Makeup Tutorial: In-Depth Updated Eyebrow Routine

For a full list of all products used, Click More!

Viral Video Award

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
M.A.C Impeccable Brow Pencil “Blonde”
Anastasia Brow Powder Duo “Ash Blonde/Taupe”
M.A.C Brow Set “Sophisticated”
M.AC Studio Finish Concealer “NC 15”
Anastasia Brow Pen “Universal Light Shade”
Lioele Skinfix Powder #21 (Oil Control Type) > Review Here


Lipstick: Illamasqua “Obey”
Nails: O.P.I “Goldeneye” > Review & Swatches Here
Ear-cuff: Claire’s
T-Shirt: H&M





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47 Responses to Makeup Tutorial: In-Depth Updated Eyebrow Routine

  1. Johanna says:

    Hiii! Your work it’s amaaazing! I love you so much! I’m from Argentina and I always wacht your videos :)


  2. Helene L R says:

    hahaha, you’re so freakin awesome ! i love how you’re like complaining over not getting any comments on your blog. so hillarious that i just had to comment. you’re awesome and i love you and i wath all of your videos :D

  3. Mandy says:

    Hey Nikkie!! I will follow your blog now religiously…I know it must take alot of work, and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all you do. Much love <3

  4. Definitely like these products better on you than the ones from your previous eyebrow routine video! I’ve heard so many good things about Anastasia and pretty much all their brow products, I might have to give in too .. Especially the pen intrigues me! Great video Nikkie!

  5. Dawn says:

    Hi Nikkie!… i love how you do your brows! I do have a question though… my eye browns are kind of rounded..a high arch…low tail…would highlighting them be too much for someone like me? I dont want to look like the “Joker” but i do want some definition. You are the brow MASTER so ifigure youd know. Ps….soooo glad you posted a new video, you are so misse when you dont upload to us.

  6. Hannah says:

    dearest nikkie, I am adding your blog to my homepage as we speak (well after ive typed this but you catch my drift) and by the way I love that lip colour on you! And I really enjoy your videos x

  7. daisy says:

    Aww..i look at your blog for reference. :)

  8. Essie Bear says:

    Ur routine is very close to mine except that i dont use the eyebrow gel ! Definin them with concealer sure makes a difference i cant do without it even.if i dont wana fill in my eyebrows

  9. lacey says:

    i had just commented on how much i looooved your nail polish and you sent me over here at the end of the video for all the info and I AM SO HAPPY. i’ve surfed your posts for a minute and they are so well done! i will be back. daily. but in a non-stalkerish kind of way lol.

  10. Erin says:

    I’ve been agonising over how to get those great brows, and I think this is going to be the trick for me. I worry about them looking too drawn on, but yours totally don’t, and you naturally have light brows like me. I’m gonna give this a go! Thanks!

  11. Cynthiiaa says:

    Oh, your brows are amazing!

  12. liu says:

    They turn out so beautiful! So many steps though haha… Good job and thank you for sharing =]

  13. Catmondragon says:

    Nikkie . . . I watch your shiiiiiiieeeeet all the time!!! Your tutorials are so amazing!!! I’ll make sure to view & comment your blog :D

  14. Shantel says:

    I’ve got to try this method, your brows look great

  15. stephanie says:

    Hey Nikkie, I just watched your updated eyebrow tutorial & I thought I’d tell you that I always read your posts on here . It drives me nuts when people ask you questions about the products you are wearing when in every single vidoe you clearly say you post all of that on your website. I do find it very helpful that you list everything and hope you continue to do so. I really enjoy your channel and webpage and look forward to see what you do next.

  16. sara says:

    Really pretty♥

  17. Reem says:

    Great tutorial ! I have a natural defined eyebrows so I don’t do anything to them but I like watching your videos because I find them very helpful and creative <3 .. I'm a fan from Arab Emirates o/

  18. Eva says:

    I think you don’t get a lot of comments here, because you don’t answer them. I left a comment with a question here, for 3 times, but none of them was answered. x

  19. noura says:

    amazing nikki .. love your hair as usual. lots of love from saudi arabia

  20. Eliza says:

    Love the eyebrows, admire your work for getting them; wish I could replicate it when I’m in a hurry and half asleep at 7 a.m. :)

  21. Cerys says:

    Your tutorials are awesome! I watch them all the time – I love the vampire diaries series you did (Team Katherine all the way) – and this brow tutorial is amazing! I want all your makeup :D

  22. alana says:

    thanks for another great video nikki x

  23. cecilia says:

    love it :)

  24. Nikki says:

    LOVE! also what products do you use to get your hair that color? its amazing!

  25. Lisette says:

    Hi Nikkie!

    Ik wilde je even laten weten dat ik je video`s echt ontzettend leuk vind! En I laughed my ass of om al je grapjes! Je doet het super goed! Keep on goin!


  26. Denise says:

    I´m from Sweden and I LOVE your blog :D

  27. Alexandra says:

    Hoi!!!…I really your videos,your work and your talent.I really liked the mini-series that you did it in October.I have alot to learn from you,most of it from your way of being.I wish you all the best.

    gr from Amsterdam

    p.s.Maybe once you will do a meeting in Amsterdam…

  28. Karen says:

    I love your tutorials! This is so helpful for me. I was getting my eyebrows done but I wasn’t happy with it. I wanted the thicker brow that’s more popular but I’m just learning because I’ve never used brow products. Thanks for this!

  29. Ola says:

    You are so skilled and flawless. I love watching all of your videos and you provide great detail. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us!

