OPI: The Holland Collection Swatches

Today I’m going to show you all the colors in the new OPI ”Holland” Collection that hits stores February 2012.

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”A Roll in The Hague”
An in my opion, jaw-dropping, glowing orange! It’s not neon, but it absolutely is bright as hell.
(2 coats)

”Red lights Ahead… Where?”
Again a really nice color for the bright-lovers out there. It’s a really bright red color, leaning more to the coral side.
(2 coats)

”Kiss Me on my Tullips”
Hahaha the names in this collection are just too funny. This the third bright color in a row.
Again, a fun bright, pink color. Just like alot of other brands have..
(2 coats)

”Pedal Faster Suzi!”
I LOVE this color! It’s so cute, fresh and that shimmer in it is to die for. Defnitely one of my favs of the collection!
(3 coats)

”Dutch ‘Ya Love OPI?”
Beautiful purple with this really cool bronze shimmer in it. In some light it looks like a creme purple,
but with the sun on it, the polish really comes to life with the unique bronze shimmer.
(2 coats)

Oehf, I love this name! What a little ‘V’ can do to a name!
This color is beautiful, but somehow it annoyed me? The texture of this polish was a bit more runny
than all the others in this collection. Also this seemed to need more layers to become opaque..
(3 -thicker- coats)

”Did you ‘ear about Van Gogh?”
Hahaha that name is hilarious. Seriously OPI is a master at naming their polishes.
I like this color alot actually! I didn’t think I would, but it’s a great dirty nude color.
(2 coats)

”Thanks WindMillion”
Now you know what’s coming, right? … You know I just don’t like greens on me.
But this one suprised me. I mean, I still wouldn’t wear it, but I did like the color of this mint-y-green..
(2 coats)

”Wooden Shoe like to Know?”
Another favorite! I am a SUCKER for nice brown polishes (brown is one of my favorite colors, don’t judge! LOL).
The tone of this brown is awesome, but that bronze shimmer in it?! HELLOOOO!!!! *drool*
It is a little bit more old-pink-y in real life, though! :)
(2 -thicker- coats)

”I have a Herring Problem”
This is a nice, like ”washed jeans”, infused with gold shimmer kind of color! It’s quite unique.
I don’t really like how this looks on me, But I can definitely see some other fab ladies rocking this.
(2 -thicker- coats)

”I don’t give a Rotterdam!”
Now, I keep messing this up with the polish above. In real life they do look a bit like eachother..
This is a more baby blue, light version of ”I have a Herring Problem”.
( 2 -thicker- coats)

”Gouda Gouda Two Shoes”
Am I the only one not getting this name?
Eitherway this polish is FABULOUS. I love the peachy-old pink-grandma color of this.
Again, this one is infused with that gorgeous bronze shimmer. Another favorite :)
(2 coats)

Overall, I’m really surprised with this ”Holland” Collection!
At first I was only eyeballing like a few of these, but I actually like almost all of them!

The quality is great on these. Just one little thing I want to put out there:
The brushes of these OPI polishes are kinda big! Now I have bigger nails, so it’s okay..
But for the people out there with small nails, check out the size of the brush before you buy any of these.

Favorites of this collection are:
– ”A Roll in The Hague”
– ”Pedal Faster Suzi!”
– ”Wooden Shoe Like to Know?”
– ”Gouda Gouda Two Shoes”

The OPI Holland Collection will be available February 2012. And retail for €14,50 / usually $7-9

Are you eyeballing any of these?

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49 Responses to OPI: The Holland Collection Swatches

  1. Danny says:

    OMG amazing collection!!!
    I need them all! now!

  2. Kiwi says:

    Oeh, love em! Thanks for the swatches!!
    ‘Gouda Gouda two shoes’ refers to Gouda kaas. Which is known all over the world. But then you’d expect it to be a yellow polish which it isn’t, so that’s weird.

  3. Barbara says:

    The name of the last one is inpired by “Goody Goody two shoes”, A Goody Two-Shoes is a girl that is a no good “Angel” that never gets caught for doing anything she does bad.

  4. Cynthiiaa says:

    Amazing colours, the Roll in The Hague is gorgeous. I like it that the collection is named by the Netherlands!

