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ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! Oh my gosh! I’m speechless. I love you! Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!

For a full list of all products used in this video, continue reading!


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  1. I’m just so happy to be a part of your community for most of those years. It’s amazing to see someone so talented and so kind as you to get the attention that you deserve.
    It’s great to see that you can influence so many people through your work and through something you honestly love.

    You go, girl! Keep up the good work!

  2. Congratulations Nikki! ONTO THE NEXT MILLION!~~~~~

  3. MIREYA ARROYO says:

    im from México, Sonora, i dont speak too much english, but im triying.

    yo are the best youtuber im following you for 6months and yo are the best, super professional,
    yo make te best makeups and yo are the first that i tried to do a tutorial
    i love you and i hope yo grow more in this and more succesful for you life.

    eres la mejor!!!
    me encantan tus videos
    exito y mucho amor!!!

  4. Sandra says:

    You are AWSOME and such an amazing artist!

  5. tirurit says:

    Congrats! You made me tear up as well. I too have changed during all those years when I was a silent lurker of make up blogs and channels and I too have learnt a lot about myself by enjoying make up. Enjoy and keep going!

  6. Jana says:

    Je hebt dit echt zo ongelofelijk hard verdiend. Een dikke proficiat!

  7. Tabby says:

    Well done Nikkie, you’ve worked hard and consistently for years, so you deserve it! This video made me tear up also (I’m a softie haha). I’ve only discovered you two days ago and already have I learned things from you. Make-up is important to me as a performing artist (singer/guitarist) and with your help I can improve LOTS in how I look on stage, so thank you for that!

    And I saw you’re a Kiko fan… haha, so am I and I’m lucky enough to live in Southern Spain (Malaga area) with several Kiko shops nearby! If you ever wanna come over for a holiday I’d be happy to invite you to stay at our house, as long as you promise me to go shopping and have fun at Kiko together :) Oh and btw, I’m Dutch too.

    Keep it going girl, love you already!
    Tabby May

  8. Victoria says:

    Congratulations Nikki! After I saw you Power of Make Up video, I was inspired. I’m a total tomboy and never really learned how to put make up on correctly. After seeing your video and 300.00 in brushes and really good make up, I set up my iPad in to my bathroom and you helped me put on my make up. I didn’t do too bad, but the way the contouring made my full face look slimmer, it was worth every penny!

    You go girl!!!

  9. Lucinda says:

    Super gaaf dat je de één miljoen hebt bereikt, het is je meer dan gegund! Gefeliciteerd! xxx Lucinda

  10. Paula says:

    You are so beautiful inside and out, make up or no make up. Well done gorgeous!

  11. Sandra says:

    I luv luv your tutorials! Thanks!
    I am trying to find Koh Gen Do Aqua Products! I’ve been trying for days & cannot find it! PLS guide me to merchant!

  12. Luv luv your tutorials! Thanks!!
    I can’t seem to find Koh Gen Do Aqua Products! I find listings on line but all are ‘sold out’ or not selling it at all! If this us no longer available pls recommend another product of equal quality!

  13. Marjoleinee says:

    You’re amazing Nikkie , you deserve it ! ♥

  14. Femke says:

    Dit is de eerste video die ik zie.. Maar ik vind het een heerlijke video, wat ben je oprecht! Ik heb me meteen geabonneerd via Bloglovin’ en ik ga zeker heel wat filmpjes van jou bekijken. Op naar nog véél meer volgers die je kunt inspireren!

  15. Femke says:

    Gefeliciteerd :) geweldig

  16. Nicole says:

    I’m so glad you reached one million subscribers. You’ve always been one of my favorite youtubers and inspirations, you’re just a makeup goddess! Btw I saw you at RTL Boulevard last week, you looked fab!

  17. Sue Mason says:

    Nikki, I enjoy your personality and your makeup expertise so much. I look forward to seeing each and every one of your videos, they are always fun and informative. Thank you for doing them for us!