  30. Sarah Q says:

    Hello, thank you for being wonderful (: I’ve been looking for a brow tutorial like this for ages. You’re so perfect, and explain everything so amazingly. And you always always make me laugh! Your work is fantastic, thank you for all the hard work you put into it.

  31. Ellie says:

    Awesome tutorial! Gonna have to try it out as soon as I get back home. In return, I have a very inspiring story for you. I’m pretty new in the world of makeup so you probably know more than I, but from what I hear, Fiona Hall is emerging as an absolute superstar in the world of makeup. I just found it cool to know how far a makeup artist can go. Too bad for me I’m not in the industry, just a reader for pleasure.

    By the by, I’d really check her out:

  32. katkat says:

    omg! where’d you get your Mac Brow Set in Sophisticated? I know this is a discontinued product! I’m soooo jealous!!! Great tutorial! ;)

  33. Hey dear Nikkie,

    I just accidentally found your make-up tutorials on YouTube and I’m blown away. This was the first video I watched and I absolutely love your eyebrows. They look beautifully defined and natural at the same time. Great tutorial!

    You definitely woke my interest. I think I’ll be watching a lot of your videos soon! Besides the helpful make-up walkthroughs and tips I also think you have a bubbly and shiny personality. Keep up the good work! (:

    Greetings, your newest fan :P,
    Iris Anastasia.

  34. Wonderful tutorial! I must ask… What about eyebrows that are brown? What are the correct shades to use when doing eyebrows. Because I end up doing mine and my eyebrows end up being too light or way too dark. I am fair skinned as well.


    • Vera says:

      I know I’m not Nikkie, but thought I’d answer anyway since brows are sorta my “thing”:) Depending on what shade of brown your hair is, the following colors from MAC are great (from lightest to darkest): Omega, Charcoal Brown, and Mystery/Brun (look nearly identical). Anastasia also makes amazing powder duos in several brown shades (I’d go lighter brown unless you’re a REALLY deep brunette) and tinted brow gels like MAC’s. Hope this helps! <3

  35. Hi Nikkie, love all your videos, they are really helpful and if you do it it seems so easy and fast :) I will tell you how I found you :) Well I always want to do perfect make up but at the same time dont want to spend much time, because I dont have it :) time I mean :) and all the time I try to do perfect eyebrows and I have tried to grow the hair there and even how to say create a triangle, but its not working the hair is not growing so fast that I want or is it at all :) and I decided to search in internet who will show me how to do perfect eyebrows, like in magazines :) well and I found you from youtube. Watched your eyebrow video bought all stuff whats needed and tried as you showd…Did not work for me, yap I did get better eyebrows, but from video it seemed so easy and when I started to do it wasnt. Hehee but I dont give up, yesterday evening I saw your new video about eyebrows. I will try today again. Lets see how it goes. I think you found a number one fan here :) Love ur work! Kisses.

  36. Om je op te vrolijke laat ik een comment achter. Jeejj :D
    Liefs, Renate

  37. Isabel says:

    Wow youre using a lot of products, but youre brows look amazing! ;DD im a brunnete so i already have dark eyebrows and lot of hair ( in a nice shape, no holbewonereyebrows :D ) so I only use a browpencil sometimes ;)
    Im following your blog for a quiet long time, and i think youre doing great!
    Keep up the good work!;))

  38. Rosalie says:

    Hi Nikkie,

    I love your brows! I’m strawberry blonde and my eyebrows are like invisible :). I always draw them with powder but now i’m verry curious which brush you use, because my brush doesn’t pick as much powder as yours?

  39. Kim says:

    How do you like the Anastasia brow pen? I’ve heard a few negative reviews that say it turns green after wearing it for a few hours. But I think that’s from people who use it to fill in their entire brow. Which I think is kind of a weird way to do it, anyway…sooo, I was just curious if you’ve experienced that issue. I think the way you use it–sparingly to darken the ends–is best. Love your videos! Keep up the good work.

  40. Roxanne says:

    So helpfull!! Thank you, I really enjoy your videos :-)

  41. Melissa says:

    Wow!! I love it and I can say that you are a PRO I adore your work keep going girl ;) kisses

  42. Ileana cintron says:

    Love yiur makeup videos. Your half-faced make up tutorial made me an instant fan. I love how you do your eyebrows. I wonder if you can make a tutorial for dark brown eyebrows and brown eyes makeup. I feel like every time I try to do make up on my eyebrwos all the products i have tried are too dark and i feel like a clown. Please, please show mw how to makeup my dark breon eyebrows and recommed affordable and quality products.

  43. Ily says:

    Love yiur makeup videos. You half-faced make up tutorial made me an instant fan. I love how you do your eyebrows. I wonder if you can make a tutorial for dark brwon eyebrows and eyes. I feel like every time intry to do make up in my eyes all the products i have tried are too dark. Woul

  44. Ily says:

    Love your makeup videos. Your half-faced make up tutorial made me an instant fan. I love how you do your eyebrows. I wonder if you can make a tutorial for dark brown eyebrows and eyes. I feel like every time I try to do make up on my eyebrows all the products I have tried are too dark and i end up looking like a clown! Hahaa! Would you please show me what to do step by step to make my eyebrows look define and clean but natural, and recommend the best products for my eyebrows. Thank you so much!

  45. Sherry says:

    Hi Nikkie…loved this tutorial. I’m going out tomorrow to get all the products. My brows are so light I hardly look like I have any. Can’t wait!

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