Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions I get on a daily basis.
I’ll add more once I notice certain questions getting asked more often.

How old are you?
I am 20 years old.

Where are you from? I notice a strange accent in your videos now and then.
I am from the Netherlands. Aka Holland.

Are you and your parents English/American by any chance?
No. My entire family is about as Dutch as they can get.

Is “HetCosmeticaHuis” run by your mother?
Yes, My mom has her own webshop called Hetcosmeticahuis.nl

How tall are you?
I am 1.89m – Which I believe is around 6’2”

Do you have a boyfriend?
Oh my god, Yes. His name is Rick.

Is this your natural hair color?
No. My hair stylist bleaches and tones my hair into any color I want.

How many times do you get your roots done?
Around every 8 weeks.

What camera do you use to shoot your videos with?
From January 10th 2012 to June 13th 2014 I shot my videos with the Canon 600D/(T3i), I also took my pictures with that. From June 20th 2014 on, I now film my videos with a Canon 70D. I also take my pictures with that.

Which lenses do you use with that camera?
My favorite is the Canon EF 24-105mm 1:4 L IS (this is the one I use for my videos)

What camera do you use for closeup shots of your eye?
My iPhone 5.

What editing software do you use?
Final Cut Pro X

How do you fill in your eyebrows?
I’ve made a couple of videos on this throughout the past, Please check these out:
Eyebrow Routine (early 2011)
Updated Eyebrow Routine (late 2011)
In-Depth Updated Eyebrow Routine (November 2012)
How to get Perfect Brows! ∙ Updated Brow Routine (June 2014)

Are you a professional makeup artist?
Yes, I’ve been for about 4-5 years now. Go ahead and check out my Portfolio!

Did you go to school for makeup?
Yes, I went to B Academy in Amsterdam.