear it too!

  101. Kit yin says:

    So blue like a part of dutch flag. With this i think of the beach and summer <3

  102. LiZ says:

    Dit op je ogen, voor de rest een glowy look. Mooie maxidress met prachtige high heels, een grote flaphoed en ik ben klaar voor m’n vakantie

  103. Noelia Garcia Fuentes says:

    Ok, few days ago, I was walking on the street and there was a woman with a big handbag, pretty normal. Then, a man took it and ran away. To everyone’s surprise, the woman began to laugh hysterically. All of us went to ask because we thought it was because she had an anxiety attack or something like that. After that, when the woman stopped to laugh, she told us that in the handbag there wasn’t money or anything important, there was a dead cat, HER cat, that she was going to throw to the river.
    ALL OF THAT is real, I promise.
    Hope you like it , and hope I win the pencil ;))

  104. Olivia Araujo says:

    Ok so when I was a little kid I used to think that girls only had mothers and boys only had fathers, and I had both because I was special, I also used to think that you could choose a new birthday for yourself every year

  105. Tanya says:

    Why did the crab blush?
    Because he saw the salad dressing

  106. Kimmy van der Schee says:

    I am the kind of girl that doesn’t have that much funny moments but more awkward ones. Like the 100 times that my boyfriend is mistaken as my brother or that one time that I was walking on high heels at a very chique event and I just fell down the stairs like a sack of potatoes, it didn’t hurt because it was just 4 steps, but I just sat on the ground and nobody helped me :(

  107. coco says:

    On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re a 9. I’m the 1 you need.

  108. Katie says:

    I don’t know how to be funny, so here is a man in a top hat.
    ミ ´_>`)

  109. Olivia O. says:

    Oh gosh, so hard to be entertaining on command. Well, that blue is gorgeous and right up my alley, so it’d be fantastic to win. Here’s a picture of a very attractive man, maybe that will sway you, haha :D Have a lovely day!

  110. Christen says:

    Wow! I don’t think I can beat the thief stealing the dead cat story closely above, I think that one deserves a pencil, with another pencil to the woman who owned the cat.

    My girlfriend told me I should wear all my clothes in my closet, wear all my jewelry in my collection, so I am daily wearing all the clothes I’ve been saving for a “special occasion”, with pieces of jewelry from the archives, something different every day, and have been buying new makeup to add drama to my style. I just turned 55 this week and have decided I want to shine as brightly as I can.

  111. Jessica Lacrete says:

    “I love having an ass for a face *creepy smile*.” <– (Quote from you in your video.)

    "I love having your ass on my face. *derp*" <– (Me trying to repeat it to someone else. :/) lol

  112. Risca says:

    I love your tutorials. in my town woman dont share makeup skill and they afraid to wear makeup. so i follow your tutorials and always get compliment from man (woman hates me). I always wonder what you look like with brunette hair.

  113. Naomi says:

    I don’t have anything funny to say. But I do want to say I’ve never tried using something so bright don’t think it would be fun to try now that I’m getting better with using makeup and more confident. So if I won I would definitely use it. Also I’m not even sure of this is open internationally I don’t see it stated anywhere. But I’m from the us so if it’s not then disregard this post I suppose.

  114. Paola Holthausen says:

    Roses are red. Violets are blue. Please let my eyes look like violets too!

  115. Chelsey Carr says:

    Hey Nikkie you’re so fine, you’re so fine I wanna pop my waterline, hey Nikkie! Yeah, hey Nikkie!

  116. Elodie says:

    I really don’t know how to do funny… but I’d still love to win because I love doing that pop of color in the summer! Not on the waterline though because it makes my eyes look really weird, like super round and close set especialy if I go for the inner corner and bottom waterline, but I
    love love doing winged eyeliner this way!

  117. Elisa says:

    Wanna change my mind about mac products couse i always had bad experience :/
    U can make it ;)))

  118. Evelyn says:

    Why did the blonde put lipstick on her forehead? She was trying to make up her mind. Hahaha! Get it, get it? Make up her mind… Anyways, i’m in :) hope this lame joke will do it!

