Review & Swatches: KIKO “Addictive Song” Eyeshadow Palette

A couple of weeks ago, the boyfriend and I traveled to the city of love: Paris. And while the main goal of our trip was to celebrate our 1-year-anniversary and going to a L’oreal Cacharel event, I of course couldn’t stop myself from buying products from brands that aren’t available here in The Netherlands. One of those brands: KIKO.

When walking into the store, my eyes first landed upon KIKO’s Spring/Summer collection. I already showed you some of the products in this Paris Haul video, but I wanted to let you take a closer look at this stunning palette called Addictive Song

KIKOPalette02 KIKOPalette03 KIKOPalette01
The KIKO Addictive Song eyeshadow palette comes in sturdy, plastic Chrome Silver case. On the top you find a textured, Magenta/Violet jeans print, and KIKO’s logo. The colors of the jeans-print are different on every palette in this collection. I think with this packaging, you either love it or hate it. I personally like it a lot, it’s colorful and fun. But others may find it cheap.

KIKOPalette08 KIKOPalette07 KIKOPalette06 KIKOPalette09
BUH-BAM! The pigmentation on this palette is out of this world. No really, you should’ve seen my face when swatching this in the store. Totally and utterly speechless. The palette includes a shimmery White Gold, very similar to NARS’ Highlighting Powder in “Albatross”. A warm Peach-y/Suede Nude, bright Coral/Pink, a sensual Red/Brown and last but not least soft-shimmering, deep Brown shadow.

The formula and texture on these is amazing. The shadows literally glide on like butter. So richly pigmented and smooth, I’ve not experienced this happening a lot before. Eyeshadow crumbling is at a good low, something I expected to be far worse because this palette was so affordable. This palette is stunning!

Below I created a sensual, smokey look using this palette:

So, What’s the verdict?
This palette is wonderfully wonderful. It’s all you could wish for in such an affordable beauty. The shadows are smooth and buttery, and apply like a dream. If there would be one thing not to like about this palette it’s its color combination. And the packaging, maybe, a little bit. But come on, how can you hate on such a cheap lil’ stunner?


The KIKO Spring Summer collection is now available at – the Addictive Song Eyeshadow Palette retails for €14,90

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14 Responses to Review & Swatches: KIKO “Addictive Song” Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Manouk says:

    Love the red/brown shade ❤️❤️

  2. Dionne says:

    Wat een mooie palette! ik ben dol op Kiko!

  3. Martina says:

    Wauw dit is prachtig!

  4. Michelle says:

    Now, I do like to follow some beautyblogs and vloggers (like you) but make-up isn’t my number 1 interest, also nog number 2 or 3. But this… holycraponacracker-metpindakaas, WAUW.

  5. Dana says:

    Mijn mond viel open door de swatches, hij is echt awesome en je ooglook is tof ;)

  6. Niet normaal!!! Ik ben verliefd <3

  7. Cerys says:

    That is like me dream palette

  8. Eline says:

    Perfection, I love it <3

  9. nenacecilia says:

    De kwaliteit is zot gewoon! Prachtig paletje!

  10. Lesley says:

    Nikkie !

    Je moet de brushes ook een keer proberen, ze zijn echt super fijn, en ook niet te prijzig, het enige nadeel is, dat bij mijn contourbrush, op een begeven moment de bovenkant eraf viel, dus nu is die inimini, wel handig voor je in tas.

    Try it !


  11. Marika says:

    Nikkie, we need an eyelook tutorial with this palette!!!

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