My Birthday Wishlist

The day is coming… My life as a teen is ending. Yep, ladies and gentlemen: This Sunday, on the 2nd of March I’ll never see the word ‘teen in my age again. That’s right, this Sunday I’ll turn 20-years-old!

I decided to come up with my first online wishlist ever. No, I absolutely don’t expect from anyone to buy any of this for me, it’s more of what I’d like to purchase myself sometime in the next 5 years… okay, maybe 3. Or 2.

LORAC Pro Palette

The amounts of tutorials I’ve seen of people using this palette is uncountable. The LORAC Pro Palette looks like the Mother of Neutrals with cool and warm-toned neutrals, and of course shimmers vs. mattes. It’s a neutral perfection. And why I still don’t own this beauty is a complete mystery to me.

Urban Decay VICE 2 Palette

Another palette I’ve been eyeing lately is the Urban Decay VICE 2 Palette. A palette with stunning neutrals, smokey brights and glamorous nudes. It looks like the perfect palette for a neutral, every day look with a pop of color. I also would love to get the VICE 1, but I feel like I’d gravitate towards this one a bit more.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Another one of those palettes that has been all over YouTube and Instagram lately. I don’t see a color that’s anything close to my beloved N.Y.X Blush in Taupe or Illamasqua Eyeshadow in Heroine, but I still feel like this would be great for my kit.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

One of my favorite things to do in my daily makeup routine is my brows. And I’m always experimenting with new products: Powders one day, gels and pencils the next. I’ve been pretty loyal to my powders lately, but feel like I need concealer to sharpen everything up a bit. Then I saw Anastasia’s Dipbrow Pomade: Super pigmented, moist-y brow goodness. Perfect to get sharp, clean lines without needing a bitchload of concealer.

Diva Ring Light 18″

Another thing I’m always experimenting with is my lighting. I take my filming set-up/lighting very serious. I’m always looking for ways to get my videos to look better and more professional. Right now, I’m pretty okay with how my videos look. The lighting is as close to real life as I can get it. However, I’ve seen a lot of gurus using the Diva Ring Light lately, and can’t help but drool over that pretty lil’ ring in their eyes.

Canon 700D Body

I’ve been using my trusty old Canon 600D for about 1-2 years now, and couldn’t be more happy with it. One big issue I do have with it though, is that it doesn’t auto-focus while filming. Meaning: You have to stay at one point, to stay in focus. If not, your video will end up a blurry mess. And that’s something that has given me quite some frustrations in the past. The 700D would be the perfect solution as this does have a auto-focus mode while filming. It would result in quicker recording-sessions, as I don’t have to worry about being in focus or not.

Apple iMac

HAH! No! I don’t expect anyone to buy me this ever. But I can wish, right? I’d love to get an iMac in the next 2 years, just because editing would be a breeze with this. I’ve heard that MacBooks have different processors than the iMac, and to keep it simple: The iMac processor will be a better friend than the MacBook one. For now, editing on my MacBook Pro can be a pain at times, but manageable. But I’d definitely like to take a look at this in the future.

Ted Baker Leyah Purse

I recently bumped into this while doing some shopping in Eindhoven, and couldn’t stop staring at it. The Rose Gold detailing and timeless Black and Cream colors have me drooling like no other. I need this purse in my life. I need it!

Ted Baker Matinee Wallet

Whilst swooning over that Leyah purse, I also saw the Matinee wallet. Timeless, glamorous and sexy. Yes, a wallet can be all those things, haha.


Last but not least: Cupcakes! The one thing out of this list I’m 100% sure I’m getting! There’s no party without cupcakes. I just love the look of them, and of course, the taste! I can’t wait to nom on one of these.

When is your birthday? And what are you wishing for?

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29 Responses to My Birthday Wishlist

  1. Dana says:

    Leuke wishlist! Een tas van Herschel, jas van de Zara en Urban Decay naked 3 staan op mijn verlanglijstje!

  2. Jennifer Okoktok says:

    Happy early Birthday!! You deserve the world!! I truly enjoy every one if your videos and wish you all the best this year!! Keep up the amazing work!! XO

  3. Georgia says:

    Happy Birthday! What lipstick are you wearing in this photo? You look lovely!

  4. Diana says:

    I really wanted the Lorac Pro (and the unzipped ) as well. So sad that they don’t sell the brand in Europe. don’t even ships it T_T (at least Tarte is going to be available at , at least…)

    Anyway, I hope that you can get everything that you want and that you get to have an wonderful birthday :3

  5. Karlijn says:

    Super tof dat je zoveel post de laatste tijd!
    Ik vlieg elke keer naar je blog als je op twitter zegt dat er een nieuwe blogpost/video online staat!
    Zolang je je maar niet verplicht gaat voelen om zoveel te posten he:) You have one busy life!