  5. Jacky says:

    De Gouda naam refereert aan ‘goody goody two shoes’, een heilig boontje in THE USCo. en het is wat mij betreft de mooiste kleur ook!

  6. Jamilla says:

    Mooie kleuren, gouda gouda two shoes is de mooiste vind ik! :) A lot schrijf je trouwens niet aan elkaar maar los van elkaar :) Ik moest gelijk aan dit grappige verhaaltje denken toen ik alot zag staan: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/04/alot-is-better-than-you-at-everything.html

  7. Laura says:

    Hoe geweldig dat je gewoon al die kleuren geswatched hebt! Ik had verwacht dat Kiss Me On My Tulips wat feller roze zou zijn maar hij is alsnog mooi, Dutch Ya Just Love Opi is ook prachtig!!!

  8. Jacki says:

    I really love ”Dutch ‘Ya Love OPI?”. The color is so nice. I would have bought this color.

  9. ingg says:

    I WANT PEDAL FASTER SUZI EN A HOLE IN THE GADUA EN I HAVE A HERRING PROBLEM! je moet ook de muppets collectie erop zetten die zijn echt een bom vol met glitters!

  10. Shaina says:

    I have a Herring Problem, A Roll in The Hague, Dutch ‘Ya Love OPI, and Thanks WindMillion are my favorites! Thank you for the swatches!

  11. jolien says:

    Bigg love! Mooie kleurtjes !

  12. Lisa says:

    Ik denk juist dat Gouda Gouda Two Shoes te maken heeft met de klompen! Ik woon er zelf en er was vroeger een behoorlijke geschiedenis met boeren, molens en eh, veel klompen hahaha.

  13. Tanja says:

    Mooie kleurtjes! En omdat ik zoals gewoonlijk niet kan kiezen, ga ik voor het setje mini’s! :)

  14. Yara says:

    heel mooi ik ga er weer 2 halen :)

  15. LiL says:

    “Did you ‘ear about Van Gogh?” seems to be similar to Stranger Tides, is it a dupe color ?

  16. Sara says:

    Ooh pretty! “Gouda Gouda Two Shoes” is referring to “Goody Good Two Shoes” … like a perfect little child haha (: I’m excited for this collection, some really unique colors!

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  18. ^^ says:

    and Gouda is a city, also known for its cheese. I’m from holland and I love (and get) all those names =)

  19. JG says:

    Awesome! I love the blues and pinks!!

  20. Sean says:

    I absolutely love the colors “Kiss Me on My Tulips” and “Dutch Ya Love OPI”. Several of the others are cute, but too similar.

  21. Fran says:

    Really looking forward to get a few of these!! I’m dutch… so it’s a must!! (good excuse don’t you think?).
    And born and raised in Amsterdam, Vampsterdam is my very favourite… as are Dutch ya love OPI and Gouda Gouda…
    Can you tell me when they are available in Holland?

  22. Emily says:

    Gouda Gouda two shoes is a silly take on “goody goody two shoes” and it’s beautiful!!!!

  23. Emma says:

    Love all of these! Now how to narrow it down to an affordable two or three… hmm, I love ‘I have a Herring problem’, ‘I don’t give a Rotterdam!’ ‘Wooden shoe like to know?’, ‘Dutch ya love OPI?’ and ‘Gouda Gouda two shoes’, so I’m going to have to leave two behind haha.
    Amazing swatches, best I’ve seen so far as your skin tone is similar to mine so it’s so good to see what they will look like on my skin before buying and being disappointed!
    :D xx

  24. Holland says:

    Love this collection!!!! Wish I could buy them all!!!! I think vampsterdam and wooden shoes would be my favorites!!!!!

  25. Alicia says:

    Wooden Shoe like to Know? and Gouda Gouda Two Shoes… All I love, most browns and reds… but this time I chose more brown shades. Looking forward!

  26. bianca says:

    These are a disappointment ><

  27. Tricia says:

    Shimmer in a spring collection – love it!! Favourite for sure is ”A Roll in The Hague”

  28. Liselot says:

    As a Dutch local, I am in love with the idea of there being nail polish created in thought of the country I am from. I adore “Wooden Shoe Like to Know?” and “Thanks WindMillion”, I am not much of a fan of “A Roll in The Hague”, but because my family is from there and I am in that city so often, I’d get it. Supporting of Den Haag, eh? Plus it would be great for Queen’s Day. Can’t wait till I see the colors in stores. Hopefully soon!

