The Power of MAKEUP!

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I feel like lately makeup shaming has become a thing. It’s as if putting makeup on to have fun is a shame. Therefore, I thought it would be cool to show you the power of makeup. A transformation. Because makeup… is FUN! Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!

For a full list of all products used in this video, continue reading!


Smashbox Primer Water
Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation #213
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer “NC15”
Makeup Studio Translucent Powder #1


Kat von D Shade + Light Contour Palette
Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Light/Medium Bronzer
Milani Cosmetics Baked Blush “Luminoso”
The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlight Powder


MAC Paint Pot “Soft Ochre”
Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow “Fawn”
Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow “Cognac”
Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow “Amber”
Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow “Peach Sorbet”
Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow “Smoke”
Makeup Studio Jewel Effects “Shine”
Kat von D Tattoo Liner “Trooper”
NYC Liquid Liner “Black”
Makeup Studio Waterproof 3D Extra Black Mascara
Lena Lashes “Bev”
House of Lashes False Lashes “Precious”


MAC Lip Pencil “Boldly Bare”
Dose of Colors Lipstick “Soft Touch”
Rimmel Apocalips Lipgloss “100 – Phenomenon”


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❥ Nikkie

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60 Responses to The Power of MAKEUP!

  1. Eva says:

    Dit. Is. Geweldig.

  2. Noémie says:

    Nikkie I love you so much, you’ve been one of my favourite makeup artist on Youtube since I discovered you. Thank you a lot for posting this positive video, because you explained what I’ve tried to tell my friends a long time ago, but I know they keep thinking in a corner of their mind that makeup is only something you put on when you want to look good for someone else or/and you’re too insecure about yourself to go out. But sometimes, I go out during the day knowing that I wear WAY TOO MUCH makeup, so much that it doesn’t really make me more beautiful, too much for someone who’s only 17. And I decide to do not give a fuck about it because I have a lot of fun doing my makeup, and I do it for myself, and because I enjoy taking time during my morning routine to play around with some colors and textures on my face :D. You’re beautiful in all the possible ways Nikkie, with or without makeup, inside and out, you helped me through how I feel about myself, about wearing makeup, and for that, thank you very much. Keep going, and big support from France. :)

  3. kim says:

    Hi I need help finding a shade in the kryolan tv paint sticks I’m a 40 beige in the Chanel lumiere velvet smooth skin the black bottle one and I need help finding the right shade please help me …by the way I love you so much your videos give me life !!

  4. Nicole says:

    This is such a powerful video! You are gorgeous with and without makeup! It’s so fun to see the difference between both sides of your face, it’s a lot different but I still think it’s weird that some people don’t believe you.

  5. Marjoleinee says:

    I love this video and I love the power of make-up!

  6. Christina says:

    Great video! What did you use on your eyebrows?

  7. Daisy says:

    Just awesome. Lekker jezelf zijn en doen waar je zelf blij van wordt :) xo Daisy

  8. nora says:

    Totally agree!!! Make-up is just so much fun!
    And if you wanna go any deeper about it: het is een teken van levensvreugde om er goed uit te willen zien. As long as I do my make-up, i’m alive :-)))

    • Mayta says:

      Wat een heerlijk gezegde! Klopt echt helemaal. Wil ik een dag waar ik me echt beter dan normaal voel, en fun hebben, dan is het red lip day!!

  9. Liz says:

    Just recently discovered you and really love your videos. Can’t get enough of your smoky neutral eye or contour blush tutorials and you have a great personality. Fun to watch. Well done, girl!

  10. Khadijah says:

    Your work is amazing!!! Love it! Keep it up your doing fantastic! :)

  11. Melissa Clark says:

    Hey I can’t find the eyeshadows. It looks like fawn isn’t an eyeshadow but a contour. Can you help? Thanks lovely!!! Xx

  12. Evelina says:

    ~~Could you please tell me what brow pencil you used? I really want to buy that kind! Thank you :)

  13. Jenn says:

    Love! You should have a “makeup kit” with your favs at Sephora!!! I want everything to try it, but it will be a feat for shopping. I’m not a shopper. Ugh. You look amazing!

  14. Shelly says:

    Great tips in this video! You’re amazing :)

    Question though: I’m 29 and recently switched to 100% pure (it’s a cosmetic line) foundation to stop my breakouts. How do you use such heavy foundation while keeping your skin so clear?! Making the switch was the only thing that’s helped me so far. I would love to know your secrets ;)


  15. Shannon Laiblin says:

    I always see beautiful eyes done but everyone has a large space btween eyelid and eyebrows. How can I do looks with a small space btween eyes and eyebrows.

  16. Cynna says:

    Gorgeous with/without the makeup! Fantastic job on the application, I’m looking for your brow liner and fill (hard to find for blonde brows). What products did you use, please?

  17. Kelly P says:

    In the video, where you make up half your face, what brush do you use when you applied bronzer/ contonured your cheek bones?

  18. Jana kohl says:

    Great video! Would love to know what brow pencil and brow filler you used. Thank you! :)

    • stephanie says:

      Looks like she lined with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow wiz, I can’t tell what she filled with though. They look amazing!