  119. Konstantina Staikou says:

    Dit is leuk!!! I want it!

  120. Chirine says:

    I don’t really know what to comment about..what I do know is that the weather has been pissing me off lately, rain/sun/chill/heath like wtf Netherlands get over yourself and just stick to one type of weather per season ugh.
    Btw that blue pencil would look rad as fudge used as an eyebrow pencil or lipliner/base colour (would that be weird?).

  121. anastasia says:

    I’m in, and I love you so fudgeing much Nikkie.

  122. Bojoura says:

    Christ on a bike! That is a pretty colour!

  123. Ramona says:

    The color blue makes me always think of one song “Blue Canary”
    Love the song, i was fortunate to see Slava’s Snowshow were they perform live with it.
    Check out their wonderful performance here:

    Best Regards, Ramona

  124. Karin Shaim says:

    wow! this is my favorite color :D

  125. Sabrina says:

    Wat een beautifull kleur ik hoop echt dat Nederland KAMPIOEN!!!!!!!!!! wordt ( heb net je make up boek gwkoch ILOVEIT zo leuk

  126. Véronique says:

    reminds me of the song Hemelsblauw from Will Tura ^^
    loving the vibrant blue!

  127. Miriam says:

    This comes out of the blue

  128. Miriam says:

    Well, this comes out of the blue.

  129. Miriam says:

    Ja hoor heb ik weer, 2x dezelfde comment..
    Sorryy! ik verstuurde hem eerst maar toen deed hij raar en toen zag ik hem ook niet staan dus deed ik hem opnieuw.. Sorry!

  130. Tessa says:

    Ik hoorde laatst van het zusje van een vriendin dat ze met een aantal vriendinnetjes naar een pretpark was. Een van die vriendinnetjes vond zij niet zo leuk en uiteraard moest zij toen ze in het spookhuis, in zo’n achtbaantje, was naast haar zitten. Toen heeft ze toen in het donker dat andere meisje keihard geknepen en daarna gedaan alsof er niets aan de hand was.

    Het is zo erg, maar ik moest hier zo hard om lachen toen ik het hoorde haha!

  131. Alina says:

    Can we taaalk about how good that eyeliner would look with No Money No Honey on the inner corner or, screw it, all over the lid!?!?! I’m having a moment over here. Something about bright blue and gold/champagne just does it for me.

  132. Nori says:

    Dear Nikkie,

    I would love to win this beautiful pencil and therefore, I will tell you a story.
    2 months ago, I went to New York City with my dad for vacation. Of course, we went to Times Square, and óf course, I ran into the Sephora the moment I saw it. And I did the thing that everyone should do. I bought my dear Naked 3 palette. When I gave it to the woman behind the paydesk, she told me that the Electric palette was in store too, and that one was limited edition. I told her that I saw it, but that I like natural colours better and that it was impossible to get Naked 3 in the country where I live in, Holland. The moment I mentioned Holland, she asked me if I knew you. I said that I always watch your videos and we had a fun conversation about you. She told me that she and her friends watch your videos too!

    I thought that this was nice to share with you so I hope you enjoyed reading it :)

    Xoxo Nori

  133. Cha says:

    I have a blue house with a blue window.
    Blue is the colour of all that I wear.
    Blue are the streets and all the trees are too.
    I have a girlfriend and she is so blue.
    Blue are the people here that walk around,
    Blue like my corvette, it’s standing outside.
    Blue are the words I say and what I think.
    Blue are the feelings that live inside me.

    I’m blue da ba dee da ba die…

    Ja, probeer dat deuntje nu uit je hoofd te krijgen :P

  134. charlotte says:

    Anyways, I first of all want to thank you for making a lot of tutorials lately! Tomorrow I have my last exam before I graduate at university… And you definitely made my last exam period somewhat more bearable ;)
    I saw some tutorials with a blue eyeliner and I was planning on buying one as a “graduation gift” for myself, but maybe I don’t have to ;)

    Keep up the good work!

