ChitChat: IMATS NY, MacBook Pro and Requests

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– Do you have any requests? Please leave them in the comments below – Thank you! : )



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26 Responses to ChitChat: IMATS NY, MacBook Pro and Requests

  1. Selina says:

    Have fun in NYC! I went last februari and yup, you have to check in 24 hours before you leave. The hotel where I stayed had an special room for those things with a printer and all that stuff (using it was free),.. So ask the hotel people to help you!
    Have a safe trip!

  2. Florine says:

    veel plezier in new york!
    ik zou graag nog een filmpje willen waar je een goede foundation routine laat zien waarbij je gebruik maakt van een groene concealer, want ik heb een groene concealer besteld op de site van masha van beautygloss en zij laat geen goed filmpje zien hoe je die aanbrengt, want op de een of andere manier krijg ik als ik de concealer aanbreng allemaal droge huid stukjes enzo.
    verder was is helemaal FAN van je prima donna look! ik vond hem zo leuk! ik hou ook echt super erg van dat liedje:)
    misschien een favoriete filmpje?

  3. Laura says:

    Heeiii nikkie!!
    Super veeel plezier in NY!! Misschien krijg je daar wat inspiratie? Zoniet dan heb ik nog wel een ideetje:) ik ben echt SUPER fan van TWILIGHT! Omg ik kan niet meer zonder!!! Misschien kun je daar iets mee??

  4. Laura says:

    Oeps haha ik was nog niet klaar:s
    Ik had laatst een foto getweet en je reageerde daarop:D omg ik was echt super blij!!! Dankje:)
    Love you en ik zal altijd blijven kijken! Zelfs als je wordt aangereden terwijl je je make-up opdoet haha dat was echt een geweldog filmpje!!!

  5. sassyj says:

    You should do a vid on like essential brushes.
    Or an about me video Like about yourself…ur age.. Life in the Netherlands ..etc
    Um more basic everyday makeup looks
    More looks with it bhcosmetics pallet

  6. dada says:

    The make-up that you are wearing on this video is nice!
    I also like your product reviews, maybe you could do a video, where you show your face cleansing routine including the products that you use, a video where u teach how to do highlighting or shadows to the face? well there was just s couple of suggestions, but I still LOOOOVe your tutorials!! xxx

  7. Mir says:

    I have been following your website for over a year now and you have taught me so much about application and techniques. I would love to see video tutorials for the following:
    1) Brushes- can you explain the difference between synthetic and natural brushes and what each type is good for ( ie. cream, liquid, powder etc. )
    2) Eye color tutorial- a tutorial for each eye color explaining what colors are best suited and will bring out the eye color ( both day and night looks)
    Maybe you could use models to show the difference.
    3) Mineral Make-up tutorial or review (Mineral Foundation and Blushes)
    I was recently told that I could only use Mineral Make-up and have started to freak out because I had finally found products that I liked and now I feel like I have to research a whole new sphere of make-up I had not even taken into account.
    4) Can you do a skin tone tutorial? Explain the difference by what is meant by olive skin tone, beige etc and what the different undertones are and how to correct yellow undertones or pink undertones, that is what make-up colors look best.
    5) Can you do blush tutorial? I am crazy about blushes and am always on the hunt for new colors i often find that the colors I least suspected to be flattering usually end up being my favorites. Could you do your top 10 blush colors or something along those lines.
    6) Beautiful summer coral tutorial.

    I always look forward to watching your videos as I learn so much. As you can see, there is always more to teach.
    Have fun in New York!
    Thank you so much for posting your videos, hope you get to doing a few of these tutorials and bring back some fun new stuff from the IMATS.


  8. Maite says:

    What about a natural-spring look?
    Ps: I love all your videos, keep up the good work!

  9. Waarom gebruik je geen Imovie?

  10. Cynthiiaa says:

    Oh my god, heel veel plezier in NYC! How amazing! :D Zou je misschien je twee favorieten tinten samen willen verwerken in een look? Of koninginnedag? Alleen is dat niet echt iets voor de niet-Nederlanders. :’) Zou je nog een keer een haartutorial willen doen? Ik houd van je blonde gekrulde lokken, die zo mooi shinen, ah gorgeous!

  11. Franni Fine says:

    First just wanna say have fun in NYC and take care!

    I’d like to see a look thats inspired by the good old hollywood (like Elizabeth Taylor, or Vivien Leigh).
    Or maybe looks inspired by the 80’s and 90’s ( I think it was a very coloful time. I grew up in the 90’s and i remember the bright colors, and the musicvideos like mc hammer xD )
    Oh…and what about more hair tutorials?

    Hope you feel inspired =P

    Love ur tutorials! xoxo

  12. Michelle says:

    I was wondering if you could do a video reviewing your foundation Revlon ColorStay and possibly compare it to Revlon Photoready or Makeup forevers HD liquid foundation. Im really undecided whether I should buy the HD makeup forever foundation and would love your opinion before I make such a pricey buy. I trust your reviews. Thank you!

