Rimmel Colourfest Meet & Greet


A couple of weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to partner up with Rimmel London and meet you beautiful people at the Fierce Fashion Festival in Amsterdam. Rimmel had a booth at the festival where all fashionistas could get a touch-up by yours truly, have a nice chat and take some fierce selfies!

Before I start, I’d like to thank you all so much for coming out to the booth and making it such an awesome day. I’ve made countless pictures with so many of you, and your kind and loving words made my day. Thank you :)

Rimmel London recently launched a new collaboration collection with Rita Ora, after the overwhelming success of their previous collaboration collection: “Colour Rush”. The new collection is titled “Colour Fest” and features some of the most beautiful nail polishes and lip glosses.



I had the opportunity to use the products from the brand-new collection at the festival, and boy, did I  fall in love with these beauties.

The nail polishes have an unique 3-in-1 formula: It contains a base coat and a top coat, its precise brush makes painting extra easy, and the polish dries in less than 60 seconds. I used the polishes to paint a lot(!) of nails at the festival, and it indeed dries within 60 seconds. And the best thing? You only need one layer! My favorites are: “Peachella”, “Neon Fest”, and “Rain Rain Go Away”.

The new Oh My Gloss! lip glosses were a huge hit at the festival. Almost every girl I gave a touch-up left my meet and greet makeup chair wearing one of the colors. The gloss has a six hour wear, contains argain oil and vitamin E, and doesn’t feel sticky! My favorites are: “Glossaholic”, “Snog”, and “Ooh La La”.

The Rimmel London Colourfest Collection by Rita Ora is now available!



Didn’t have a chance to come to the Fierce Fashion Festival? No worries! On June 6th, myself and Serena Verbon from Beautylab.nl will be at Amsterdam Open Air. You can meet us both at the Rimmel London booth and take fierce selfies with us! Will I see you there?

❥ Nikkie

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8 Responses to Rimmel Colourfest Meet & Greet

  1. Hello…I kmow this may be a very basic and crazy question to ask a person like you but I work ALLOT I own a couple businesses and I use to be a girl who didn’t do much and looked good and now I find myself in full mom mode 33 and looking blah but still try to do makeup but have lost my touch. …can you recommend make up for on the go? Like heat…what happens when I sweat! Make up runs and then how to have a good look in the mirror AND in the horrible office light ??? Lol help a mom out please

  2. Julie says:

    Wat leuk om te zien Nikkie! Ik heb zelf ook de Neon Fest nagellak en ook nog het blauw/groene kleurtje Port-a-loo-blue! :-) Heerlijke lakjes zijn het!

  3. Katka says:

    oh no, I just found your YouTube channel and I am over the moon in love with your work.I live 15min from Amsterdam…I can’t believe I just missed the opportunity to meet you in person.I have been looking for someone who could give me a perfect day look and I am sure you would rock it N gave me tons of advice.Do you ever plan to come to Amsterdam in the near future ?Do you give one on one make up advice somewhere? cheers,Katka

  4. Evelien says:

    Hey, je tutorials zijn super!
    Ik wil al jaren eens de kennis opdoen om mezelf zo mooi te maquilleren.
    Geef je eens geen workshops ofzo?
    Ik zou wel eens persoonlijk advies willen :-)

  5. Andrea says:

    HI! just discovered you and i am completely blown away! you’re wonderful

  6. DrLove says:

    You are living my dream …wish i can do this soon…i envy you since rimmel products are not really available in manila, philippines ….we just have limited online sellers …love the reviews and your site …keep being awesome!

  7. Lewendi says:

    Hi Nikkie – Greetings from Namibia, Africa!

    Awesome to see your surname… which is quite common here! Found your tutorials extremely inspirational! Thank you. I’m also inlove with make-up, but I’m not as good as you…trying though.

    BLESSINGS from Namibia!

  8. Noelle says:

    I have been following you for the past few months, and you are such an inspiration! YOU ARE SO FUNNY and I have been learning so much from your youtube videos. Keep being awesome!! (:

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