    PS: Last week a MAC store opened in my hometown, so if you have any suggestions for a first MAC buy…

  135. I love that color, it’s amazing! I could use it to cheer for Italy during the world cup! ah, no wait…we are out! I will cheer for the netherlands :D

  136. anastasia philippou says:

    an interesting fact i read today for my last exam this year is that surgeons can reconstruct your larynx by taking part of the small intestine!! maybe not a funny post but def educational!!
    anyways thank you for the amazing tutorials, you are def one of the most talented people out there!! xxxxx

  137. Wies says:

    Wat leuk dat je deze give away doet Nikkie! Het lijkt me een toffe knal kleur voor een mooie zomerse look. Kan ik wel gebruiken voor als ik naar Spanje ga op vakantie <3

    Je maakt geweldige tutorials! Keep up the good work.

  138. Sarah says:

    I reblogged that makeup look on Tumblr forever ago & tagged it #makeupinspo but never got round to actually recreating the look – maybe winning the pencil would give me the push I need!

  139. Joni says:

    What a gorgeous pencil! I’ve been thinking of doing a fandom-inspired look on my blog every week, so if I win, I’ll definitely use it for a Hunger Games Capitol inspired look!
    Btw, I also follow you on twitter and I love the fact that you also like THG, GoT, True Blood,… Read about AHS on your twitter and decided to watch it because it sounded awesome – and it was! So thanks for the recommendation ;)

  140. I must say I’m afraid of bright colours I’d never tried om something like always wanted but….
    Since here in Brazil good make up is soooo expensive… I’d never give a try.

  141. Mayta says:

    This giveaways just blue me away!
    It’s so pretty I’m gonna die!

    No seriously, love your site, love your high def pictures,
    just…. love….. all….
    (on the otherhand this is stimulating a mad make up addiction)

    Don’t make me feeling all blue!
    Hope to hear from you soon XD

  142. Nathalie says:

    Heel leuk om te zien hoe zo’n simpele look zo leuk kan zijn!!
    ik zou graag je look namaken maar dan met potlood (want ik ben niet zo goed met eyeliner) en dit zou perfect zijn!

    keep up the good work..


  143. britt says:

    Binnenkort trouwt mijn zus en ik doe haar make-up, het is een strandfeest (zee, blauw, lucht, blauw)dus het lijkt me geweldig als zij naturel gaat en ik wat extremer!

  144. Thanks for the giveaway!! It’s soooo beautiful that cyan pencil =) As you!

  145. Cindy Cauwenberghs says:

    Ik ben geboren in 1975, dus nog “kind” in de jaren 80 ^^
    En toen was blauwe mascara etc echt in! Dit blauw doet me echt terugdenken aan die fijne, gelukkige kindertijd. Gekleurde mascara ben ik persoonlijk niet zo’n fan van, maar gekleurde eyeliner des te meer!

  146. Charlene says:

    Hey, ik heb moeite met Engels door jij filmpjes leer ik op een leuke manier Engels! Je tutorials zijn in een woord geweldig! Ik wil niet zo doen ban OMG ik wil winnen maar hey het zou wel super zijn voor het WK zodat Nederland wint

    • Charlene says:

      Ik hou ook heel erg van tekenen. Als ik de oogpotlood win dan maak ik de aller aller mooiste tekening voor jouw! Is dat geen goede deal ?! Ly

  147. Shannon says:

    Love your channel! I like that you just say whatever pops into your mind at the time, and when you swear! haha it kills me – so many gurus try to be appropriate all the time and it lacks personality. Great vids Nikkie, keep em’ comin!

  148. Rachel says:

    There were two muffins in an over. One muffin looks at the other and says, “Man, It’s really hot in here.” The second muffin screams, “OMG! It’s a talking muffin!”

    No one ever gets that joke but it’s still my favorite. It’s the simple things.

