Review: M.A.C Naturally – All Natural Baby!

With all the fabulous glitters, red lips and crazy lashes most of us are wearing this month with the Holidays,
M.A.C decided to start 2012 clean, fresh and pure. With a collection full of nudes, bronzes and browns,
this is pure paradise for the nude lovers out there!

Today I’m reviewing 2 items out of this collection.
”A Perfect Day” Amplified Lipstick & ”In The Sun” Mineralize Eyeshadow.
Two beautiful items that can easily be used for a stunning, soft bronzy, nude look.

First up, the beautiful lipstick ”A Perfect Day”:

Amplified Creme Lipstick ”A Perfect Day” – Light Neutral Pink – €18,00
*Inhales….. Exhales….* – YOU KNOW I LOVE NUDES, RIGHT?
This, No exception! I really like this color. It’s warm, it’s flattering and NUDE!
But, In my opinion a little too warm for really light human beings like me.
It’s  an amplified creme finish, meaning it’s pigmented as hell and shiny.
So, if you’re a matte lover, this is a no-go for you.
Overall, I like this! But when as pale as me, I’d probably wear this in the summer, with a more tanned face :)

Now let’s go on to the Mineralize Eyeshadow ”In The Sun”:

Mineralize Eyeshadow ”In The Sun” – Gold with Violet Veining – €19,50
This was pretty okay to me. The Mineralize Eyeshadows are known for their beautiful colors,
but have a nasty habbit of fading quickly and giving quite some fall out.
That doesn’t take away that this color is really pretty. It’s a nice bronze, copper base with silver, gold highlights.
Beautiful as a one-eyeshadow-look just applied on the lid and crease, blended out.
Overall, I like this. But please use a good base underneath to make it last longer, and cause less fall out.

Now, I only got 2 items out of this collection, So I can’t give you an overall opinion.
I do know that the colors of both the eyeshadow and lipstick are gorgeous.
I like this! :)

Are you going ”nude” in February?

-Collection available February 2012-
M.A.C is available at your local M.A.C Stores and M.A.C Counters near you.

Also available online at: and soon available online for the Dutch people at:

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