    We all love you

  6. I want the Diva ring light and the iMac SO BAD as well! Ahh… My current lighting set up is total shit. But I just started a few months ago so I guess it’s okay compared to lots of beginner YouTubers :P Awesome wish list! I wouldn’t mind some cupcakes either ^_^ <3

  7. vicky says:

    happyyyyyyyyyy birthday!!!!!!!
    I wish your dreams come true!!! :) :)
    ps…what is this amazingggggggg lipstick you are wearing in the photo on took??
    looks amazing!

    • NikkieTutorials says:

      Haha, it’s actually quite funny, It’s my Colorful Pin Up tutorial but I didn’t want that look to “spam” my blog too much, so I photoshopped all the Red into a nice Pink color… Bad me!

  8. Georgina says:

    Happy Birthday Nikkie…… thanks so much for being you…….i watch your videos and read you blog religiously!! As an aspiring MUA i learn so much from you and you always make me laugh!!
    you should come o Ireland soon………you should also start your own makeup line and develop that colour in a lipstick as your signature…… call it ‘photoshop perfect’ ;)

  9. Gina says:

    happy Birthday Nikki,,, just letting you know that the Vice pallets are limited edition and the original is long gone. But the vice 2 is only available now on UD’s website until they sell out

  10. Meron A says:

    OHMYGOODNESS!!! I’m turning 19 on March 2nd! Ah! I share a birthday with an amazing makeup artist!!!

  11. Lucinda says:

    Prachtige wishlist. Vooral de eerste twee palette, wat zou ik die ook graag willen hebben. En een iMac, owh alsjeblieft ja! Helaas is mijn verjaardag nog een halfjaar wachten en weet ik zeker dat ik deze niet krijg hahaha.

  12. Martina says:

    Het lorac pro palette wil ik ook onwijs graag hebben, prachtig ding!

  13. Amalie says:

    I had birthday yesterday! And an early happy birthday to you Nikkie :) I’m also 20 now, the ultimate age here in Norway :) going to party in the norwegian Mountains this weekend! I wish for a nude lipgloss and bright red cream blush for those rosy cheeks to die for. A new mascara and a great foundation would be nice too, hehe :) Big birthday hug to you from Norway :)

  14. Joëlle says:

    Oeh Nice :D.

    ik ben jarig in juni en ga, net als vorig jaar, voor wat motorrijlessen. Ik wil in de toekomst (ergens binnen nu en 2 jaar) beginnen met lessen en ik heb verder toch alles wat ik nodig heb :).

  15. Amanda says:

    Ik zou nog super graag het Lorac Pro palette en de Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation willen hebben!

  16. Manon says:

    Die iMac <3 ik ben heeeeel happy met mijn MacBook Pro, maar ooit…

  17. Linda says:

    Want all of this for my birthday as well :D March kids <33

  18. Elisabeth Caravlho says:

    Happy early birthday :) I’m turning 20 and June and i also want all these wonderful things :D

  19. Kaysha says:

    You don’t get Lorac in Europe? I’d definitely be down to send you this palette. Also, what is the deal with NYX taupe in Europe? Did they stop carrying it or something? It is still available here (US).

  20. Karima says:

    Hey Nikkie :) Big fan!
    I have the Canon 650D (so does Sharon Farrell) and as far as I know, the auto-focus on the 700D is comparable and… it’s pretty crap. Slow, hunts a lot, noisy :( I only use manual focus. So play around with that wishlist item before purchase, I wish there was a great DSLR that focused for us!
    Love you and love all your work!

  21. melanie says:

    Leuke wishlist ! mooie producten.
    je staat trouwens ergens in mijn maatschappijleer boek onder het thema “media” dat je filmpjes maakt op youtube enzo hahahah.

  22. Lisa says:

    Haha loved the blogpost:)

  23. wies says:

    Ik heb zelf de 70 D van Canon en ik ben er gek op.
    Dip brow pomade is zo fijn! Zo blij dat je hem bij Douglas online kan bestellen want in de winkel kon ik hem nergens vinden *frustratie*
    leuke wishlist!

  24. Iris says:

    Lieve Nikkie,
    Ik koop in principe zo’n beetje alles wat jij aanraadt omdat mijn huiskleur en praktisch alles overeen komt met jou, haha. Ik heb ook ongeveer dezelfde wenkbrauwkleur en ben al heel lang aan het twijfelen over welke kleur Dipbrow Pomade ik moet kopen. Wat zou jij doen? Ik heb lichtblond haar, maar Blonde lijkt me erg grijs! x

  25. huda says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! love your list !! and I really really want the lipstick you’re wearing in the picture !! :””””) please tell us what its called and the shade number, PLEASE !!

  26. Elja says:

    Ik ben pas eind november jarig :(
    Ik. Zou graag naked 2 en een ysl liostick willen :)

  27. Lauren Bella says:

    What lip color are you wearing in this photo?!

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