  18. Trina says:

    Your video made me tear up,I always cry when others cry because I know their emotion is real. I just found your videos and I love them and I love makeup, I’m still trying to get better at it. Anyway congrats beautiful:)

  19. Congrats Nikki! You get what you deserve!

  20. Andrea says:

    CONGRATS Nikkie!!! I recently DM’d you on Instagram to congratulate you. I’m so so happy for you. I wanted to ask you something too. So I need to upgrade my camera, I currently use a DSLR Nikon to take my pictures but it doesn’t have video mode. I know you use a Canon 70D, I’ve been wanting to purchase it myself for quite a bit now. My question is, what (external) micro do you use? If you use one.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this and answer. I’m sure you receive like a million comments everyday.
    Speaking of millions… CONGRATS again!!

  21. Sigrid says:

    Nikkie, je mag zo trots op jezelf zijn! Jouw expertise en persoonlijkheid onderscheiden jou echt als beauty blogger en je filmpjes zijn altijd weer een feest om te kijken! Geniet van deze topprestatie, het is je meer dan gegund!

  22. Stacy Franklin says:

    CONGRATS on the one million subscribers!! You are such an inspiration to sooooo many!!
    Could you please tell me where I can find the inglot pigment #180, I found the inglot website but can not find the #180…….please help me find this! I need it so bad, lol
    Again congrats!!!

  23. Sarah Burton says:

    Congratulations! You are beautiful, funny, and an inspiration! Can’t wait to see you hit 2 million!

  24. Natasja says:

    Hoi Nikkie,

    Van harte gefeliciteerd!! Een geweldige mooie film heb je gemaakt. Je liet mij ook huilen. Je bent een bijzonder persoon! Een top make-up artist, je hebt een geweldige persoonlijkheid en je bent prachtig. Je laat me altijd lachen met je filmpjes. En ik leer iedere keer weer van je. Je bent een topper en blijf vooral jezelf en tutorials maken. Ik kijk iedere keer ernaar uit! Love you xxx Natasja

  25. Asma says:

    I am Pretty sure I was the subscribers number 1 million :)
    Discovered you on a French website, I just love what you do and the way you do it.
    Wish all more success!

  26. Elizabeth Niskala says:

    I saw the video where you put makeup on half of your face. How do I get a list of the products you used? Do you always list the products? Where do you do that?

  27. kelly safrit says:

    Hi Nikkie,

    I’m trying to find the full list of products on the Power of Makeup Video?


  28. I’m soooo sooo sooo happy for you <3 honestly you deserve each and every single subscriber/fan/friend/follower you have. You are so beyond talented :) And I love how you don't fit in to the cliche category. You are loved for who you are and that's so impressive :) Such an inspiration.
    much love,

  29. Lisa says:

    Your a beautiful young Lady! Thank you for all the help!! Your an amazing girl!!!

  30. Maria says:

    Hi Nikkie! Congratulations! You deserve 100x1m subbies! Small suggestion, when you upload videos with makeup looks that are inspired, the picture you set as video preview is that of the inspiration, instead of your makeup or eyelook so when I go back to your channel to see what makeup I wanna do that night or for whatever occasion I want to use your vids as guide, I can’t see the makeup look easily, I have to enter the vid and watch a couple of seconds, it would be more convenient to just see the makeup look as the image. Ya follow me? Lol, thanks for the amazing tutorials either way! love ya!

  31. esterii says:

    Oj shit.. vilken konstnär.. hos henne skulle man vilja pröva bli omvandlad hos.. Funkar det på tanter också?

  32. Karl says:

    Thanks for any other great article. Where else could anybody get that kind of info in such an ideal approach of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I am at the look for such information.

  33. sabrina says:

    Super gefeliciteerd! je hebt ze stuk voor stuk verdiend!

  34. India says:

    I have no idea how I missed this video but I am in tears!
    Congrats you lovely lovely woman! You are beyond talented! Big love xxx

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