Amsterdam Haul: MAC, Estée Lauder & More + NEW HAIR!

For a list of all products mentioned in this video & more? Click more!

– Hair done at Kinki Kappers, Helmond
– M.A.C Face and Body Foundations: White, C1 & C7
– M.A.C Powder Blush “Taupe” > Review Here
– N.Y.X Powder Blush “Taupe”
– M.A.C Eyeshadow “Kid”
– M.A.C Reflects “Gold”
– M.A.C PRO Longwear Concealer “NC15”
– M.A.C Fluidline “Blacktrack”
– M.A.C In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara
– M.A.C Mineralize Skin Finishes: “Stereo Rose”, “Porcelain Pink”
– Estée Lauder Pure Color Lipstick “Rebel Raspberry”
– Burberry Soft Satin Lipstick “No.28 Devon Sunset”
– O.P.I Liquid Sand™ Nail Polishes: “Get Your Number”, “Stay the Night”
– River Island Ear Piece

Oxblood Lace Top: H&M
Earrings: Forever 21




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19 Responses to Amsterdam Haul: MAC, Estée Lauder & More + NEW HAIR!

  1. Jasmijn says:

    Wauw, you’re so beautiful, and so funny!

  2. Cynthiiaa says:

    Je haar is echt stunning, het is zo bright and shiny. Gorgeous! No way!? Gaat Taupe niet gone?! Oh my god, ik heb er net twee gekocht! Oké, omdat hij op was.. maar ook nog als backup. Damn. :’) Wow crap, dat is echt zonde. Kun je het niet lijmen? :O

  3. Daphne says:

    Lovely!! And loooove the hair thanks for revealing your hairdresser, even if I’m not from the netherlands :)

  4. Angelina @AngiGer says:

    Oh, today you were stunning! And about the earring – when I saw it started wanting it too! Sorry that it broke, but anyway it wasn’t in public, just at home when no one saw this ( except thousands of youtube people))) ). This time your hair color become even better!

  5. Camila says:

    oh Nikkie i’m so sorry about your earing! it really brokee my heart when you showed it broken! i was like ”where can i buy her a brand-new one?” hahaha
    anyways i recently bought the paint pot by MAC, because of your thoughts and comments on that product, i haven’t tried it yet though…however i’m pretty sure i’ll love it since you love it so much!
    and OMG i want that stereo rose so badly now and that’s your fault! hahaha
    ps your hair is amazing!!

  6. Martina says:

    Heerlijk filmpje en fijne koopjes :)
    En wat balen dat die ear cuff stuk is!!!!!

  7. Anne vdh says:

    Je haar! Wat ontzettend gaaf!!
    Wat zonde dat je RI oorpiece al stuk is:( toen ik m je zag vasthouden dacht ik daaamn die moet ik ook! Maar als hij zo breekbaar is… Misschien haal ik er dan maar een van ebay dat het niet zo erg is als hij breekt.. Ik ga vanmiddag toevallig de stad in hier in Amsterdam dus ik ga eens kijken bij de river island hoe stevig hij is!:D

  8. Meer says:

    Wow je haar, ontzettend gaaf!! Heb nav je filmpjes Mac paint pot gekocht :) en de concealer die je ook in dit filmpje laat zien, ben met beiden heel blij!

  9. Anita says:

    Waar in A’dam heb je de OPI lakken gekocht? Ik kan ze nog. Nergens vinden.

    Love the hair btw!

  10. Awww, the pretty ear-cuff :( I feel for you, that happens to me too often as well.

    If you want to try and fix your ear-cuff you can try using some liquid cement. It’s super strong! It usually dries silver so you can just cover it with a bit of gold nail polish

  11. Melissa Siqueiros says:

    Thank you for the tip on Face and body C 1, White and C7. I’ve just recently got back into doing more freelance work after being away from makeup for many years I’m going to LA IMATS on the 19th so I will be sure to pick them up.Love watching your videos they are so funny yet informative. Thank you.

  12. Sofie says:

    Je haar is prachtig! Het doet me een beetje denken aan de nieuwe Viva Glam Nicki :)

  13. Nicole says:

    I love the pink hair on you. Very flattering. It’s funny. I’ve always viewed Estée Lauder as a brand for more mature women, too. But now i may give them a second look. I hope you do a tutorial on your makeup look because it is gorgeous!

  14. Ruth Robb says:

    You are awesome! I love watching your videos and reading your reviews. =D

  15. Rianne says:

    Je haar is echt heel leuk, ik hou er ook heel erg van ik heb zelf rood haar met soort van dipdye effect :P
    Gelukkig blijft de taupe blush bestaan!
    Ik vind je site heel leuk kijk er dagelijks op en leer er veel van!

  16. Joanna says:

    Your look great even if it is pink or blond ;)

  17. Silje says:

    Which lipstick/lipgloss or whatever are you wearing in this video? it’s soo beautiful :-)

  18. Hannah says:

    I went to Amsterdam the other week and didn’t find any make up store’s =(

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