  29. karman tash says:

    I love all the colors. They are all awesome. I am a big fan of the oranges browns greens and pinks.

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  31. Lyoness says:

    I really like these! My faves are: A Roll in the Hague, Did you ‘ear about VanGogh, and Thanks WindMillion… I’m definitely buying ‘A Roll in the Hague”… I would like to see a comparison of ‘On Stranger Tides’ from the OPI Pirates collection vs. Thanks WindMillion before I get it though. TW looks brighter.

  32. Nailderella says:

    Yeah, there are some that call my names! I love the brown, dusty pink and the blues! nice swatches!

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  34. laquita says:

    I just want to win the collection

  35. Ms. T. says:

    I really love the two blue shades. I can tell the difference between the two. They are not that much alike. I like the pink glittery shade also, but I have an OPI color that is just like it, so I’m wondering if it’s really a new shade at all.

  36. crazy4makeup says:

    so so pretty color :D

  37. Hero says:

    Gouda Gouda two shoes = goodie goodie two shoes – someone who always does what’s right and not what they’re supposed to do. :) I heart Holland, I studied there for my masters, so I really got Holland-(home)-sick when I read anything about the country.

  38. CC says:

    I’m from Holland, and an OPI addict, so I looooove this collection!!!
    What a beautiful colors, and with Queens day 30/4 when Holland turns orange every year, I’m sure I wear the “A roll in the Hague”;-))

  39. rodgersbswaggin says:

    Ilove the OPI that is silver with a lot of micro sparkles in it. Goes on smooth, one coat does the trick. Sorry Mrs. Lippman, move over OPI RULES!!

  40. she says:

    DROOL!!! Love these colors!

  41. esz says:

    Ilove this new collection.! Im from Holland and i work at an.office in Gouda!!!

  42. Margie says:

    This collection looks great! I’m a no-buy until this comes out, because I WILL be getting back-ups on Gouda Gouda.

  43. I thought I had all the shades that are worth having. I didn’t even realize how wrong I was. I desperately need at least half of this collection!

  44. Linda says:

    People in the states pronounce Gouda like Gewda (instead of Howda,) so the name is based on “Goody Two-Shoes” which over here means an exceptionally overly “perfect” person (not a compliment.) The colors in this collection are some of the best yet. No Delft blue though??? That is so WRONG! I loved Den Haag, Delft, and Leiden when I was there–wish I could’ve seen more, such a gorgeous country.

  45. Opalyne says:

    Gouda is also the name of a cheese from Holland ;)

    My favs are : Gouda gouda two shoes, Vampsterdam and Wooden shoes like you know.

  46. Vivian says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! All the shades loo gorgeous on you, even the mint green. I own Vampersterdam, Dutch ya just love OPI, Kiss me on my Tulips & Red Lights Ahead..Where? & love them all, but seeing the rest of the swatches on you, I must go out & purchase I don’t give a Rotterdam & Wooden shoe like to know now that I see the swatches on you as they loo amazing! I’m a fan of gorgeous brown polishes too so I’m right there with you! Keep up the great work as you have a new fan of your fabulous swatches! :)

  47. JESSICAMUA says:

    I loove the coolors! i have the collection. the pics really do the color justice! i worked as a photographer and the brighter the beter,unlike those dim photos i see when things are bing swatched. lighting brings out the dark rich colors and the light nice colors whether its nailpolish or skintone!
    I LOVE BROWNS TOO!! woodenshoe like to know is such a cute name and alovely color! I love vamsterdam too! theyre all gorgeous! however Im not such a huuuuge fan of the glitter in the pinks and blues like that. It was kind of ashimmer overload! I like the more mattes..like the orange first one :)

  48. Gouda Gouda (the BEST pink/bisque for in-between seasons) and Wooden Shoe (amazing, dynamic color) are my two favorite polishes of the season. They’re so “different” and look amazing with the latest fashion hues. I wasn’t quite aware that they were from the same collection, but it totally makes sense. Thanks for the post!

    La Petite Gigi

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