  149. Eva Passos Pereira says:

    So, me and my brother, we were born at the same day and month, but in different year! And one day at tthe daycare, he had a friend at his class, and that friend had a brother at my class. And my brother’s friend was his birthday.
    My bother arrived home and told my mom that the boy on my class didn’t had birthday.
    Long story short! My brother thought that all brothers do birthday at the same day! ;)

  150. Areti says:

    Hello :)

  151. Kacsachan says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve been searching for the perfect blue shades ever since I’m into make-up and this pencil looks like some hidden treasure (hidden, because I haven’t come across it yet – how come???).. Thinking of it, I felt lazy to put on any make-up today, but maybe a bit of colour on my waterline won’t do any harm… and a bit of mascara… and some colour to my lips… Great, you just made me putting on make-up afterall… xD Congrats on your magazine cover! Hugs & smiles from Hungary! :) (YT: Kacsachan)

  152. Beau says:

    Hup Holland hup, laat de leeuw niet in zijn hempje staan, maar geef hem (of mij) een blauw oogpotlood van Mac :)

  153. Valeria says:

    I wanna let you know I’be been sending a ton of people to your youtube channel, since ages of watching your heaven like perfection has made me compelled to study make up. I was surprised many of my classmates didn’t know you (but the sellers at Mac sure talk a lot about you XD ). They are always like “Damn girl, where did you learn to use this technique, or product, or whatever. All I reply is “BITCH, GO WATCH NIKKIE”

    I can’t fudging believe this kind of products never arrive to Argentina -.- Of course we have MAC, but they usually don’t bother bringing the new collections because they won’t pay extra import taxes. You wouldn’t believe the trouble I had to go to get my foundation NC15 :/ Like we latinamericans are all dark. Hey, at least we are forced to learn ways to use our products are chameleons and get the best out of them.

    As always, loving you from afar x.x If you ever come this way, let us Argentinians fans know!
    Besitos <3

  154. Charlotte says:

    I got a hell of week: going to cook for chef Ron Blaauw. So why don’t you give me that pencil to match that lovely name? Its a race, so i hope that if I ‘een blauwtje loop’, I’ll be comforted by this lovely pencil…

  155. Megan says:

    Nikkie let me start by saying I love watching you and have been a viewer for years now! :) ok time to for a joke my best friend told me:
    Three blondes get stuck in elevator and they have no cell signal. One of the girls suggest that they all yell together to get someone attention. They agree and start yelling
    hope u liked the joke and love ur videos! Plus that is a GORGEOUS color!

  156. Jocelyn says:

    Hi,my name is Jocelyn I can’t give you a funny comment but I just love how you give good I mean great advice on make up.This is the very first time I enter a give away hopefully it can be the first time I win won if I don’t just wanna say don’t stop giving good advice cuz I don’t now how I am going 2 do my makeup without u lol

  157. Jocelyn says:

    Hi,my name is Jocelyn I can’t give you a funny comment but I just love how you give good I mean great advice on make up.This is the very first time I enter a give away hopefully it can be the first time I win won if I don’t just wanna say don’t stop giving good advice cuz I don’t now how I am going 2 do my makeup without u lol

  158. There it is! this liner goes PERFECT with my “I Blue a Smurf” Lipstick;…

    xoxox Keep up the awesome work!

  159. Yollinen says:

    I would let a funny comment here but Im not funny in fact Im actually freak but I want to win this eyeliner pencil so bad cuz I love blue thx

  160. Caroline Johansson says:

    Im not the best with jokes, on the spot sure but on demand not so much so instead I figured Id tell you a story ^^

    Growing up I always wished for a sibling but with divorced parents I didnt think it would ever happen. Years went by and at some point around turning 15 I simply gave up wishing.
    Last year in November my dad remarried to a wonderful woman, my dad is now in his fifties. His wife does not have any kids so we, in the family, started to think that maaaaybe there could be a kiddo coming our way.. Sadly dad told us that she (his wife) didnt want any kids so we kinda gave up hope on that rather quick.
    In April me and my family, on my dads side, were out at our summer cabin getting dads cabin ready to be sold. I was standing talking to dads wifes mom when dad was trying to get in contact with me:
    Dad: Hey honey, I gotta tell you something..
    Me: Dad Im busy you gotta wait for your turn!
    Dad gets quiet and says nothing, minutes pass and I get done with my conversation. I look at my dad and ask him what he had on his mind and he answers:
    Dad: Can you ask help carry some heavy things from the cabin cause Sofia cannot carry heavy things.
    He says this with a big smile on his face, I think I dropped my jaw down to the ground.
    The happiest day of my life! I am today 23 years old and Im going to be a big sister to a beautiful baby boy who funnily enough arrives in November ^^!!