  13. Nikki says:

    I’ve been watching your make-up tutorials for awhile; btw GREAT TIPS I might add. I hope you have a fun and safe trip to NYC. I always admired your talent in how well you love make-up and how you can have fun with it. I always admired you doing a make up tutorial on Rse from titanic, when she’s dressed for dinner meeting Jack uh I love the make-up and lipstick ( still trying to figure out waht kind it is-or what’s similar_ Ok so enough I hope you have a fun safe trip

  14. Ella says:

    First off I hope you have a fun, safe, and wonderful trip to NY. Second I was thinking about the summer and how its coming up fast, I was wondering do you have a summer skin or make-up routine? I’m really interested in shimmery light/neutral colours. And do you have a favorite sunscreen you wear under your make-up, I’ll be outside a lot and don’t want to burn. Thanks! XOXO~Ella

  15. Sanne says:

    Heel veel plezier in NYC Nikkie! Hopelijk heb je het naar je zin daar! Ik zou heel graag je wenkbrauwenroutine willen zien, ik heb zelf nauwelijks wenkbrauwen en moet ook iedere dag tekenen en jouw wenkbrauwen zijn echt te gek! Ook zou ik graag je foundation,blush en highlighting routine willen zien. En misschien een leuke “zachte” spring look? Zou super zijn als je dit zou willen doen, vooral de wenkbrauwen zou je me echt heel erg mee helpen! Liefs!

  16. Laura says:

    Ik ben benieuwd naar jouw favo highlighter / luminizer!

  17. Johanna says:

    Hi, Nikkie! I started following your posts for about.. 3 months ago.. maybe, and might I just add: you’re awesome!

    I really do hope, like the rest, that you’ll have a super-duper great time in NY! Don’t go in any dark streets, and definitely not alone!
    Take care!

    For tutorial I was thinking maybe some cute, summer look with lots of colours, but still not as extreme that you have posted before, or maybe use animals as inspiration? Like gazelles, cheetas, tigers or why not a peacock? or whatever?
    You know how I mean? Not for halloween or something like that, but just inspiring from the animal kingdom?

    Or maybe something for a hot secretary-office-teacher-something…-look?

    Anyways, hope you get lots of souvenires från NY!

    Best of luck!
    / Johanna, sweden.

  18. Annelien says:

    Een queensday look? :D en misschien een filmpje met hoe je catwalklooks draagbaar kan namaken ofzo. Tips over shaping, je eigen perfecte lipvorm vinden (dat vind ik best lastig, maybe it’s just me), nagellakfilmpjes en misschien kun je als ‘uitstapje’ weer wat filmpjes maken over je favoriete kleding en accessoires. En over final cut pro.. is dat ook niet wat rigoureus om te gebruiken voor YT filmpjes? Imovie heeft mooie kwaliteit en is veel gebruiksvriendelijker, al helemaal als je nog aan t wennen bent aan je macbook :) final cut is zo ingewikkeld. Veel plezier in NY! en daar verwacht ik natuurlijk ook een filmpje van haha

  19. bebevia says:

    Hey Nikkie!

    I was hoping to see you applying makeup on other people. I do know that you are amazing at doing it on your face, and I assume the same for when you do this for others too. Your facial features are very defined, and therefore great at creating diverse looks. However, for some who follow your tutorials do not get the same results. I would love to see what has to change to give a certain look on different features.

    Also, if by any chance you happen to have an Asian friend, try practicing on them! From my experience, makeup artists who are only used to working with Caucasians, Africans, Indians…. all but Asians struggle with Asian faces, because their bone structures and skins are very different. Applying eye shadows and blush are totally something else from what you’d expect from a Caucasian. Your videos are well known between Asian YouTubers, but they complain that they cannot put any of them into use. Hopefully, you would be the first professional makeup artist who can REALLY work across borders.

    Anyways, best of wishes in NY!

  20. Larissa says:

    Hey Nikkie!
    I love your tutorials–they changed my life, seriously!
    I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to deal with freckles when doing your foundation. I have a pretty hard time dealing with finding foundation and concealers and all that because I don’t want to completely cover my freckles, just even out the skin…could you please help!??!!?

    Hope you’re having fun in NYC :D

  21. Rachel says:

    I have a qusetion for u….. Where do you get all of your brushes, like the blending brushes???? And how’s the trip to NY,I went about 2 years ago,it was fun, but I dont know where IMATS is…. I have a facebook please check it out.. anyway,Please write back.
    A big fan!!!! ( (
    o(”)(“) (rabbit)

  22. Rachel Osborne says:

    my name is up ^ there to check out my facebook page…..


  23. Leanne says:


    Ik hou van je filmpjes!
    Zou je een filmpjes kunnen maken over foundations, want ik weet niet wat ik heb maar als ik ‘s ochtends foundation op doe is het er na 3 uur ofzo alweer af. ik heb al base geprobeerd en poeder erover heen maar niks helpt. Misschien kan jij mij helpen?


  24. April says:


    Dingen die je opgemaakt hebt, een opgemaakt filmpje!

    Jennifer lopez of latina draagbare makeup look!

    Grote favorieten en grote miskopen

    Iets over haarverzorging, fijn shampoo of olie

  25. Denise says:

    I second the freckles request. Sure we all have an evening covered flawless look down, but everyday freckles showing, imperfections not showing is what most freckled ladies need help with.

  26. jil says:

    ( (

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