  19. Lizi says:

    Totally agree…. that much that I’ve done my own half and half, taken a selfie and tried to start a tagging campaign on FB! Why should wearing make up be anything other than just that? Why should women feel guilty for wearing or not wearing? and why should not wearing it one day suddenly make people question your health/emotional state etc and vice versa?

  20. valerie says:

    Ode to make up! I walk around my daily life with out any make up. But I LOVE dressing up for fun occasions! Nothing wrong with that!!! :-) (you know) Thank you for this. I saw this on my FB news feed and am now going to follow your tutorials!

  21. Melissa says:


    on which site do you buy your make-up or do you buy them in the shop

  22. bre says:

    Love the video! I don’t suppose you have any cheaper make up suggestions? The stuff you used is super expensive!

  23. Maggie says:

    I love how the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation makes your skin look. I would love to have a foundation like this, however, it is a bit our of my price range. Is there a product that is comparable but cheaper?

  24. I love makeup too, even though I don’t wear it. But I do use eyebrow powder from time to time. I also think that makeup is just something fun. Who would even try to hide behind makeup? If I would be covering myself with makeup, not only would I feel like I walk around with a mask. But I would feel more miserable because I am hiding myself. I have flaws and I embrace them. But I do love makeup too, like I stated in the beginning of this comment.

    The power of makeup is cool :p

  25. Love the video by the way. You definitely have a point

  26. Cristal says:

    You have now OVER a million subscribers on YouTube!!!!!! CONGRATS!!! You are all over the internet, Nikkie, I’m so happy for you! You have worked really hard for this and it’s finally paying off, and this is not the end, at all. More new things and happy new memories to collect. Take care and enjoy!

  27. Ingeborg says:

    Hi Nikkie,

    ik mis in je lijstje gebruikte producten welke producten je hebt gebruikt voor de wenkbrauwen. Ik ben benieuwd welke wenkbrauwpoeder je gebruikt na de brow pencil.

    Thanks!! :)

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  33. Irene van Zuilekom says:

    Wow!! amazing.
    This is beautiful, i try it to.
    Greetings from Holland!

  34. Jean says:

    I would like to know more about the brushes you used. Especially the foundation brush. I have tried looking all over your website and didn’t find brush info. I love the positive impact you are having on everyone – Congrats.

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  36. Mariya says:

    I really love you are videos , I wish i can change my make up too all the time i am trying to do same like you but i can’t! ! Honestly what’s the problem is it the foundation I using or i can’t follow the same make up u putting in chanel! So i hope u give me i tips or trick how to do make up whit whaching you’re videos
    we all love you ✌✌

  37. Cora Mulhall says:

    Hi nikkie
    I have been wearing makeup for almost Maby 6/7 years now and I use it to look better because I have very obvious freckles and they made me a bit insecure but I now know that letting my skin breathe (with no foundation on me) is really good.
    Can you please suggest a neutral colour that can bring out my mid tone / dark green eyes?
    After seeing this video it made me realise that true beauty does start from within.
    I am so happy u made this video because I forgot that makeup is ment to be fun :). You have inspired me since the 21/2/2014
    That is the exact day I discoverd you and you changed my opinion on wearing a full face of makeup
    You are so amazing I look up to you a lot I said to myself after this “the power of makeup” video it made me realise it is ok to be who you want to be.
    So nikkie thank you for being my idol
    Love from Ireland. :)

  38. Leslie Lake says:

    Hi from Arlington Texas!

    I need help figuring out what color of the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation to order for my skin tone. In Mac Studio Fix I am a NW25. And in Armani luminous silk I’m a 5.5. What would you recommend?
    Thanks girl! Love your tutorials!


  39. Carole says:

    I Will Like to know where i can buy all thing for make UP And powder light ext……thanks

  40. Krystle says:

    Hi there, I love your videos!

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what make-up brushes she uses for her foundations and eye shadows? :) I am completely CLUELESS when it comes to brushes.


  41. Ali Downer says:

    Hi Nikkie! I love this amazing video, so inspiring! Could you please recommend a dupe for the Dose of Color Lipstick in Soft Touch? Perhaps a MAC colour? It’s gorgeous but doesn’t look like I can get it in Canada.

    Thank you so much pretty lady!

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  43. ell says:

    I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it.

    /Edith Sitwell/


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  46. Sarah Ullom says:

    Hi Nikkie.
    I have a question for you for girls with ruddy complexions; I have a face that looks mildly red from the jaw bone up to cheek apples, upper lip, and between my brows all of the time, very red when someone makes me blush. It’s actually tiny broken capillaries and I tell people it’s mild rosacea. Do you have any makeup tips for myself and all of my sisters with skin discrepancies like this? It makes me shy away from wearing colorful lipsticks that will exacerbate my coloring, and I feel like I can only wear one shade of blush. I enjoy Makeup Forever’s HD Foundation to even out my skin tone.
    If you had any advice it all, I would really appreciate it. I love your website and your channel; I have learned so much. Thanks thanx thanks!

  47. Millie says:

    I wish I had £460 though to recreate that on my face!

    That’s what I hate about make up, everything which is affordable is rubbish

  48. Dr Grace says:

    I think you would really love Viva Liberata bronzer, I recently tried it and fell in love :)

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