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So many of you have been asking me all types of questions about my lip injections/lip fillers. So why not answer them, while seeing your beautiful faces on Snapchat? DON’T FORGET TO ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT! Screen name: NikkieTutorials – Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!

For a full list of all products used in this video, continue reading!


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❥ Nikkie

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9 Responses to MY LIP INJECTIONS | Q&A!

  1. Floortje says:

    Love that you are so honest about it! I’ve seen many Youtubers who have (visibly) done it but just sweep it under the rug when they get questions about it. Also love your interaction with your viewers! You are awesome, Nikki.

  2. Ann-Catrin Sköld says:


    You´re absolutely hilarious! :)
    “Small ugly asshole”


    I´m much older than you, but since I “found” your blog and you tube channel I just can´t wait for more videos!

    And I´ve started to use more make up than just mascara!

    Thank you, girl!

  3. Dr Grace says:

    nikki I am getting all mixed up so which are your “latest” fav brushes, because the more of your videos I watch I see you call your fav, different brushes in each video. Pls make a vid of your latest utmost fav’s. Pls.

  4. bianca says:

    Lipstick name?

  5. Johanna says:

    I’m going out of my mind! I’ve tried to buy Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks but I can’t find it anywhere:-( I live in Sweden and the stores here doesn’t have them, at all.. So I tried to order from anastasias web shop, with no luck.. They don’t ship to Sweden. Were can I buy them? Seriously, I’m going cray cray!!

    Thanks for posting your videos, I’ve learned a lot and I’m always waiting for the next video:-) hope you can answer my question!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting my lips done too. So thank you about your experience. I absolutely love you!
    I was wondering if you could give pointers on how to clean my makeup brushes?

  7. Denise says:

    Hi Nikki! I’m Denise from Argentina and i wont to know wich is the name of the product.
    You ‘re great, i love your videos!!!

  8. Ariana says:

    Wat knap van jou dat je hier zo open erover bent. Zou ik mogen vragen waar jij je lippen hebt gedaan ? Wil namelijk ook mijn lippen doen. Alvast bedankt topper

    Dikke kus ?

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