    Thank you Nikkie for being my makeup gurru!! Your videos are the highlights of my weeks! I hope you enjoyed my little story ^^

    Lots of love from your swedish fan! <3

    • Caroline Johansson says:

      omg.. supposed to say:
      Dad: Can I ask you for help to carry some heavy things from the cabin.. etc :p

  161. Laurette says:

    I’m a mermaid, I need this

  162. Marlotte says:

    Toen ik deze kleur zag dacht ik meteen aan de dominicaanse republiek met die mooie blauwe zee Toen las ik allemaal comments over nederlands rood wit blauw .
    Nu voel ik me echt een landverrader…. xD

  163. Kelly says:

    I am LIVING for this colour!!! The need for this is out of this world!! It’s extra-terrestrial !!

  164. Maite says:

    Do I have to be asian to win/use this eyepencil? Because it would be a little bit hard, I am spanish, dark and curly hair.

  165. Amanda says:

    I need this so I can have kick ass makeup at World Cup parties~~~

  166. denise says:

    als je zwarte oogpotlood niet wil matchen met de blauwe muur in je slaap kamer, dan moet je toch maar eens testen of de blauwe dat wel wil…

  167. Jolien Verschaeve says:

    Because of you I decided to start a course to become a make-up artist myself!

  168. Livia Mendonca says:

    Hi nikkie!! i just loooove your tutorials… but there’s something that bothers me… you always use this perfect brands that just don’t exist in my cowntry!!! actually, it’s not a big deal… anyway, there are mac here but it’s really overpriced… sooo… you know…. and blue is one of the colours of the flag of my cowntry (brasil)… soooo… help this pour brazilian girl rock at the world cup!


  169. Yfke says:

    Ik ben niet grappig en weet dan ook niets grappigs te bedenken, maar oké ik doe toch maar mee want dan maak ik in ieder geval nog kans.
    Lijkt me een leuk potlood voor volgend school-jaar omdat ik heb besloten om make-up naar school te gaan gebruiken. Nice pop of color hmhm

  170. SarkaWithGlasses says:

    Hi Nikkie. Love your accent. It is like you are not even a native speaker!! BTW you wanted to hear funny story. So here is one: There were three farmers. They decided to pack hey in the attic. One said: Oh, there is a hole right behind that pack. I need to be careful! Second said: Dont jump over the pack. It is dangerous. There is a hole. Third one did not think he needs to still listen to his father. Fortunetely ended up with only a knee in a bandage and luckily with a girlfriend taking care of him. And, of course, a father with the best “I told you so” of all time.

  171. Elinor Q-P says:

    Bursting for a wee but entering this giveaway comes first!

  172. Anita H. says:

    Ik had graag kans gemaakt. Maar helaas, ik ben maar zelden grappig. En als er ook nog druk op ligt… forget it.

  173. Wat gaaf! Ik zou deze heel graag willen winnen. Waarom? Ik ben nu aan het verhuizen en daarom mijn (bescheiden) make-upcollectie aan het uitzoeken. Helaas is veel ervan niet goed meer, dus ik ga heel veel weggooien. Dit lijkt me dan juist weer een mooie aanvulling! ^^

  174. Mary B. says:

    I’ve been slowly learning some makeup stuff. I’ve been rocking a daily liquid liner cats eye for a couple of years and have moved into the world of mac lipsticks. Swoon! Wouldn’t my husband just love if eyeliner became my new “collect ALL the colors!” thing? Keep in mind I already have a stupid amount of nail polish… Haha. Subbed to your channel as myraphim, looking forward to picking up some tricks!

  175. Annatema says:

    I looove this color, even though I’ve never had a MAC product before. It looks almost as awesome as you!

    I’m blue da ba dee da ba die…

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