SNAPCHAT Q&A: Huda Beauty, Getting Married & MORE!

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Huda Beauty and I got together to film a snapchat Q&A and answer all your burning questions while seeing your beautiful faces! DON’T FORGET TO ADD US ON SNAPCHAT! Screen name: NikkieTutorials and screen name: realhudabeauty – Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!


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❥ Nikkie

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2 Responses to SNAPCHAT Q&A: Huda Beauty, Getting Married & MORE!

  1. Enora says:

    Hey Nikkie,
    I can’t seem to get the name of that first foundation Huda was talking about at like 1:35-1:40. What was that ? :S (Even though, I’m pretty sure I going to try the one you were wearing in this video first, cause you, my dear, look flawless!)
    BTW, love your channel & blog! (And your toilet lightning LOL!) Just keep doing what you’re doing, it is quite inspirational!
    Love, Enora.

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